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George D Hathaway - his work and research findings

Danny Silva

The other day, US researcher Danny Silva tweeted about a new blog post he had written, concerning Hathaway Research International. 

Danny mentioned that Hathaway Research International was established by George Hathaway, a Canadian engineer, who authored two of the 38 Defense Intelligence Reference Documents, under the EarthTech International sub-contract to the main Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program contract.

At one point in his blog, Danny also mentions that on the Hathaway Research International website there is an area titled "Our past research projects." Among the listing are three of particular interest:

1. "1992-1994 Field investigations of anomalous aerial phenomena for private research institute."

2. "1997 Field investigations of anomalous aerial phenomena for private research institute."

3. "2012 Analysis of material allegedly from anomalous aerial phenomena for private research institute."

Digging deeper

Intrigued, by this material, I decided to undertake some further research on George D Hathaway, his work and his research findings.

Back to 1989

I recalled a blog post I had written in July 2017 about the UAP interests of Hans-Adam II of Liechtenstein. In that post I cited the following extracts from Jacques Vallee's "Forbidden Science: Volume three."

"Hyde Street Thursday 18 May 1989.

Crown Prince Hans-Adam von Liechtenstein was in town yesterday with his consulting engineer from Toronto, a man named George Hathaway who helps him study the phenomena with the hope of discovering new forms of energy production..."

Hyde Street Monday 22 June 1989.

George Hathaway, the Canadian engineer who works with Liechtenstein, tells me he has been making contact with all leading UFO researchers who had ideas about energy or propulsion systems at the request of the Prince, who is also sponsoring studies on abductions...He gave me some insight into his (and the Prince's) theory there is an extraterrestrial force that is monitoring and controlling man's drive into space. "It's a question of how far we'll be allowed to go before some other entities put the lid on what we do with our little rocket firecrackers. We have to be prepared for certain pressures. Space is not the beckoning, wide open, new frontier people dream about."...Hathaway in the meantime, investigates Tesla phenomena and alternate energy devices and lectures on such topics."

Liechtenstein Saturday 4 November 1989.

Jacques and Janine Vallee visit the Prince at his home in Liechtenstein.

"Prince Hans-Adam is spending small amounts of money (a few tens of thousands of dollars, he said) validating experiments in free energy that he claims, are generating more watts than they put in. George Hathaway, who is well qualified, is in charge of these validations..."

Vallee's description of Hathaway's work around 1989, fits in well with information provided in the "Our past research projects" area of the HRI website, namely:

"1989 Spence 'ECT' device. An electron cyclotron device allegedly capable of "over unity" energy production."

"1989 Boday magnetic flux- switching energy device for private client."

"1990 Investigation of Chernetskii hydrogen arc-based energy device in Moscow for private client."

"1990 General research into arc-based anomalous energy production claim for potential investor."


I came across a reference to "Hathaway, George D. "Report on Preliminary Investigation of Anomalous Phenomena in Western New Mexico" Toronto, Canada. Hathaway Consulting Services, on the Internet, but have not been able to locate a copy.


"1992-1994 Field investigations of anomalous aerial phenomena for private research institute."

The active years for the Bigelow Foundation were 1992-1994, so I wonder if this foundation was the client for Hathaway?


In the book, "Mysteries of Ontario" authored by John Robert Colombo, Dundum, 1999 p.235, the author describes the abduction claims of one Betty Stewart Dagenais from Canada who reported abduction experiences occurring between 1925 and 1979. In a 1959 incident she claimed that aliens had implanted a device in the back of her left ear. It was removed in 1988 in hospital. Colombo reports that in 1994, George Hathaway examined and tested the implant which was described as 1mm by 1.5mm aluminum, silicon, titanium transducer.

Source: Google books
I have been unable to locate any detailed report by Hathaway on this "Implant." [See update at end of post.]


On the Hathaway Research International "Our past research projects" area there is an entry for 1996 which reads "Podkletnov spinning superconductor gravity experiment for potential investor showing null results to accuracy grater than Podkletnov published." Podkletnov claimed to have found a 1-2% loss of weight using a spinning superconductor. In 2003, Hathaway published his results in Physica c, 385, 2003, pp488-500.


"1997 Field investigations of anomalous aerial phenomena for private research institute."

The National Institute for Discovery Science established by Robert Bigelow was active in this year, so I wonder if they were the client?

Pre 2004

Given all the renewed interest in the claims of Bob Lazar, it is interesting to read a four page paper by Hathaway titled "Engineering Views of Lazar's Anti-Gravity Physics" which "...will analyze some of the so-called "anti-gravitational physics" from a conventional engineering and physics perspective."


The Hathaway Research International website "Our past research projects" has an entry:

"Analysis of material allegedly from Anomalous Aerial Phenomena for a private research institute."

This brief notation interests me, because I have just compiled a catalogue of "fragments" reportedly from UAP. I have not been able to find out more about the Hathaway analysis.


An "Advanced Propulsion Workshop" was held between 20-22 September 2016 at Estes Park, Colorado, USA. Hathaway presented a paper titled "Experiments with novel propulsion ideas" 
A copy of the Proceedings are available.  It is an excellent review in some detail, of many of the devices discussed on the Hathaway Research International website's "Our past research projects" area.

An addendum paper was presented by George Hathaway. It was titled "Nightmares in the art of measuring" and explores the multiple issues when attempting to validate devices claiming anomalous results.


George Hathaway co-authored a paper with physicist, Michael Ibison, of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin titled "Quantum Entanglements and Alien, Extraterrestrial Life" which appeared on the website of

The paper discusses the possibility of extraterrestrial communication through the means of telepathy. "In the paper we have tried to identify the important issues involved in authenticating claims of telepathic contact with extraterrestrials."

The acknowledgements state: "The authors are grateful to Kit Green and Harold Puthoff for making some very useful suggestions."

Update: 17 December 2018

I did eventually locate two items regarding this 1994 implant analysis. These were:

1. "A metallic implant has been found." Flying Saucer Review, Volume 39, Number 2, Summer 1994, page 26, by L J Fenwick, Canadian UFO Research Network.

2. "Implant probed in Canada by scanning electron microscope." Flying Saucer Review, Volume 40, number 4, Winter 1995, by L J Fenwick, Canadian UFO Research Network.

Hathaway conducted the analysis.

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