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Dimensional rain 2

I have really appreciated the opportunity to read a book which sets out the life long UFO experiences of an individual. Such was Mike Oram's book " Does it rain in other dimensions:A true story of alien encounters." Published by O Books (click here and here)

I have read it through twice now. Once looking at the events described from the perspective of alternative explanations involving hypnagogic imagery, sleep paralysis, and alternate states of consciousness, i.e. a straight psychological viewpoint. Secondly, from the perspective of "it's a real account of real events, what could it all mean?"

Let me summarise Mike's story for those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to read the book.

Mike was born in 1951 in the East end of London who at age 4 told his mother that he came from space (see my previous post on Mike.)page 36.

At age 5 his sister, father and Mike saw a real fairy which danced around a snowman they had built.

Between ages 4 and 9 he woke with a thought to look for an owl, and one would be there. (p38.)Around this age he was also visited by a tiger, though his mother never saw it. (p39.) Spacemen were always on his mind at this age.

At age 7 "I awoke in the middle of the night and was aware of a presence in my room." It was a being named "Tellos" who told Mike that he (Tellos) "...lived in the stars but was never far away." (p44.)

At around age 10 (1961) he ventured far from home one day and it became dark. A " in a shiny, one piece suit, with long silver hair appeared." It was Tellos. Somehow, Mike found himself on a familiar road from where he got safely home. (pp53-54.) "After that incident I spent many days intensifying my search for the space people and scoured the skies for hundreds of hours..." (p5.)

In 1962, aged 11, he found an unusual object, looking like a lump of coke, but with a large green stone in it. (p57.) When he held the stone he saw things in his head, such as stars, and a silver-suited spaceman among other things. A few days later he woke in the middle of the night to see a glowing man at the foot of the bed. It was also at age 11 that one night he and friends saw a huge round, domes, flying saucer at low level (p61.)

School was hard for Mike and he describes how he was bullied. However, one school headmaster took an interest in him. "Mike, I know more about you than you realise! I know what you have seen and how you feel! I know how you look to the stars for the answers to your dream-and one day you will find the answers!" (p71.) Mike wondered if the headmaster was really Tellos.

At about age 17 the family moved to Rainham, Essex. On 26 Nov 1969 he saw a large, cigar-shaped object "...and felt a part of my consciousness go into the craft and talk to the occupants." (p75.)As other UFO sightings were reported in the local area he started up a UFO reporting centre which he ran between 1970 and 1977. (p78.)

In 1970 Mike visited Warminster in Wiltshire, UK, scene of multiple UFO sightings and other anomalies. Following this initial visit he returned to Warminster many times where he personally experienced numerous UFO sightings. (p110.)

By the time he was 30 (1981) the type of experiences were changing " time has passed the nature of contacts have changed to include many transitional encounters in which I am taken, usually from my home, either physically or astrally, to meet with a variety of types of beings. " (p122.)

A 1995 experience will illustrate these "transitional encounters."

After going to bed at 10.35pm he woke at 12.45am sensing something was going to happen. A man appeared in the room, wearing a one piece silver uniform, plus shoes. A buzzing started in Mike's head and went through his body. He "lifted off" and travelled down the lane by his home, then zoomed into the sky towards a bright light in the sky. They arrived at the craft where there were other humans and aliens. He had no recollections from this point, until he found himself home. (pp136-138.)

There were other types of encounters. In 1996 at 2.22am he had buzzing in his head. "All of a sudden something leapt onto my back." What felt like a knee dug into his spine. There was a loud "purring" sound in his left ear. He felt someone or something was leaning over him. He felt "...warm, sweaty breath going into my ear." (p144.) "It was dark and I couldn't move...I discovered from earlier, similar experiences that if you break the paralysis and turn to confront the perpetrators they will leave." (p144.) He managed to turn his head and "...there was a whooshing sound, a loud sucking noise ...and this strange being...shot straight back through the wall." (p145.) He later found a red mark in the small of his back.

Two years before, in 1994 another type of being emerged. Again he had a feeling something was going to happen. "A golden funnel came through the window" out of which came coloured lights, then numbers, then letters and symbols, then "...two beings of pure, golden light emerged from the funnel" (p150.) and they transformed into beings 188cm tall. He merged with these "light beings" and experienced an energy rush (p151.) He then felt a "oneness" with the Universe. The events reversed themselves and the funnel disappeared.

In 2004, Mike's partner Fran and Mike went to the Laughlin, US, UFO conference. Pre-conference they drove to the town of Rachel and Area 51. They had an unusual experience out there. Later in 2005, under hypnosis, Mike recalled being taken by the military, through a portal, to a military base following which they were returned to their motor vehicle. They then encountered two space brothers with a smaller alien helper. (p215.) (Click here for a mention of Mike by Mary Rodwell from Perth, Australia.)

Finally, following a regression he recalls the details of a 1997 experience in which he met an alien hybrid child which is part his. (p245.)


I found this an excellent book in that it provides a wealth of information on the various experiences which happened to Mike. There are UFO sightings, "abductions" (transitional experiences he calls them), and meetings with a variety of entities-there are the Space Brothers (Tellos etc); the light beings; the entity which attached itself to his back; and a 1990 experience involving a "bio-mechanical being" plus the "Tulip People."

Most of these experiences happened between "...the hours of 1am and 3am." (p229.)and involve a "sense of a presence", a buzzing sound, then bodily vibrations. He then goes off through the ceiling or closed windows.

It would be very easy to suggest a psychological explanation based on a belief held since childhood that he was not of this Earth, and an obsession with the topic of flying saucers. The events almost always occur at night in bed when he experiences a sense of presence of something/someone else, a buzzing sound in his head and bodily vibrations. Sleep paralysis might explain the sense, buzzing and vibration. No where does Mike describe someone else being present when the experiences commence. What would an external observer see? Would they hear the buzzing, see an entity present, and see Mike's body shaking from the vibrations? Unfortunately, Mike does not describe a single instance where someone saw this happen to him. Or would an external observer simply see Mike sitting/lying still in bed for a while, then wake up to describe an experience?

One would love Mike to spend some time in a sleep laboratory, attached to monitoring equipment to see exactly what his brain is up to, and whether or not he experiences episodes of sleep paralysis. We would learn a lot, either way, by conducting these sort of scientific investigations.

Dear readers, what do you think? Have you heard of any abductees undertaking sleep lab experiments?


  1. What you do not consider he could be on drugs?

  2. I take it that you do not post comments that you dissagree with ?


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