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Many digitised Australian periodicals now available for download


Thanks to the combined efforts of the Swedish Archives for the Unexplained (AFU); UK researcher Isaac Koi; Boston based researcher Barry Greenwood; and myself, a large collection of Australian UAP periodicals has now been digitised and is available for you to read online.

Why bother with old magazines?

I can think of a number of reasons:

1. If you are looking for accounts of older Australian sightings, you could go to the Internet. However, I find many Internet sources lacking in detail. By going to a periodical, you can often find the original researched report on a sighting. Many of these old magazines carry a far more detailed account of a sighting than you will ever find on a website. In days gone by, Australian UAP groups actually investigated, analysed and reported on sightings, unlike today's Australian groups who post without carrying out an investigation, or publishing a detailed account.  Personally, when I am checking on an older sighting, the first thing I do is to look out for a digitised periodical.

2. Several hundred individuals within Australia have had an interest in the topic of UAP over the years, since the early 1950s's. Many of these have contributed, either in a small way, or to a larger extent, to our collective research knowledge. However, due to the passage of time, many of the original Australian researchers are no longer with us.

One way to acknowledge their contribution, is to browse through various issues of periodicals, and take note of when they were involved, and what they wrote about. In these older periodicals, you will find stimulating discussions, debates, and speculation about the phenomenon. Don't reinvent the wheel when you can read some one's discussion from the 1950's.

3. Another thing which is evident by spending time browsing through these old pieces of history, is the cyclic nature of the phenomenon, e.g. you can read about the 1974 wave of sightings in North eastern Tasmania in TUFOIC's 1974 Newsletters.

The 1950's and 1960's were full of close encounters, landings and physical trace cases. Objects were chasing cars in almost every state in the 1970's. Contrast this today with the almost lack of such reported encounters. What does this tell us about the nature of the phenomenon?

What is available?

Bulletin of the Australian Co-Ordination Section for the Center for UFO Studies.

The Australian Annual Flying Saucer Review.

The Journal of the Australian Centre for UFO Studies.

The Australian Flying Saucer Review.

The Australian UFO Bulletin.

The Newsletter of the Australian UFO Abduction Study Centre.


UFO Investigation Centre Newsletter.


UFO Research Australia Newsletter.

Tasmanian UFO Investigation Centre Newsletter.

Australian Saucer Record.

Where do you find the downloads?

Simply, click here.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

When did AATIP/AAWSAP start?


I have been going back through all of the available material I have on file, looking to answer what looks like simple enough questions. Those questions are, when did the program, that we have come to know as AATIP/AAWSAP, start, and what was its initial name?


During a January 2018 radio interview between journalist Giuliano Marinkovic and Luis Elizondo, Elizondo stated that the program commenced in 2007.

George Knapp, during a "Coast to Coast" radio interview with Hal Puthoff on 28 January 2018, stated that the start date was 2007, and Puthoff did not correct him on that date.

In a separate "Coast to Coast" radio interview on 28 February 2018, between Knapp and Elizondo, Elizondo said that his initial discussions about joining the program occurred sometime in 2008. There was no mention of a program start date.

During the 2018 MUFON Symposium talk by Elizondo, he mentioned that the start date was 2007. Indeed, one of his presentation slides showed:

"2007- Program originally created as a bipartisan effort (Stevens (R); Inoyoway (D-Hawaii) and Reid (D-Nevada) to better understand UAPs encountered by US Military and determine if they represented a national security threat

2007 - Congressional language establishing the "Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program" aka AAWSAP

2007 - DIA solicits contract and BAASS is awarded the contract [KB - this 2007 date is clearly incorrect as the DIA solicitation is dated 18 Aug 2008.]

2008 - AAWSAP is formerly changed to AATIP by former program manager to focus more narrowly on the 5 observables and research of advanced physics application."

Part fact/part speculation

Does this time frame, i.e. a start date of 2007 fit in with other things we know?

February to June 2007

Fact: There was a discussion of the 2004 Nimitz encounter on the Above Top Secret website, in February 2007; where username "thefinaltheory" posted about what appears to be the November 2004 Nimitz encounter, and that this user eventually posted a video which appears to be the FLIR video released by TTSAS; and an "event log."

Fact: During his 8 June 2018 speech at the SSE/IRVA conference, when speaking about the AATIP, Hal Puthoff, stated that the program began in June 2007.

Speculation: Someone in officialdom took notice, post February 2007.

Post June 2007 - Prior January 2008

Fact: Discussions occurred between  Senator Reid, someone from a US intelligence agency  and Bob Bigelow. [Source: Reid's interview with the New York Magazine on 21 March 2018.]

Speculation: Senator Reid stated that he held discussions with Bob Bigelow about the topic after representations from a scientist in a US intelligence agency (without naming the DIA or any other agency) which is suggestive of this being Dr James T  Lacatski who became the program manager of the AASWAP as set out in the 18 August 2008 DIA solicitation.

Speculation: Bob Bigelow and others, commenced investigating the 2004 Nimitz incident and after discussions between Bigelow and Reid, Bigelow decided to start up BAASS to have an organization ready to go with whatever came next.

Fact: Bigelow employed Douglas Kurth, a marine pilot who was one of the participants in the November 2004 Nimitz encounter. [Source: Kurth's page on LinkedIn states he started with Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) in December 2007.]

January 2008

Fact: Bob Bigelow registered a company named Bigelow Aerospace Advance Space Studies LLC in Nevada. [Source: Nevada state records.]

Speculation: This was in preparation for any potential funding which might become available.

August 2008

Fact: DIA solicitation HHM402-R-08-0211 dated 18 August 2008 calls for bids for the AAWSAP contract. [Source: click here.]

September 2008

Fact: After the closing dates for bids of 5 September 2008, BAASS is awarded the contact. [Source: George Knapp on 4 May 2018, posted a partial shot of a document which appears to show that the successful tenderer was BAASS.)

Fact:  BAASS advertises vacant positions which line up well with details in the DIA AAWSAP solicitation.[Source: click here.]

In summary

It does indeed seem correct, that the program commenced in June 2007. However, I still do not know what name the initial program was given.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Details of "contracts" between To The Stars Academy and EarthTech International


US researcher Danny Silva recently posted a link to a US government website which caught my interest. The government website was that of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and the particular item which attracted my interest, was a semiannual report of the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science Inc. (TTSA.) The report was for the semiannual period ended 30 June 2018.

The bulk of the document provides various financial statements about the TTSA. However, there were a couple more items there I thought worth mentioning:

1. "Advisory Board member Dr Garry Nolan resigned, effective August 31, 2018."

2. "We are in the process of evaluation and planning projects in the Aerospace and Science Division, in particular regards materials, an essential precursor to STME, and Beamed Energy Propulsion Launch Systems ("BELS.")"

As I was interested to see if there were any further details on these two projects, I was pleased to see that there were separate attachments about each of them. As I believe that few people will have bothered to go through the entire document, it may be that they will have missed these attachments, which are effectively contracts between TTSA and ETI for pieces of work.

First project

Dr Hal Puthoff who is heading the first project

"Material Study - Set A (MSSA) Program

Statement of Work (SOW)

Directed to Earth Tech International Incorporated

August 16, 2018


The emergence of exotic materials has introduced the possibility of expanding the role of structural materials to other operational functions such as sensors and propulsion. There is anecdotal evidence that these materials could provide other functions that fundamentally change the design approach for vehicles, including cars, trucks, aircraft and spacecraft as well as provide insight into their source.

To The Stars Academy (TTSA) seeks to outsource to EarthTech International Incorporated (ETI) all analysis and experiments for the Materials Analysis - Set A (MSSA) program that form the first step of a larger technology development program to analyze the properties of potentially exotic materials.

Scope of Work

The scope of wok for the MSSA effort includes all planning, execution, analysis, and experimentation to establish the properties of specific materials. ETI will be responsible for the execution of all tasks. Specific deliverables and milestone will be listed in the Work Requirements and Milestones section of this SOW.

Period of performance

The total period of performance for the MAP efforts is 10 weeks months (sic), beginning on August 16, 2018 through October 25, 2018. All work must be scheduled to complete within this time frame. Any modifications or extensions will be requested through TTSA and ETI contracting officers for review and discussion.

Plan of performance

ETI will perform the work at its own facility or a subcontracted facility as required. ETI will be required to hold a brief video-teleconference once per week (day and time TBD) for a weekly status meeting. Additionally, all major reviews will be held at ETI's facility. ETI will provide and arrange for meeting spaces within its facility for all required meetings.

Work requirements

As part of the Materials Assessment Project, ETI will be responsible for performing all tasks. The following is a list of tasks which will result in the successful completion of this project:

Task 1 -Internal Testing:

- ETI will analyze the received materials using in-house capabilities
- ETI will present written status at weekly meeting

Task 2 -Subcontract Testing:

- ETI will subcontract further material testing as required
- ETI will present written status at weekly meeting

Task 3 - Analysis Effort:

- ETI will perform analysis of the internal and subcontracted materials test results
- ETI will present written status at weekly meeting

Task 4 - Next Steps Definition:

- ETI will develope draft plans for future analysis and testing work
- ETI will present written status at weekly meeting

Task 5 - Final Report

- ETI will create a final report presenting the approach, methods, procedures, results, findings, and recommendations noted in Tasks 1-4


The below list consists of the initial milestones identified for the Material Assessment Project:

RFP/SOW release - August 17, 2018
Response due      - 10 working days after RFP release
BELS Plan Review Kickoff   (sic) - TBD
Project Completion Reviw - TBD
Project Closure - TBD

Acceptance Criteria

For the Materials Assessment Project, the acceptance of all deliverables will reside with TTSA's Aerospace Division Director. The Aerospace Division Director will maintain a small team of advisors in order to ensure the completeness of each stage of the project and that the scope of work has been met. Once a project task is completed and ETI provides their report for review and approval, the Aerospace Division Director will either sign off on the approval or reply to ETI, in writing, advising what tasks must still be accomplished.

Once all project tasks have been completed, the project will enter the handoff/closure stage. During this stage of the project, ETI will provide their project report to TTSA's Aerospace Division Director. The acceptance of this documentation by TTSA's Aerospace Division Director will acknowledge acceptance of all project deliverables and that ETI has met all assigned tasks.

Any discrepancies involving completion of project tasks or disagreement between TTSA and ETI will be resolved by executive leaders from each respective company.

Other Requirements

The program funding is capped at $35,000.

TTSA expects only a task-level cost proposal to enable contact aware.

Payment Schedule: 50% at contract award, 50% at contract completion.

Second project

Dr Eric Davis who is probably leading the second project

"Beamed Energy Launch System (BELS) Program Planning Project
Statement of Work (SOW)
Directed to EarthTech International Incorporated
August 17, 2018.


The use of beamed energy propulsion to launch small spacecraft into low Earth orbit offers the possibility of dramatic launch cost reductions compared to conventional rockets. The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Propulsion Directorate has performed extensive theoretical and proof of concept experiments, demonstrating viability of the concept. Despite promising results, the study was terminated. However, the dramatic surge in cube satellite (cubesat) use, combined with the desire for dramatically lower launch costs with increased launch flexibility, opens the opportunity for a Beamed Energy Launch System (BELS) development and transition to an operational system.

To The Stars Academy (TTSA) seeks to outsource to EarthTech International Incorporated (ETI) a project to define a comprehensive program plan to develop an operational BEP launch system.

Scope of Work

The scope of work for the BELS effort is to define the program plan for requirements development, analysis, experimentation, risk reduction efforts, demonstrations, operational system development, and initial fielding of a BELS cubesat launch system development program. It is desired to have a technology demonstration within 18  months of contract award, a suborbital launch demonstration within 48 months of original contract award and orbital demonstration within 8 years of original contract award. ETI will be responsible for the execution of all tasks. ETI is expected to define and execute  plan that reduces technical and funding expenditure risk. Specific deliverables  and milestones will be listed In the Work Requirements and Schedules and Milestones sections of this SOW.

Period of Performance

The total period of performance for the BELS effort is 2 months, beginning on August 17, 2018 through October 17, 2018. All work must be scheduled to complete within this time frame. Any modifications or extensions will be requested through TTSA and ETI contracting officers for review and discussion.

Place of Performance

ETI will perform the work at its own facility or a subcontracted facility as required. ETI will be required to hold a brief video-teleconference once per week (day and time TBD) for a weekly status meeting. Additionally, all major reviews will be held at ETI's facility. ETI will provide and arrange for meeting spaces within its facility for all required meetings.

Work Requirements

As part of the BELS, ETI will be responsible for performing all tasks. The following is a list of tasks which will result in the successful completion of this project:

Task 1 -Kickoff'

- ETI will create a detailed execution project plan
- ETI will present project plan to TTSA for approval at kickoff

Task 2 - Program Planning Effort

- ETI will work with TTSA to gather requirements and establish metrics
- ETI will develop a comprehensive program plan that spans phases for requirements development, conceptual design, preliminary design, detail design, fabrication, system integration, and test for the cubesat launch system including launcher and ascent vehicle. The program plan will include:

- An integrated Master Schedule with phase definitions, decision offramps, and major milestones with expected accomplishments
- Resource requirements including funding headcount, facilities, certifications, environmental documents, flight clearance etc
- Work scope to be subcontracted (no contractor identification necessary for this effort)
- Identification of major technical and programmatic risks
- Identification of any Government Furnished Information or Government Furnished Equipment
- ETI will present written status at weekly meeting
- ETI will present the results of the task at the project completion review

Task 3 - Final Project review

- ETI will hold an on site, comprehensive final review of the BELS Program Plan
- ETI will submit a final report summarizing findings from the project


The below list consists of the initial milestone identified fro the Material Assessment Program (sic)

RFP SOW release - August 17, 2018
Response due - 10 working days after RFP release
BELS Plan Review Kickoff - TBD
Project Completion Review - TBD
Project Closure - TBD

Acceptance Criteria

For the BELS Project, the acceptance of all deliverables will reside with TTSA's Aerospace Division Director. The Aerospace Division Director will maintain a small team of advisors in order to ensure the completeness of each stage of the project and that the scope of work has been met. Once a project task is completed and ETI provide their report for review and approval, the Aerospace Division Director will either sign off on the approval or reply to ETI, in writing, advising what tasks must still be accomplished,

Once all project tasks have been completed, the project will enter the handoff/closure stage. During this stage of the project, ETI will provide their project closure report and project task checklist to TTSA's Aerospace Division Director. The acceptance of this documentation by the TTSA's Aerospace Division Director will acknowledge acceptance off all project deliverables and that ETI has met all assigned tasks.

Any discrepancies involving completion of project tasks or disagreement between TTSA and the ETI will be resolved by executive leaders from each respective company.

Other requirements

The program funding is capped at $25,000
TTSA expects only a task level cost proposal; to enable contract award
Payment Schedule: 50% at contract award, 50% at contract completion.

Defense Intelligence Reference Documents

On the EarthTech International website there is a list of six DIRD's prepared by Dr Eric W Davis. One of these 2010 documents was titled "Laser Lightcraft nanosatellites." Defense Intelligence Reference Documents. Defense Futures, DIA-08-1011-001. Technology Warning Division (DWO-4). Defense Warning Office. Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency, Washington DC. This document has never been made publicly available.

However, similar work by Dr Davis has been published, eg."Review of Laser Lightcraft Propulsion System" by Eric W Davis and Franklin B Mead (2008.) The idea continues to be studied, e.g. "Light Craft Powered by Laser Propulsion" by Kumar et al (2014.)

For more information about cubesats click here. 

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Ray Brooke - the passing of an Australian UAP researcher

Raymond Harold Brooke

Raymond Harold Brooke was born on 30 April 1926 in the United Kingdom. By age 12 he was a member of the scout movement, and spent time hiking and camping on the Pennine Moors and in Derbyshire. He became interested in astronomy; and at age 17, when he joined the Royal Navy, he found that a few of his ship's crew were also interested in that same topic.

In the 1950's and 1960's, Ray's interest on the topics of extraterrestrial life, and other planets, developed further. He engaged in discussions with other such interested individuals around him.

In Australia

In December 1963, Ray, together with his wife Kathleen (b.1928); Andrew (b. 1952) and Wendy (b. 1956) departed the United Kingdom and arrived in Adelaide on 15 January 1964. [National Archives of Australia file series AP366/1.]

After moving to Australia, around 1968,  Ray started to attend meetings of the Australian Flying Saucer Research Society (AFSRS), during the era, late 1960's, that Marc Dodd was the group's President. Ray became friendly with another member of the group, Ted Shrubb. During one discussion I had with Ray about the AFSRS; he recalled that in those days the meetings were very social events, with not much research being conducted.

Later, Ray joined another Adelaide based UAP group; UFO Research South Australia (UFORSA) of which I was a member. In 1973, Ray and I, with two other group members,  travelled to a remote location near Kimba, on South Australia's Eyre Peninsular; to investigate a classic entity case. In that place, a number of independent witnesses had each reported to Police that they had seen an unusual object on the ground, just off the side of the road.

Within UFORSA, Ray held  number of positions over the years, and spent numerous hours talking to members of the public as the group's public relations officer. He travelled all over South Australia, and interstate, interviewing and investigating. During that time, Ray attended a number of state level and national level UAP conferences.


In 1988, the world famous Mundrabilla, 'car lifted off the road' UAP case occurred. Ray and I spent two whole days constantly responding to the telephone calls of the world media who took an interest in what had occurred to the Knowles family while travelling between Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria. Ray appeared on the lead item of the six o'clock Channel 7 television news when they broke the Mundrabilla story.

On and off, Ray continued to be associated with UFORSA, until it went into recession in 2007.

Ray's views

Ray's views on the UAP phenomenon never changed across time. For sixty years he thought that there are other life forms elsewhere in the universe; some far more advanced than us in the field of technology; and that there were things that we haven't even got close to yet as far as out knowledge goes.

On the question of 'abduction' reports, he thought that some of these had merit, and an answer to them would help solve some of the mysteries and possibly put us on the right track to solving the UAP enigma. In addition, he hoped that one day, governments might provide information that would help in our quest.

A sad loss

The last time I met Ray, was at his 90th birthday party, where family and friends got together to celebrate that occasion. I had the pleasure of sitting with Ray and Jane Brooks (another past member of UFORSA) and talked about UAP, extraterrestrial life and other such topics. 

Ray passed away on 19 September 2018, aged 92. 'Beloved husband of Kathleen (deceased), loved father to Andrew, Wendy and Louise. Father-in-law to Rhonda, Ken and Mark. Grandfather to Annette and Patrick, Rachel, Aaron and Val, Kathryn, Emma and Ben, Jarrod, Teagan and Aidan. Great grandfather to Reid, Isabel, Riley, Leonardo, Hunter, Charlotte and Dane.'

Ray will be sadly missed.

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A small structured object follows a car - Dargo, Victoria, 1976

Reading pleasure

I have recently had the pleasure of reading a great number of editions of the 'Australian UFO Bulletin' published by the Victorian UFO Research Society.

I picked up a few new pieces of information about the 1972 Frankston, Victoria,  Maurren Puddy case of which I had previously not been aware; some sightings I hadn't heard of before, and various other bits and pieces.

Car pace with small structured object

One of the sightings which intrigued me, was an example of a car pacing; but in this case, instead of a nocturnal light, the small object involved had some structure.  In the May 1976 edition of the 'Bulletin' there was detail about the sighting, investigated by Dan Haylock. The sighting took place at Dargo in Victoria. Dargo is a small Victorian town located 348 kilometers east of Melbourne, and is in the foothills of the Dargo Plains. Latitude 37deg 28mins south; longitude 147deg 13mins east.

Note the location of Melbourne and Bright

Note location of Bright and Dargo

The following is the text of the article from the 'Australian UFO Bulletin.'

'An encounter with a UFO by two occupants of a car has been investigated by Dan Haylock, of Paynesville. The incident took place about 11pm on Jan. 28, 1976, approximately three miles from Dargo in Gippsland, and the two witnesses were a young man and his cousin, a lady of middle age. Dan Haylock reports:

The witnesses to this sighting are farmers and at the time had a cucumber-gherkin paddock at the harvesting stage. After the pickers had finished each day,an irrigation pump was switched on, and switched off again about 11pm.

On this particular evening (dark, moon well in last quarter), they observed what they thought was a shooter's spotlight ahead, just outside the Dargo township area. When their car drew near to it, they found that it was not a shooter's spotlight, but a similar light floating in midair alongside the road. As their car drew alongside it, it began to pace their vehicle - at about 45 m.p.h. This continued for a mile until after their car entered a deep cutting. It wasn't seen again for the next mile.

They had to leave the main road and take a gravel track (Shortcut Road) which ran alongside a semi-cleared paddock on the side of a steep hill. After they started up the hill after crossing a little bridge, they saw the light coming across the paddock. It arrived at the top of the hill before them and waited above a gateway in the fence they were travelling alongside. The gateway is on the crest of the hill, and the roadway drops on down the other side past the gateway (not through it).

Note the location of Shortcut Road

As their car drew alongside, not stopping, the light was the colour of a full moon, about two foot in diameter, and had two projections about a foot long on each side horizontally, and two more the same length projecting from beneath at an angle of 45 degrees from the vertical.

It gave forth now a terrific glare of light that lit up everything for several hundred feet around, illuminating the inside of the car as bright as a midsummer's day, as the woman expressed it. They kept the car moving,downhill now, with a 30-40 foot bank on their right and a deep drop to their left.

The object kept pace, but above the trees on the right hand bank, still illuminating everything, although at least a hundred feet or more away. The road winds to the left and then the right until it reaches a cleared paddock with a dirt road crossing it. They had dropped downhill about 300 feet while the light had maintained its altitude, and it was now high up, but giving out less light. it looked just like a full moon n in the sky.

Satellite view showing the Dargo Road and Shortcut Road
They crossed the paddock, the woman having opened the gate, and the man apparently caught glimpses of it through the door window. They continued through the next gate and down to the pump, which is near some sheds and the light stopped apparently above them, but at a height. As they turned the car around to come back it was evident that the light intended to follow them. This made them very frightened, and they lost no time in getting out through the gates to the road. They sped across the paddock at about 60 m.p.h., through the last gate and back up the winding hill, over the top and down to the little bridge before joining the highway. Here the flying light gave another bright flash illuminating everything as before. As they joined the highway they met another vehicle, and when its lights had passed there was no sign of the flying light which was following.

Ten days later the family noticed a very bright glow over the crest of the mountain near their house which was there for some time.Nothing further eventuated. '

VUFOA video

Andrew Arnold and Ben Hurle from Victorian UFO Action, visited the scene in around 2015 and created an excellent video presentation of the case. 

This video takes you along the roads concerned,; allows you to see the landscape for yourself, and adds the ability to determine lines of sight between the witnesses and the object, at various stages of the encounter. There is also a short audio only interview with the woman witness.

A check of the astronomical sky for the date and time, revealed that the Moon was below the horizon, and out of the planets, only Mars was in the sky, at 21 degrees elevation, azimuth 330 degrees (NW.)

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Physical evidence and UAP - the Bob White Artifact

The To The Stars Academy A.D.A.M. project

Of late, there has been much written about the Aquisition and Data Analysis of Materials project of the To The Stars Academy. The project aims to acquire and analyse reportedly unusual samples associated with the phenomena.

As a result, I have been reading a lot of published literature on UAP associated samples/materials, but found it is scattered over a diverse range of sources such as UAP periodicals; the files of UAP organisations; making it difficult to ensure, as a researcher, that I have covered all bases.

One of the sources of an example of physical evidence which I am in the process of reading, is the 2017 book by Prothero, D R and Callahan, T D, titled 'UFOs, Chemtrails and Aliens' published by Indiana University Press, Bloomington, Indiana.

The first piece of reported physical evidence I am looking at, is what has become known as the Bob White Artifact. Here is what 'UFOs, Chemtrails and Aliens' has to say about it.

'There is however, one mysterious object - much more than just an embedded sliver of metal - that could be physical evidence of an alien spacecraft. In 1987 the late Bob White, and a female companion were driving from Denver, Colorado , to Las Vegas, Nevada. Somewhere in the desert near the Nevada state line, White and his friend saw a huge object hovering near the ground about 100 yards away.

When White's companion flashed the car's headlight high beam on the object, it shot into the sky but ejected an object, which White later found and kept. It is metallic, roughly conical in shape, symmetrical, and rather organic or crystalline, as opposed to looking like a manufactured object.

In a video titled "Bob White Case UFO Object," white told how he took the object to the government lab at Los Alamos, Nevada, and there contacted two experts - whose names are unfortunately, beeped from the video.

I had a call to go to Los Alamos and there I met ---, who was the top metallurgist, and Dr---, who was called in on special occasions. And he was really excited about this, because he hadn't seen anything like it before. He said to me, "This is something I have been looking for all my life." He said, "This is definitely extra-terrestrial." (13)

Later, however, Dr --- refused to talk further with White, who then suspected a cover up. The video later features Chris Ellis, a solid state physicist with expertise in semiconductors. In the video Ellis states the following:

"We found that the object is an aluminum alloy of unknown origin. This is not like anything we've seen before. There are some very unusual metals in the object that you typically do not find in other alloys."(14)

So the video presents a scenario in which a man finds a strange object, seemingly ejected from an alien spacecraft, and takes it to Los Alamos. There government experts (conveniently unnamed), at first enthusiastic about it, later become secretive. Finally a physicist and expert on semiconductors reports that the object is made up of an alloy of unknown origin - a sort he's never seen before. This would seem to be stunning evidence of both an  alien UFO visitation and s shady government cover up.

The operative word here, is "seem." As it turns out, the explanation for the object's origin is prosaic, and not in the least bit otherworldly. In an October 12, 2011 article in eskeptic, the online magazine of the Skeptics Society, Pat Linse, with retired steel foundry quality control supervisor, Ean Harrison, showed the origin of the object and why it is of a previously unknown alloy.

"The object in question is made of accreted grinding residue. It forms in a manner similar to a common stalagmite when metal castings are "cleaned" in large stationary grindings." (15)

Harrison goes on to say that these stalagmites have to be broken off from time to time and that he owns several of them, which he uses as landscape ornaments. He also states that the stalagmites can be an exotic mix of stainless steel, manganese, aluminum, and other metals, depending on what has been fed into the grinder; hence the exotic alloy found by Chris Ellis. As an expert in semiconductors but one ignorant of the vagaries of the industrial technology of foundry grinders, Ellis was baffled by what he took to be a deliberately formed exotic alloy but which was in fact a random, unintentional conglomerate of various metals. As the eskeptic article's subtitle states, "sometimes all it takes is the right expert."


(13) 'Bob White Case UFO Object UFO Hunters.' UFO Hunters season 3, episode 7. 'UFO Relics.' Aired May 6 2009 (New York: History Channel.)

(14) ibid.

(15) Pat Linse with Eam Harrison, 'Bob White's Great UFO Artifact Mystery Solved! Sometimes All It Takes Is Finding The Right Expert,' Skeptics, October 12, 2011,


What others have to say about the Bob White object


September 2003

Dr Robert Gibbons, former NASA scientist and Executive Director of the Museum of the Unexplained said:

'We recently came across scientific data that linked Bob's object with the planet Mars. Isotopic abundance ratio tests were performed on Bob's object in May 1999, in La Jolla, CA  and the numbers are virtually the same as obtained from Martian meteorite samples. The ratio of isotopes of strontium for the QUE94201 meteorite found in Antarctica in 1994 was 0.701. The ratio of the isotopes of strontium for Bob's object is 0.712. The ratio of the isotopes of strontium for the Shergotty meteorite found in India in 1860 is 0.723. Bob's object is right in the middle of two proven Martian meteorites.

Dr Gibbons called for more tests on Bob's object.


The Seattle Times newspaper dated 22 June 2004 carried an article by Steve Rock about White and the object. It provides an account by White himself. It was in 1985 about 2-3am one morning and he was travelling in a passenger. The driver woke him from sleep and pointed out a light in the sky. White went back to sleep. A while later the driver again woke White and there was a huge object only 100 yards away in front of the vehicle. These lights ascended into the sky where they joined a pair of neon tube like objects which all travelled East and were lost to view.

An orange object was seen falling from them, which White found red hot on the ground. After it cooled it was placed in the vehicle.

It was 7.5 inches long, teardrop shape and had a metallic exterior , and weighed less than 2 pounds.

It made its way to the Nevada based National Institute for Discovery Science. In 1996 a sample was sent to the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Col Kelleher of NIDS reportedly stated 'The metallurgical analysis was pretty mundane.' A Californian scientist who tested it is stated to have said 'It didn't have any extra-terrestrial signature.'

  The full analysis report may be read here. One website I located had the following table:

April 2017

In reply to a comment from an individual, named Lee, who said they saw stalagmites of this type form in a steel workshop, Larry Cekander, co-founder of 'The Museum of the Unexplained' with Bob White, stated:

'...trying to compare iron or steel machine shop grinding to the artifact recovered in 1985 is like comparing apples and oranges and trying to make grape juice. The metal object pictured in the interview is aluminum not steel or other ferrous metal. No matter how hard you try you will never get aluminum to melt on a grinding wheel. You will never get any sparks from it. As soon as you start to grind on it, it will turn to powder or dust.

The Vickers hardness scale of the artifact is 61 to 63, the pictures you are using to compare the Bob White object are not close at all to the shape or consistency of the object. One other small point. The artifact has been to 15 labs and universities in the past 21 years including Los Alamos; Ne Mexico State Mine and Minerals; delta state and much more.

If the artifact had been in a machine shop on a grinder of some sort there would be residue in the artifact from the wheels used to form it. There are 33 elements identified and not one of them are binding agents from a grinding wheel or disc.

If you have any other questions please ask me. The labs and universities we have used DO KNOW the difference between a formation of metals under a grinding wheel and the artifact.

We know it was formed outside of our atmosphere, no question about it. Now maybe the machine used on it in outer space had a machine shop but then again we know it was in a molten state when ejected into a vacuum under extreme pressure with extremely cold conditions. There are identifiers showing an extra-terrestrial origin to the object also. It was never near a machine shop lee..'


1985. Sighting; and artifact found.

1996 A sample was sent to the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. Col Kelleher of NIDS reportedly stated 'The metallurgical analysis was pretty mundane.'  The full analysis report may be read here. The final paragraph of the analysis report reads:

'There are no anomalies in the results of this analysis. The detected phases are accounted for, and the micro structure lends itself to standard metallurgical interpretation. The physical properties that were measured (density, hardness and electrical resistivity) all fall within the expected range.' 

1999 Isotopic abundance ratio tests were performed on Bob's object in May 1999, in La Jolla, CA (Geosciences Research Division of the Scripps Institute.) I have not been able to locate a full copy of their analysis. However, it was reported, by Dr Robert Gibbons, that 'The ratio of the isotopes of strontium for Bob's object is 0.712.'

Since 1999 Larry Cekander states that 'The artifact has been to 15 labs and universities in the past 21 years including Los Alamos; Ne Mexico State Mine and Minerals; delta state and much more.' However, I have been unable to locate detailed analyses from other than the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.  If any reader knows of these detailed analyses, I would like to hear of them.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A '...closed congressional briefing in Washington, D.C. on UFOs'?

United States Senate Armed Services Committee

The Armed Services Committee is a committee of the United States Senate, empowered with legislative oversight of the United States military.

It has seven subcommittees:

* Airland
* Cybersecurity
* Personnel
* Readiness and Management Support
* Seapower
* Strategic Forces
* Emerging Threats and Capabilities.

For a number of reasons, I have come to believe that if any subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee is interested in the formerly secret, Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP)/Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AATIP), then it is the Emerging Threats and Capabilities subcommittee.

The Emerging Threats and Capabilities subcommittee

Responsibilities for this subcommittee include 'Policies and programs relating to science and technology...' The subcommittee oversights numerous areas of the US Department of Defense.including the Under Secretary of Defense (Intelligence) under which the AAWSA/AATIP is believed to have been placed; plus the Defense Intelligence Agency, which in 2008 issued a solicitation for work on the AAWSA/AATIP.

The subcommittee's current members are:

Senators Joni Ernst; Roger Wicker;Deb Fischer; David Perdue; Ted Cruz; Tim Scott; Martin Heinrich; Bill Nelson; Jeanne Shaheen; Gary Peters.

I ran the names of these senators and various keywords through a search engine looking for any mention of an interest by them, in UFOs or related topics.

I found something on Senators Peters and Shaheen.

On 1 August 2018, the Senate subcommittee on Space, Science and Competitiveness of the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, held a hearing titled 'The Search for Life: Utilizing Science to Explore our Solar System and Make New Discoveries,' leading up to a NASA authorization bill. A number of NASA personnel and other experts were present to provide answers to the Senators' questions.

Senator Gary Peters asked whether there might be advanced civilizations we aren't able to find? Ellen Stofan, Director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, said that NASA is pursuing the correct way of looking for life...This knowledge could provide a basis for finding complex life elsewhere in the galaxy.


On 4 April 2018, there was an article in 'The Conway Daily Sun' by Daymond Steer. On 28 March 2018 Senator Shaheen, was a participant in a discussion on net neutrality at the Tech Village in Conway:

'...The Sun asked her about her stance on recent media reports of UFOs buzzing around the US. It turns out she's more concerned about foes on Earth than from outer space...After the meeting the Sun asked Shaheen for her thoughts on a spate of news stories about recent military and civilian encounters with unidentified flying objects that supposedly have capabilities well beyond advanced fighter planes.

"You know, we have not had anything around UFOs that I have seen in either the Armed Services Committee or any other committee that I'm on," replied Shaheen.

The Senator confirmed that she has seen some  TV news stories about UFOs and acknowledged that New Hampshire's is home to one of the most famous UFO cases of all time (The alleged Betty and Barney Hill abduction in 1961 on Route 3 near Lincoln.)

The Sun asked Shaheen if she would look into UFO cases since there were implications for national security. "I have to say, I'm a little more worried about Russian than I am UFOs these days," she said adding China.'

My thoughts

I wondered if there was a particular reason that the media had chosen to ask that question of Senator Shaheen? Therefore, I searched further on the Internet.

I found an 18 January 2009 newspaper article by Dean Merchant on the website titled 'Call for Obama to open UFO files.'

'Last November, Paradigm Research group of Bethesda, MD, launched 'The Million Fax on Washington' campaign ' ...president-elect Barack Obama to end the Truth Embargo regarding extraterrestrial/UFO presence...

Dr Ted Loder, University of New Hampshire, professor emeritus, became interest in extraterrestrials in 1997 when then governor Jeanne Shaheen sent him at his own request, to a closed congressional briefing in Washington, D.C. On UFOs.

As then Gov Shaheen's representative, Dr Loder listened to top-secret military witnesses as they described their observations and sightings to members of Congress and the U.S. Senate. Based on what he heard, Loder came to believe in the alleged government cover ups of extraterrestrial technologies, technologies he feels the world desperately needs for safe, inexpensive and sustainable energy to solve global poverty. Loder is associated with the Disclosure project...'

My thoughts

What 1997 'closed congressional briefing in Washington, D.C. on UFOs?'

A bit of research found that this statement actually referred to a 9 April 1997 briefing  where 'Nearly 30 congressional offices were represented at the briefing which was held at the Georgetown Westin Hotel in Washington, DC.'

This briefing was organized by CSETI Steven Greer's group. It certainly wasn't an official 'hearing" of a Senate or other Congressional committee.

I couldn't find links to an interest in UFOs by any of the other members of the Emerging Threats and Capabilities subcommittee. Can any blog readers assist?

Saturday, August 25, 2018

'Patient died 2 weeks later' - EarthTech and Kit Green's work

Jay 09784691

On 8 August 2018, Twitter user @Jay09784691 tweeted 'Would be interesting to see more of this Project.' The project referred to was from @haroldputhoffcompany; EarthTech International Inc.

Jay's tweet has an associated image, which appeared to be a scan of a cross section of a brain. The image had text which read: 'Patient 1 month following near-field exposure to unidentified aerial craft at 500 meters. Patient died 2 weeks later.'

I accessed the EarthTech website on 9 August 2018 and confirmed that the same image and same associated text were in fact present on the Life Sciences section of the website.

Within a couple of days, this image and its associated text were no longer present. However, the larger volume of text was still intact. I will details what this says, later in this post.

Communication with Twitter user @Jay09784691

I posed a number of questions to Jay, who kindly consented for their responses to be included below.

Q1 'How did you come to be browsing the EarthTech website at that time?'

A1 'I've been following the activity of people involved with TTSA, so the obvious links to Hal Puthoff led me to his company's website. I tend to use a combination of logic and instinct to find the material that I'm posting to Twitter. After the significance of the find from Mellon's website, I thought I'd next dig into Puthoff's. I suspect there's a lot more out there, only I figure anyone involved may have been asked to check their relating websites and remove any significant postings anyway, as some people may be digging around.

I fully support TTSA and think they're doing a wonderful job. I suspect they have a list and calendar for items they're disclosing in a slow and steady manner as a way of acclimatising people to the subject. It's possible that people digging about may be accelerating their  schedules more than they'd like. So I'm worried about frustrating them, obviously, but find it all too fascinating! I wouldn't disclose anything said to me privately if said with some level of trust.'

Q2. What did you think was the significance of the image of a brain scan that you found there?

A2.'I guess the obvious answer is the reference to "unidentified aerial craft." Then the significance of the brain scan which looks like its had some serious damage to the same part that Nolan/Green are also investigating, but I may be drawing parallels where there aren't any. Also Annie's book was suggesting that both are looking into people with some exposure to these things, so again I'm drawing parallels.'

Q3. 'At that point were you aware of the work in this area undertaken by Dr Christopher (Kit) Green?'

A3. 'Reading through books and postings to scientific journals mostly. I think the guy is very rare in that he has both a logical and creative brain. Check out some of his paintings on his personal website. He clearly has talents in both areas and is perhaps the most important person to follow. Although highlighting this may make him regress a bit from the spotlight (which I really hope  doesn't happen.) It seems like some of his more significant work tends to go largely unnoticed due to the scientific nature and wording. Luckily for me I read this kind of literature as part of my day job and have to make distinctions and try to interpret these texts.'

Q4. 'When did you become aware that EarthTech had removed the brain scan image?'

A4. 'Upon reading this email from you...'

EarthTech Life Sciences webpage

Besides the image with its text, the Life Sciences page had its own text, which read (and still reads):

'An important direction of IASA for the past decade has been the Emergent Life Sciences. Specifically, our network of forensic physicians and clinical specialists in Genomics, Immunology, Neurology, and Neuroimaging have served clinical translational medicine research sponsors.

Our Goal: The forensic diagnosis of enigmatic illness, treatment, protection and improved patient well-being using the latest Neurosciences and Genomics.

Institute medical scientists have mapped emergent evidence of correlations between energy science and the life sciences in discovery of new injury diagnostics, after patients have been exposed to unusual near-field anomalous effects believed related to advanced or experimental propulsion, or unknown devices under test and evaluation.

Current client interests include:

* Human Effects from Mixed Beam RF mm-wave, Tetrahertz and Gamma radiation

* Interaction of novel energy and propulsion systems causing both Epigenetic injury and Central Nervous System pathology

* Studies of brain biomarkers and related heritable DNA relating to high performance cognition, learning and intuition when under stress.'

Annie Jacobsen

When I read the above text on the EarthTech website, it first took me back to a blog post dated 7 April 2018, written by my co-blogger Pauline Wilson, about the work of Dr Christopher (Kit) Green as outlined in Annie Jacobsen's 2017 book 'Phenomena.'

Image courtesy of Amazon Books

Jacobsen interviewed Green about his work. The following are extracts from this interview:

'"I'm interested in the notion of people injured physically by anomalous events" said Green. "Often these events are perceived as [involving] unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, drones, high energy radio frequencies that confront people face-to-face and cannot be explained."' (P.396.)

'In 2005, he began working on a research project to address this enigma. He began creating "a structured database of individuals that were suffering enigmatic injuries, burns, skin lesions, cancers, diseases - and who had also had face-to-face encounters with UAPs," says Green.' (p.396.)

' 2007, Green took this research project from academic to operational, "I began performing much pro bono work ...forensic investigation and diagnosis of patients injured by multiply witnessed physical anomalous events with UAPs drones and other visible physical devices." ' (p.397.)

'Green accepted his patients carefully. "They are all high-functioning individuals, many prodigious savants, most of whom carry a high security clearance," he says. "They are members of Special Forces, members of the intelligence community, employees of aerospace companies, officers in the military, guards of military bases, policemen...Common injuries are from something that is airborne. [Something] that emits some kind of a light or a beam. Some orbs..." At present he has more than one hundred patients.' (pp397/8.)

''"Twenty-five percent of my patients die within five to seven years of my diagnosis, and I have no idea how any programs I knew about years ago can do these things," Green says.' (p.398.)

'To advance his hypothesis, based on the demography and high-functioning of his patients, Dr Green teamed up with the Nolan laboratory at Stanford University, run by Garry Nolan.' (p.398.)

'"I have met and worked with many of Kit's patients," Nolan confirms,...These people were injured...he agrees with Kit Green  that in many cases it looks as if it is an electromagnetic field  of some sort.' (p.398.)

My comments

1. You can see that the wording on the EarthTech website, it is discussing the same work as that described by Kit Green.

2. When Green refers to "Often these events are perceived as [involving] unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, drones, high energy radio frequencies that confront people face-to-face and cannot be explained," it is interesting to note that he separates UAPs from drones from high energy radio frequencies. Is he suggesting that the effects he is seeing are being generated by both UAPs and drones? 

3. Who refers his clients to him? They are said to be "...members of Special Forces, members of the intelligence community, employees of aerospace companies, officers in the military, guards of military bases, policemen..." This is a wide range of professions. How do these individuals find their way to Green?

4. A search of the scientific literature fails to find peer reviewed Journal articles on this work of Green's. 

Other references

1. The 18 August 2008, Defense Intelligence Agency, solicitation number HHM402-08-R-0211 for the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program, in part read:

'The contractor shall complete advanced aerospace weapon system studies in the following areas...10. human effects...'

What human effects?'

2. At the June 2018 Las Vegas, SSE/IRVA conference, Hal Puthoff gave a presentation titled 'The Dod's UAP Program: The Back Story, The Forward Story.'  At one point during the presentation he spoke about the 1977/78 Brazilian's government's 'Project Prato,' which documented a large number of observations, and apparent human effects.

He stated '...looked at some cases...Brazil. In 1977/78...a lot of medical injuries. This is a list of the different kind of medical injuries that occurred when people encounter these craft at close range, and it has  some overlap with cases that were investigated during the program, of injuries occurring.'

Have any blog readers come across any recent additional information about either Kit Green's work, or that of EarthTech, in this area?

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The To the Stars Academy, and 'Ed's' metal sample


On the 26 July 2018, the website of the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science (TTSA) announced the commencement of their A.D.A.M. Project. This project was stated to be ' Academic Research Program Focused on Exotic Materials for Technology Innovation.'

TTSA also announced that it had '...established a contract with EarthTech International evaluate the properties of the available materials.'


On 15 August 2018, the TTSA Facebook page carried a post 'Engaging the Phenomena' about unusual materials. Embedded in the post, was  a 3 minute duration video, showing TTSA members travelling to Columbus, Ohio on 13 June 2018. The members were shown collecting some material. The material was then taken to Austin, Texas where it was shown being delivered to Drs Hal Puthoff and Eric Davis. In an earlier, shorter version of this video (33 seconds duration) the individual whom they were visiting was notated on screen, as 'Ed.' The name 'Ed' did not appear in the 3 minute version.

'Ed's' material

Also on 15 August 2018, on the TTSA Facebook page, a user named John Solo Giamundo  had shared a link to the TTSA ADAM Project's 3 minute video. There was a single comment underneath from  a Kain Baker. Baker posted a link to a page from the Internet Wayback machine. This was originally on the website of the Avalon Foundation. 

The Avalon Foundation site carried a report titled 'Two cases of Unusual Sky-fall Aluminum Metal From Ohio' authored by N A Reiter and Patricia Mason, dated 24 June 2008. One of the two metal samples from Ohio had been found by an individual named "Ed.' It is reasonable to conclude that this is the same Ed that the TTSA collected their sample from in June 2018 as shown on the TTSA video.

'Ed's' story and an analysis

From this 2008 paper:

'The Tiffin, Ohio case - 2003

In March of 2003, Nick Reiter received a phone call from his father Bruce Reiter concerning an interesting bit of news from his old rural neighbourhood, north of Tiffin,Ohio. His father related to Nick that his nearest neighbour 'Ed' - had found a mysterious piece of metal in his side yard, while raking up the last fall's leaves and twigs.

The object had been obscured over the winter by two heavy snowfalls and numerous lesser ones. Ed had no explanation for the irregular metal blob, which was roughly six inches by two and a half inches, with a maximum thickness of one half inch or so. The blog had very apparently been molten at some point, and had solidified against a fairly flat or solid surface. While the piece had been found in the yard on the earth, the bottom side of the blob when found was generally smooth with some white oxides present.

By reviewing the weather over the course of the winter that year, we concluded that the metal - if it had not been placed by artifice at a later post-snow date - had apparently fallen into a hard packed ice crushed snow drift that had  remained since January of the year, up until the thaw in March. The blog may have then melted into the snow and ice aways, but then apparently was covered over by February snowfalls.

That same month, Nick interviewed Ed carefully, and borrowed his blob of mystery metal. He was granted permission to cut it open as desired. Nick ended up sawing a roughly 2 inch portion from the main blob. The interior of the metal appeared homogeneous. A small shaving was taken from both the interior and the surface and analyzed by Nick using a Jeol 840 scanning  electron microscope fitted with EDS.

Photo A shows the portion of the sawed sample retrieved by Bruce and Nick Reiter.

At that time, EDS [Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy-KB] disclosed that the metal was primarily aluminum, with traces of carbon and silicon. A crude Archimedian test of density indicated that the aluminum was within a couple percent of appropriate mass weight, thus meaning it was likely not an unusual isotope. It was not noticeably radioactive when surveyed with our Baird Atomic ratemeter (Geiger counter.)

The matter for Nick remained a mystery, and for his part in helping with the affair, Ed permitted Nick's father to keep the smaller portion of the metal blog as a souvenir.

Little more could be added to the story, as neither Ed nor anyone else could say for sure where the metal came from. It appeared to have fallen from the sky on an unknown snowy day or night in early 2003. From what height, or from what source, was inscrutable.

Shortly after the information came to Nick's attention concerning the second case of apparent sky-fall aluminum in November of 2006, he made a futile search for the EDS data, from 2003, for Ed's sample. The data had been saved on a  diskette that had been misplaced or mislabelled. We were left for the time with only memory to relate to.'

A question

A very simple question came to mind when I read this 2008 report. Given that 'Ed' found his metal blob in his back yard, and did not report seeing it fall from a UFO, why are the TTSA interested in this blob? There is no evidence given which links the blob to the UFO phenomenon.

Having said that, the 2008 report goes on to describe a second Ohio instance involving an aluminum blob. In this 1996 incident, there was a reported 'thud' nearby as a UFO flew overhead making a noise. The witness, Bernie Foggin stated that he found a blob of solidified but still hot aluminum in his drive. This material was also analysed. The entire report is well worth a read.

Additional information

For a 10 August 2008, The Paracast forum message by Nick Reiter, where he explains that the Avalon Foundation website was started by himself to present his work, click here. 

For a link to Nick Reiter's appearances on 'Coast to Coast' radio, click here. Here, it reveals that 'Nick was the behind-the-scenes formerly anonymous analyzer solicited by Linda Moulton Howe to examine the alleged Roswell UFO metal fragment.'

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Reference to the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program found in a 2018 issue of the US 'Congressional Record.'


In a blog post dated 28 June 2018, titled 'New US congressional hearings on UFOs?' I brought together several pieces of information which suggested that at least one US Congressional Committee (and maybe more than one) was looking at conducting hearings on the topic of UFOs, stimulated by the news about the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program/Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AAWSAP/AATIP.)

In that blog post, I suggested three possibilities for which committees might be involved:

1. The House of Representatives Armed Services Committee.

2. The House of Representatives Science, Space and technology Committee.

3. The Senate Armed Services Committee.

New research

Recently a group of collaborating researchers, composed of Roger Glassel from Sweden; Curt Collins from the USA; Paul Dean from Melbourne, Australia, and myself from Adelaide, South Australia, have been following up on this subject area. The group has found a very interesting item, in the US 'Congressional Record.' 

The 'Congressional Record' is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress, published by the United States Government Publishing Office.

Volume 164, Number 56, dated Monday, April 9, 2018 of the 'Congressional Record'  page H3062 included the following text:

'4381. A letter from the Chief, Congressional Relations Division, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, transmitting a list of all products produced under the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program contract for the Defense Intelligence Agency to publish; to the Committee on Armed Services.'


The Team's understanding, is that this means that the reference to 'Committee on Armed Services' is to the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee. Does this mean that there was a presentation of some kind around April 2018? Are these 'products' back in the 2007-2012 era, or later? Was this a review brought about by the New York Times article of 2017? The finding of this item just raises further questions.

House of Representatives Armed Services Committee's subcommittees

There are seven sub-committees, which are:

* Military Personnel

* Oversight and investigation

* Readiness

* Seapower and Projection Forces

* Strategic Forces

* Tactical Air and land Forces

* Emerging Threats and Capabilities

Given that the AAWSAP/AATIP speaks to the question of 'emerging threats' and 'capabilities' it would seem reasonable to ask what the Emerging Threats and Capabilities subcommittee does?

The relevant website states that:

'The Emerging Threats and Capabilities subcommittee is responsible for overseeing Counter Terrorism programs and initiatives and counter proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Additionally, the subcommittee overseas US Special Operations Forces, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), information technology and programs, force protection policy and oversight and related intelligence support, it makes sure that our nation is protected against terrorist attacks and unconventional threats.'


The full House of Representatives Armed Services committee, and subcommittees hold 'hearings' to gather evidence for debate and discussion. These hearings are listed on the committee's website. Nothing immediately stands out in reference to the AAWSAP/AATIP in the period January 2018 till today. 

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 

Based on this new information, a request under the US Freedom of Information Act, has already been submitted to the Defense Intelligence Agency. We have asked for both a copy of the letter referred to, and also a copy of the list of all products produced by the program.

Is there another congressional committee looking at the subject matter?

It is common knowledge that a US Navy witness to the 2004 USS Nimitz 'Tic tac' case has been invited to speak before another congressional committee, other than the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee. In deference to the fact that this discussion may not have yet taken place, we will not name this other committee.

However, this means that at least two US congressional committees may have already taken, or may still be taking, or will shortly be taking, evidence from a variety of individuals who have some knowledge of  the subject of UFOs in general, and more specifically work undertaken by the AAWSAP/AATIP.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

'An Australian contactee - Beatriz Copello


Recently my attention was drawn, by an overseas researcher, to a 2016 ebook titled 'A Call to the Stars' by Australian author Beatriz Copello. Up until that point, I must admit, I had not heard of the book.

The Smashwords website, carried the following synposis of the book.

'A Call to the Stars tells the fascinating experiences of Alicia (Nor her real name), a woman, who established a relationship with aliens. The experiences are told through a serious of interviews with a fictitious psychologist. Alicia studied psychology to assure herself that she was not mad, that she really had been abducted by extra-terrestrial beings who also communicated with her telepathically.

Alice (sic) after many years of studying became a psychologist and built a successful career. Having worked closely with other psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other professionals no one ever doubted her sanity.

Alicia tells us about the nature of the aliens and their concerns about the way in which we treat our planet. Our destruction will, become a reality if we do not stop our wars and the causes of climate change. This (sic) messages commenced in 1967.

Alicia underwent a series of hypnosis regressions by the well known but sadly now deceased Leslie Bullock. He said: "I will always remember the first interview I had with a very charming, well dressed, obviously very intelligent woman who came along with an amazing story of a lifetime of having been contacted by extra-terrestrial beings. She had obviously come to the wrong person. I was a complete cynic about such things and had never read a book about the subject. I had been using hypnosis for over 50 years, and had been in full time practice as a professional hypnotist for more than 30 years. During 40,00 hours spent in personal consultations with clients with a wide range of problems, I had never encountered anything like this."

Who is Beatriz Copello?

The same Smashwords website has the following:

'Dr Betariz Copello is a psychologist, a poet and a fiction writer. Copello's poetry has been published in many journals and literary magazines. Her book of lesbian poetry Women Souls and Shadows, Bemac Publishing, 1992 was highly commended in the Wild and Wooley, 1993 awards. In November 1997 she received from the Australia Council, Literature Fund, and Emerging Writers Grant for Poetry. Her book of poetry Meditations At the Edge of a Dream was published by Interactive Publications - Glasshouse books, 2001, receiving excellent reviews. In 2003 she was awarded a Doctor of Creative Arts Degree (Creative Writing) from the University of Wollongong. Under the Gums Long Shade, her third book of poetry was published in 2008. Lesbian Love Lesbian Lives is her first book of short stories.'

I found she had also published Flowery Roots in 2016; Paso Prohibidos Bajola Glicina in 2016 and Forbidden Steps Under the Wisteria in 2017.

'Call to the Stars' was published on 16 January 2016; ISBN 978131164131; length 29,130 words.

Interestingly, the Wikipedia page  has 'A Call to the Stars' (translated into Chinese), Crown Publishing Company Ltd. Taiwan, June 1999. listed under the heading of 'Fiction'

Who was Leslie Bullock?

Les Bullock, Martin St James and Gil Boyne - source

The website of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association mentions Leslie Bullock. It states that Leslie Bullock was born on 12 October 1925 and passed away on 14 May 2010. He was a pioneer in the field of Australian hypnotherapy and pioneered the process of the use of hypnosis for assisting people quit smoking.

On another website, belonging to Leslie's son John I found mention of Leslie. John is a clinical hypnotherapist, based in Sydney, Australia. John writes:

'I grew-up in a family where hypnosis was the norm. My father, Les Bullock began practicing hypnosis professionally around 45 years ago and was one of Australia's pioneers in the field. Les specialized in helping people to give up smoking and the Hypnotherapy system he developed is one of the most well known with successful quitters in Australia. Sadly, Les passed away in 2010 at the age of 84.

What were Les's UFO interests?

 I consulted my digital copies of Australian UFO periodicals. In Volume 2 Number 3, 1995, of the Newsletter of the Australian UFO Abduction Study Centre, which I ran for three years in the mid 1990's, I found the following information about the UFO Experience Support Association of Sydney's 1995 conference which ran between 17-18 March 1995. panel discussion featured Ms Beatriz Copello (psychologist) and Mr Leslie Bullock (hypnotherapist.)

'Beatriz Copello commented on the psychological aspects of abduction and touched on her own experience. Mr Leslie Bullock talked about hypnosis and his trip to Melbourne to meet with Denise for a hypnotherapy session.'

In the forward to the book by Leslie Bullock, Bullock revealed that:

* After meeting the abductee he volunteered his services to a UFO organisation as a researcher/therapist

* He interviewed many,  he referred to as 'contactees.'

Who was Alicia Gonzalez?

I acquired a copy of the 2016 ebook, and searched it for clues which might reveal more of the identity of 'Alicia.' In the forward, Leslie Bullock mentions that the subject of the book:

* Studied for years at University to obtain a degree in Psychology

* Worked at one point for the Department of education in charge of a number of psychologists

* Had been acclaimed for her writings

* Got a grant from the Australian Arts Council

* Had two daughters.

He concluded his forward with the words (written before his death in 2010.)

'It is my professional opinion that the woman featured in this book has has a number of genuine experiences. I am grateful to Beatriz for giving me the opportunity to have had some part in this whole experience.'

More insights into Alicia come from 'A Call to the Stars' itself. Alicia:

* Was born in Argentina

* Mentions she has two daughters

* Alicia wrote poetry

* Alicia says she provides psychological support to a group of abductees in Sydney, The UFO Experience Support Association

* She first met Les Bullock in 1991


*  Was acclaimed for her writings

* Received a grant from the Australian Arts Council at one point

* Obtained a degree in Psychology

* At the 1995 UFOESA conference in Sydney she commented on the psychological aspects of abduction and touched on her own experience

* In her 2003 thesis noted that she was/had been a public servant and was a mother

* Was born in Argentina.

It seems reasonable to conclude that the subject of the book 'Alicia' was in fact Beatriz Copello.


Thank you to a number of Australian UFO researchers who responded with information about the subject of this post. 

Many digitised Australian periodicals now available for download

Background Thanks to the combined efforts of the Swedish Archives for the Unexplained (AFU); UK researcher Isaac Koi; Boston based resear...