Friday, March 26, 2010

Scientific studies of experiencers

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In an earlier post (24 Jan 2010) I wrote about a 2008 report of a replication of Kenneth Ring's 1992 study of UFO close encounter experiencers (click here for the full article.) These two studies are one of a number which have studied experiencers. In fact, I have just come across another one from 2007.

It was authored by Peter Hough and Paul Rogers and appeared in the Journal "Imagination, Cognition and Personality" Volume 27:2 pages 139-161. Its title was "Individuals who report being abducted by aliens: investigating the differences in fantasy-proneness, emotional intelligence and the big five personality factors."

The paper's abstract reads:

"This study explores individual differences in people claiming to have been abducted by aliens. A sample of 26 alien abductee experiencers (AAErs) plus 26 non-AAEr controls completed self-report measures of fantasy proneness, emotional intelligence, and the big five personality factors. Analysis of Covariance controlling of participants' level of educational attainment revealed no group differences in any of the three fantasy-prone sub-scales (the vividness/realism of fantasies, escapist fantasies, and make-believe fantasies ( any of the four EI sub-scales (optimism/mood regulation, the appraisal of emotions, social skills and the utilization of emotions) or in four of the five big personality factors examined. However, AAErs did rate themselves to be more conscientious than controls, possibly in an attempt to portray themselves as trustworthy and reliable witnesses. implications for the psychological study of alien abduction experiencers are discussed."

Click here for an Australian study by Gow et al.

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