Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Art imitates life

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I came across an interesting article in issue 428, October 2015, of the magazine "Adelaide Review." Page 34 in the visual arts section, is a one page article written by John Neylon about the recent works of Melbourne artist Richard Lewer.

The article
The article opens with the words "Ever heard of...The Westall UFO?"

The opening paragraph

The reference to Westall

The reference to Westall reads:

"These works by Richard Lewer feast on the fears of people who still believe that the truth is out there somewhere. No matter that the Westall UFO was almost certainly a maverick HIBAL (High Altitude Balloon) - one of several launched from different sites around Australia in the 1960s. The fact is, townsfolk and school students saw 'something' well out of the ordinary. That was enough. Richard Lewis has captured the moment in a painting (Westall 2015) which shows the students lined up as if for a class photograph being stalked by a quite conventional flying saucer hovering above them. Things are a bit blurred and shaky. Like memory."

A great image of the Westall 66 painting may be seen here.

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