Monday, October 5, 2015

Garbage in - garbage out

Hi all,

This post concerns the recently flurry of reported sightings of orange lights in a number of Australian states.

I recall when the first spike in reported sightings of orange lights, often in spectacular formations, hit Australian UAP researchers. There were heated discussions as to whether or not, these were true "UFOs" or simply hoax hot air garbage bag balloons?

Today, dip into any current Australian UFO community on Facebook; or take a look at media sources; or check the "Lights in the sky" blog of Sydney Observatory, and you will see literally dozens upon dozens of individuals reporting observations of  "orange lights."

These sightings usually describe observations on nights where the wind is light; where these lights travel in the direction in which the wind is blowing to; and no associated noise is heard. If there more than one light, witnesses might speak of the lights "dancing" and changing position in the formation. When seen at close range observers will describe the orange light as flickering or pulsing. Sometime little lights drop off the main ones. If the light goes out, often it pulses just before it does so.

Actual research

Research by Australian groups and individual researchers as far back as the "big orange light flap of 96" (centred around Narre Warren in Melbourne in 1996) determined that these orange lights were nothing more than hoax hot air garbage bags, sent aloft by bored teenagers. Garbage bags fell onto roofs; police officers found teenagers launching such balloons and cautioned them; and so on.

What has changed?

Skip forward to September 2015. I decided to sample three groups of reported sightings from three Australian states to see if anything has changed. Please take a look at my detailed investigation reports on the Cairns, Queensland; Armidale, New South Wales; and Adelaide South Australia sightings.

I found that nothing had changed, witnesses were still describing orange lights which have all the descriptions of the classic, old time hoax hot air balloon, with perhaps the added modern Chinese lantern thrown in  for good measure.

Orange lights, garbage in - garbage out!


  1. Hello Keith. Thank you for the post. Are you asserting that the 'Orange Orb' phenomena is not real? Also, I am not clear how a possible mis-identification can be characterised as 'Garbage-n, garbage out…). Unless you are in denial of the 'orange orb' as a phenomena I am not sure how you can be so certain that these were mis-identifications…. Were you happier when these things looked like 'flying saucers'?

  2. Hello Keith. Thank you for your post. I am a little confused… How can you be so certain that these were mis-identifications? Is it your belief that the 'orange orb' phenomena does not exist? If you are not a 'believer' in the phenomena, are you of the view that the numerous world-wide sitings of these are all mis-identications? If so, could I suggest that you might be alone on that one other than from debunkers…. Also, I can't understand how a possible mis-identification of something constitutes 'garbage-in, garbage out'… Cheers.

  3. Hi James, thank you for your comments. I am not asserting that the world wide "orange orb" phenomena is not real. I am saying that out of the sightings of orange lights which I have seen detailed investigation reports on, I have seen only data which is consistent, in these cases only, with them being hoax balloons. I can, of course, not speak about the hundreds of other reports. Unfortunately, almost no one here in Australia conducts an indepth investigation of any current reports, including orange lights.

    I would love to see detailed, analysed investigation reports on all individual sightings of orange lights in Australia, in order that I may make up my own mind about their cause.

    As you would be aware from my blog posted VUFOA talk, I have challenged Australian researchers to get out there and analyse reports; then publish the results. Almost no one has. That speaks volumes to me.

  4. Just re-read this. All fair. Yeah, if there was nothing else to do, like no other avenues of research, we could afford to grovel in these orange trash bag cases, but thats not gonna happen. Paul.


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