Thursday, April 1, 2010

CIA and UFO propulsion systems

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Today, I was re-reading the document "UAS files located in the Australian Government's Record Systems" on the Disclosure Australia website (click here to go to the full document.)

On page 33 I noticed a comment which I had obviously previously overlooked. On file 3092/2/000 titled "Scientific Intelligence-General-Unidentified Flying Objects" held at the time by the Joint Intelligence Bureau/Joint Intelligence Organisation, was a document written in 1971 by Harry Turner. Harry, you may recall if you've read the material on the Disclosure Australia website, was associated with the RAAF's UFO investigations from 1954.

In a two page summary "RAAF attitudes to UFOs" he wrote:

"In general, the RAAF attitude has been guided by the USAF public releases which were aimed at allaying public interest by denying the reality of UFOs. Consequently, most of the Australian reports were given identifications without a great concern for rational a result there has been negligible scientific analysis of the data. If Australia is to follow the US lead, then instead of following the public USAF attitude, it would be preferable to follow the USAF/CIA role of concentrating on gaining a knowledge of the power sources involved..."

"...the USAF/CIA role of concentrating on gaining a knowledge of the power sources involved"? In 1971?

This led me to think of the 1966-1970 McDonnell-Douglas aerospace company UFO study, which looked at UFO propulsion systems (Click here to read Dr Robert M Wood's article in the October 2008 MUFON Journal.) In 1970, one of the US Intelligence agencies had contact with the McDonnell-Douglas UFO study group. The study group submitted a proposal for further study, called Project Skylite but according to Wood no contract was ever written.

Back to harry Turner's comments in 1971. This was right about the time of the unnamed US intelligence agency's interest in the McDonnell-Douglas study of UFO propulsion systems. Could the agency have been the CIA? Harry Turner's statement was obviously based on his knowledge of what the CIA was doing as the JIB/JIO would have had contact with the CIA on many issues, so why not this one?

Although to Wood's knowledge, no McDonnell-Douglas/US intelligence agency contract for a project was written, Jacques Vallee made a fascinating statement in Volume 2 of his diaries (Vallee, J. 2008. "Forbidden Science" Volume 2. Documentica Research, LLC)(See here to purchasde a copy) page 277 in an entry dated 10 December 1974. "Kit reluctantly confirmed that there was a group of 15 engineers in the Midwest (I assumed it was McDonnell in St Louis) secretly doing UFO research for the CIA under cover of "aeronautical research.""

Kit was Dr Christopher "Kit" Green, who ran the Life Science desk in the CIA's Office of Strategic Intelligence.

So, it would seem fair to deduce that the CIA was indeed looking to gain "a knowledge of the power sources involved."

I don't think I have ever come across a reference to this aspect of the CIA's interest, in the UFO literature.

What do readers think? Have you ever come across references to the CIA studying UFO propulsion systems?

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