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NIDS - miscellaneous items on the former website

National Institute for Discovery Science

This post discusses a number of items to be found on the former website of the now defunct National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) which have not yet been covered in the series of posts about NIDS, which I have been regularly publishing.

Although the NIDS website announced in 2004 that NIDS was ceasing operations, a search of the database of Nevada business names, reveals that the National Institute for Discovery Science Inc, still has a status of "active" as at May 2018. The original filing date for entity number C16341-1995 was 20 September 1995. NIDS is Nevada business number NV19951132880.

Apart from articles about animal mutilations, triangular UAP, "Day After" scenarios and the alleged 1978 Fort Dix/McGuire Air Force Base "shooting of an alien" incident; the website also includes the following:

1. "A Cautionary Tale: DNA Analyses of Alleged Extraterrestrial Biological Material: Anatomy of a Molecular Forensic Investigation."

* This is a 19 page report, credited to NIDS, A & S Research, and the Australian Physical Evidence group (Bill Chalker and Horace Drew)

* During a reported intense series of visitations reported by a Californian family, in "September 2000, an object resembling a claw was found..." The potential implication was that it was of extraterrestrial origin

* "...a painstaking DNA analysis and the use of bioinformatics methodology over a 12 month period by highly qualified teams of experts in three countries was necessary to establish that the biological specimen found in the house was a mundane terrestrial mollusk"

* There is an associated 248 page document "These are the search results with the CS63win sequence in the Claw-original_PCR file."

2. "Report on an ice-circle in NE Utah, February 21, 2002"

* Six page report on a 5 foot 9 inch diameter ice-circle found in an irrigation ditch on a ranch in NE Utah, owned by Robert Bigelow.

* Local NIDS investigator was on the scene within an hour

* Ice was about 3/4 inch thick

* "...the groove suggested  sharp instrument had been used to carve the circle"

* " markings were found in the center of the circle

* Pieces of shaved ice were collected and analyzed by EarthTech of Austin, Texas. Elemental distribution was similar to tap water

* No tracks, footprints or tire prints within 100 yards of circle

* "Readings for magnetic fields, electric fields and EM radiation, were all negative."

My comment:

Details of the investigation into this circle are also described on page 174 of the 2005 book, by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp, titled "Hunt for the Skinwalker" (Paraview. New York.)

3. "Analysis of an Alleged Implant"

* A two page report by Scott Little of EarthTech International

* An object, was examined which had been removed from a man's leg

* The reddish lump, when cut, revealed a metallic lump in its center. X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy was used to examine it

* Little's conclusion was "I suspect this is a piece of a hardened tool that flew into Mr X's leg at some time in the distant past when he was heavily distracted by other events. He probably thought it was just a cut and promptly forgot it when it healed over. Over the years, his body created the layered reddish lump of scar tissue to isolate the object."

4. "Analysis of Anomalous Metal Samples"

* A seven page report

* In 1995 Dr Roger Leir removed objects from the bodies of two people

* This report documents extensive testing by NIDS of the objects, and the subsequent findings.

5. "Unusual Personal Experiences"

* In 1991, the Roper organization,  commissioned by NIDS, conducted three surveys "Designed to ascertain what numbers of people reported unusual experiences"

* The questions used, were developed by abduction researchers Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs

* In 1998, NIDS again, via Roper, conducted another poll asking the same 11 questions, three times (to reduce the margin of error)

* Interestingly, the 1998 results "...were quite different from those of 1991 and those reporting unusual experiences decreased significantly"

* Tables of data are provided.

6. "Congressional Hearings Survey Results"

* A six slide presentation of the results of an Internet-based survey of 1035 respondents.

7. "Research at the National Institute for Discovery Science"

* A 16 page slide presentation, by Dr Colm Kelleher, at the MUFON International Symposium held in St Louis, on 15 July 2000.

8. "Statistical summary of UFO Cases Received by NIDS"

* NIDS established a 24 hour UFO "hot line" in September 1999

* This 11 page slide presentation provides an analysis of data.

9. "Selected Sightings reported from the NIDS Database"

* Summaries of reports, sorted by location

* USA, Canada, Germany, Mid-Atlantic Ocean, Sweden and Turkey.

10. Davis/Vallee slide presentation.

US researcher, Danny Silva, in a 21 December 2019 blog post, drew our attention to a NIDS website slide presentation by Dr Eric Davis and Dr Jacques Vallee.

What have I learned from reading all this NIDS material?

1. All of these reports by NIDS, which I have examined, and provided links to the full versions of, are well worth reading. They are comprehensive, well researched and well documented. Science was clearly being used to research the phenomenon.

2. NIDS had two main foci, as recorded on its website. Aerial phenomena, and consciousness. I have focused solely on the former. NIDS website articles about the latter, may be found by clicking here. 

3. Concerning the rash of reported triangular shaped objects, NIDS hypothesized that these were due to the open deployment of unacknowledged military aircraft.

4. On the question of animal mutilations, NIDS highlighted the number of apparently associated mystery helicopters, and also noted that many of the mutilations which they investigated, featured human involvement.

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