Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Reading the Enemy's Mind" Part 4

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Concluding my notes from Paul H Smith's book.

1992/1993 "Ed Dames and I had maintained fairly regular contact, and he continued to task me from time to time with PSI Tech targets. To my increasing irritation, he would frequently call me with news of remote viewing he had done of UFOs and space aliens. He even found outside support from a few scientists and a couple of wealthy patrons interested in the UFO phenomenon." p436.

1993. Dames mentions that he is working on a book on remote viewing with Jim Marrs. (click here for more on Marrs.)"PSI spies."

1993. Did session with Ingo Swann " see what remote viewers could discover about the happenings surrounding the alleged Roswell, New Mexico, UFO incident." p447.

1994. Ed Dames collaborating on a book about space aliens " be written by Courtney Brown, a remote viewing student of his." p437. (Click here for more on Brown.)

1995. Star Gate was to be transferred from DIA to CIA. p451.

Brown appeared on Bell's radio show claiming remote viewing Mars, finding Martians who had a colony near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Bell said he had photo of a strange object escorting comet Hale-Bopp. Brown said his remote viewers viewed the object which was crewed by intelligent entities and the government knew about it. p459.

1997. Ed Dames on Bell's show. "Ed claimed, was a large cylinder full of "plant pathogens" being delivered by the comet. These biological agents would destroy the majority of plant life on earth..." p460.

1996. Smith retired from the Army in August 1996 and started up "Remote Viewing Instrumental Services Inc."


The official Government remote viewing era lead to a large number of individuals who went on to offer commercial remote viewing services. I have provided links in my posts to further information on all the key figures.

The interplay of remote viewing and the ufo phenomenon is a fascinating area to research, and I need to spend some time on this material in order to digest it; particularly the part played by various intelligence agencies.

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