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"Body snatchers in the desert"

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One of the books which has been sitting in my pile of "to be read" by my bed is Nick Redfern's 2005 work which took a look at an alternative view on Roswell. It was published by Paraview Pocket Books of New York. ISBN 0-7434-9753-8.

In 2001 Redfern met a woman who stated she had been employed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee in the mid 1940's to early 1950's time frame. She was working " research that was being conducted at the time to determine the effects of radiation and high-altitude exposure on the human body." page 3.

Between May and August 1947 on three occasions "...horrible looking bodies were brought to Clinton in trucks." Page 4. She said she had seen three bodies herself. "All of the bodies, she stated, were "Oriental" and around five feet in height...several exhibited signs of severe physical handicaps-such as oversized heads and malformed faces and hands-while others had "slightly larger and protruding eyes."" page 4.

This woman went on to speak of the Roswell bodies as being Japanese people used in high-altitude balloon tests and experimental aircraft. page 5.

Earlier, in 1996, Redfern had come across an individual he named Levine who worked for the British government's Home Office. Part of Levine's account was that handicapped people were used in experiments such as high-altitude tests, in New Mexico. "This, said Levine, was where the stories of alien bodies recovered from crashed UFOs had their origins." Page 85.

Redfern also came across a man he called Bill Salter who said, that in 1952 he had worked for the Psychology Strategy Board. At Oak Ridge Salter met a man who told him he had shredded a "box of documents on the autopsy of five unusual bodies" from a pie-pan object in the desert somewhere at White Sands in the early summer of 1947. Three of the bodies were relatively normal, "but looked like Asians-Japanese" two were handicapped and displayed oversized bald heads and had unusually protruding eyes and all were about five to five and a half feet in height and dressed in yellow cloth-like clothes." pp90-91. According to the file, the bodies had been recovered following the crash landing of a balloon and gondola that was specifically designed to determine the effects of very high altitude flight exposure experiments on human subjects." p91.

A fourth source was "the Colonel" whom Refern met in 2003 in the USA. The Colonel claimed that while at the DIA in 1969 he read a file on experimental aircraft flown at White sands in the summer of 1947. Pages 98-99. He also told that between 1959 and 1968 "I was with several operations...where [the DIA] sent false UFO stories to the Russians, to the Communists; sightings of flying saucer landings at military facilities, stories that we had crashed UFOs and bodies of space aliens." page 99.

From these accounts and also by accessing US Government archive documents, Redfern advanced the following hypothesis.

May 1947- an experimental aircraft crashed at White Sands, killing some of the physically handicapped people on board. Page 207.

Early July 1947-similar aircraft affixed to a large balloon array, piloted by a Japanese crew "...crashed near the Foster ranch after being catastrophically struck by lightning. The lifting body style aircraft, he balloon materials and the bodies of the crew were retrieved under cover of overwhelming secrecy..." pages 204-205.


Redfern's hypothesis opened up an intense debate about this alternative non-extra-terrestrial explanation for Roswell.

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