Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Western Australia - seeking UFO reports


As part of a new, one year long, project I am seeking reports of UFO sightings, past and present, from regional Australia.

I have commenced the project by contacting a number of Western Australian newspapers, to seek sightings from readers.

Today, at the start of the project, I was interviewed by Courtney, a journalist, from the Pilbara News. This paper is based in the city of Karratha, Western Australia, and is a city with a population around 17,000 people (2011 census) which is some 1575 kilometres north of Perth, the capital city of the state of Western Australia.

Pilbara News 21 October 2015 edition.
If you are someone who is responding to my request for details of local sightings, as a result of reading Courtney's article, please feel free to either send me an email at:


or leave a comment in the comments section of this blog. Either way, I will respond to your communication.

Some links to previous local Karratha UFO news stories:



Thank you.

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