Saturday, April 17, 2010

"UFO in her eyes"

Hi readers

A lovely autumn day here in Adelaide. Maximum of 24 degrees centigrade with an minimum of 13. A lovely temperature for sleeping overnight. This weather I like to go to bed a little earlier than normal and spend a little time reading before sleep.

One of the books I have just read is a novel. It's not very often that I read a novel about UFOs, but I recently made an exception for "UFO in her eyes" by writer Xiaolu Guo (click here for more information about her.)

Set in 2012, the story tells of a UFO event in the village of Silver Hill, in China, mainly in the form of interviews with villagers.

A villager, Kwok Yun sees a "flying metal plate" above rice paddies, after hearing a strange sound from the sky. She collapses and when she comes to a human "foreigner" is lying nearby.

Later, the foreigner's identity is revealed; and the villages makes progress as a result of the UFO event. However, progress carries a price.

An intriguing read, which illuminates (even if fiction) the social; and other after effects of a UFO encounter.

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