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The 9 December 2019 Paco Chierici interview on the Hidden Truth Show

Paco Chierici

Paco Chierici was the former US Navy pilot who, in 2015, published the first article on the 2004 USS Nimitz/"Tic Tac" incident. He recently gave an interview to the host of the Hidden Truth Show, Jim Breslo, which I listened to.
Courtesy of United Kingdom researcher, Isaac Koi, I have been able to obtain an automated transcript of that interview. I then again listened to the entire audio of the interview, and corrected those parts of the automated transcript, which I quote in this blog.

Information new to me

I have only extracted those parts of the interview which presented information of which I had not previously been aware of.

1. Asked when he had first heard of the 2004 USS Nimitz event, Chierici said:

"...this happened in 2004 obviously, and then I think I first heard about it in 2007 or 8..."

2. On the origin of the Fighter Sweep article:

" 2015 I became the editor of the online fighter magazine called Fighter Sweep, and one of the first articles I, and I'd always wanted to write the story of this sighting, because it just stuck with me...I call Dave up and I say, hey dude, I'm writing an article on your experiences...So I call Dave up, and I say, I'm gonna write the article about this awesome story you've been telling.

Can you give me any more details? So he goes, you're not going to believe this, they've just left, the the investigation, ONI, Office of Naval Investigation [KB-actually Intelligence.] Literally, just walked out my door; and they for the first time  in 11 years, anybody is taking anything that happened on that day seriously. And the guy has interviewed everybody that was involved. You know, on the Princeton, the E2, the helicopter guy. Everybody, the submarines, and they have this exhaustive, massive report and...

So I subsequently got my hands on that report and its exhaustive. It's got all kinds of names and details, and that's what my article is based on...the whole thing, it's probably, I don't know, 25 to 30 pages. I got it right here...but its classified, I guess. Somebody sent it to me...the executive's on the Internet...I wrote my article after reading through this about five hundred times."

A note: This seems to suggest that Chierici obtained a copy of the 2015 ONI investigation report. However, on the 17 December 2019, Chierici was interviewed on the UFO News Network show, by Chant Hannah and Frank Stalter. When speaking about the report which his Fighter Sweep article was based on he states:

"I called Dave up to, you know, refresh all the points that I was gonna write about and that's when I found out that AATIP had done an investigation...Dave believes they were AATIP and they had completed that in 2009 and through a variety of different means I was able to get my hands on the AATIP report before I did my article."

This is consistent with the fact that the executive summary section a copy of a 2009 investigation report has been available to us for some time. No one other than Chierici has advised that they possess a copy of the full report.

3. On the Commander of the USS Nimitz Marine fighter squadron -Douglas Kurth.

"The Commanding Officer of the Marine squadron is in a single-seat Hornet..."

4. On why Fravor and wingman didn't have FLIR onboard, and whey there are no onboard recordings:

"So they had no FLIR which is not uncommon. A lot of times if you're just going out for a fighter mission you don't put a FLIR in the airplane. It's removable. And he didn't turn his recording, his tape recorder on...It was so bizarre, and they never got to the mindset where they would turn their tapes on…"

5. Underwood and the FLIR video:

"They are proceeding towards the CAP, the same CAP that Dave and his wingman were going to. And as they're on autopilot, just heading to this spot in space, the wizzo in range wide scan, picks up a very faint contact and he's trying to lock it so...he's unable to lock it up on track...he takes the FLIR head seeker head and he slaves it to the faint radar return which is right on his nose because they're heading for the CAP and that's where the thing is...and that's the video you see..."

6. On FLIR:

"Now the FLIR, what it's designed to do, is provide ranging and targeting for a bomb, on the ground. So, two, three, four miles's not designed for aerial intercepts...not designed to lock onto a maneuvering target that's moving at any speed..."

7. On the question of whether or not the Tic Tac was human technology:

"...there's a lot of things that sort of poke holes in the credulity of that scenario...I just think that the  scenario of it being a test of human tech is it doesn't make any sense... it's not the way we challenge each other as forces. You know, the Air Force doesn't send secret projects to test the Navy. The Navy doesn't do that to the Air Force..."

In summary

This interview provides an excellent overview of the 2004 Nimitz incident. In addition, it clarifies points about FLIR that I have never seen anywhere else. Well worth a listen to the entire interview, if you haven't already.

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