Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Previously unseen RAAF UFO file found

Annual check of National Archives of Australia RecordSearch database

One of my tasks, on the 1st of January of each new year, is to visit the website of the National Archives of Australia (NAA)  The purpose of such a visit, is to check for any UFO files which have been added to the NAA RecordSearch database. Most years, something new emerges, and this year is no exception.

File series D3138 [RAAF Edinburgh] control symbol 6/32/AIR PART 1 is titled "Unidentified Flying Objects 1965-1969." It is a file previously unknown to me, despite the previous locating of around 150 Australian government files on UFOs.

Part of the Australian government UFO files listing

The file status is shown as "Not Yet Examined" which means no one outside the RAAF has ever seen the file. It is held at the Canberra office of the NAA, and the item barcode is 22956672. I have just placed a request with the NAA to have them examine the file for release. Following this process, then I can order a digital copy of the file which will be placed on the NAA website for anyone to read. This process can take up to six months and cost up to around $120. The date range of the file makes it particularly interesting. During these years there were many UFO sightings recorded in South Australia, including CE3 style events. It will therefore be very interesting to see just what this new file contains.

Looking at my records, I found two other RAAF Edinburgh files:

1. A9755 control symbol 9. RAAF No. 92 Wing Headquarters Edinburgh. Date range 1992-1994, barcode 3533451 location Canberra NAA. Its status is "Open" but so far no one has been willing to pay the money to have a digital copy placed on the NAA website. Any takers?

2. A9755 control symbol 12. RAAF No. 92 Wing Headquarters Edinburgh. Date range 1987-1992. Barcode 3533466. A digital copy is available on the NAA wesbsite for anyone to view. 

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