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"Does it rain in other dimensions?"

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Over the last few days I have been reading a fascinating book titled "Does it rain in other dimensions?: A true story of alien encounters" by Mike Oram. The book was published by O Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd of Ropley, Hants, England in 2007. ISBN 13: 9781 8469 4054 5. 276 pages. I'll post more about the book later, but for now I want to draw your attention to two aspects which I found.

The first aspect relates back to an earlier post titled "Alien Hand Syndrome" (27 Oct 09). In that post I spoke about some abductees who believe they are not human and speak of the sense that they do not belong here, and that they are of extraterrestrial origin.

I mused "Could the feeling of being alien indicate that the bodily self image within the brain of these individuals has been totally distorted. They would then not feel the sense of "self" which other people do?"

In Oram's book, I found another example of an abductee who feels that they did not belong. On pages 36 and 37, Mike describes how, at age four, he told his mother "...that she and my father were not my real parents. She was shocked, to say the least and she retaliated.Of course we are! You were born in this house!"

"Mum, you are my parents as far as bringing me onto this planet, but my REAL parents are in space."

"Now, this was 1955. I was born in 1951...I turned to look out of the window. I pointed to the sky and said to my mother. I come from somewhere out there!"

The second aspect is the manner in which Mike's experiences started each time.

On page 122 he describes an experience from 2 Jan 1981.
"I immediately awoke from sleep and sensed that something was imminent...A human-type form appeared in my room and stood by the window looking at me. Very quickly, a buzzing started in my head and rushed through my body. My whole body, in these situations, vibrates at an amazing speed. When it reaches a certain frequency or pitch, I then lift off the bed and go either through the closed window or ceiling."

On page 126. 16 May 1986. In bed at 2.05am.
"...the buzzing started in my head and moved through my body. I was aware of someone standing by the bed as I lifted off."

On page 136. 24 Oct 1995. In bed at 12.45am. Mike was abruptly awoken. A man appeared in the room. "The buzzing started in my head and ran through my body. It reached a certain pitch and I lifted off."

On page 138. 15 Apr 1999. Woke suddenly at 1.44am "...and sensed someone in my room and the familiar frequency change began in my body..."

He mentions time after time that "...I was strongly aware that something was about to happen..." p 126 "I sensed quite strongly that something was about to happen..." p126. "I had a feeling that something was going to happen for the past two hours..." p 138.

In summary, Mike describes a sequence where he knows something is going to happen; a buzzing starts in his head, then a vibration spreads through his body, then the event happens.

Upon reading of this, I recalled coming across references to "vibrations" somewhere before. It took me a while to locate the reference I was thinking of. It turned out to be from a post in a blog by Adelaide researcher Keith Basterfield at http://anomalies-australiancomments. blogspot.com

In his blog post Keith is writing about the out-of-body experiences of Robert Monroe taken from Monroe's 1971 book "Journeys out of the body."

In 1958 Monroe (page24) describes how his experiences involved a "feeling" which swept his entire body and a roaring sound caused by the vibrations.

On page 27 Monroe tells of how he felt the vibrations while lying in bed, then was floating up near the ceiling.

On page 213 he states that an OBE practitioner needs to get used to these vibrations, and think of "floating."

In summary, Monroe says that his experiences start with a sound and vibrations through his body.

This is a very interesting point. The commencement of both Oram's and Monroe's experiences involve a sound and bodily vibrations, before they "lift off" or "floating." However, Oram places his experiences in the context of being a UFO abductee and Monroe speaks of "out-of-body experiences."

What could it mean? Could there be a physiological or neurological explanation for someone experiencing a sound, bodily vibrations and then a sense of floating off to somewhere else!

In addition, Oram's says that he "knew" somehow, that something was about to happen, reminds me of the advance notice people get of the onset of a migraine headache. "...migraine with aura, is characterised by mostly visual auras experienced shortly before the onset of headache. Auras appear as bright shimmering lights around objects or at the edges of the field of vision, and the appearance of zigzag lines or wavy images and even temporary loss of vision. Non-visual efects can indicate weakness, speech or language abnormaliteies, dizziness, vertigo and tingling or numbness of the face, tongue or extremities." (Australasian Science Vol 31:2 March 2010 p 29.)

Dear reader, have you ever come across abductions being described as starting in this way?

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