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Sightings from North West Australia - Part one

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As I mentioned in my last post, I have been seeking local sightings from Western Australia. An article about my search, which appeared in the "Pilbara News" dated 21 October 2015, and later in the North West Telegraph, has resulted in several people contacting me with their personal sightings.

This post provides details of one such sighting, from a resident. I thank him for this, and for kindly giving me permission to reprint details in this blog.

The sighting:

"Just read your article in the NW Telegraph and thought I would tell you about some strange lights I observed above the Aboriginal lore grounds at Woodbrook station, 35km south of Roebourne.
Courtesy Google maps
I was coming back from a call out to work at about 3am one morning in 2007 when I stopped near the railway track to get a drink from the back of my ute.
Whilst I was getting my drink I felt like someone was watching me, I turned around to the hills and the old Woodbrook station where I observed what I thought was a shooting star.  It took me a couple of seconds to realize that the shooting star had shot up from the earth not down from the sky.  I kept watching when the light started doing figure eights, hovering in mid air, changing size and then diving up and down to the horizon.  I watched this for about 15 minutes until it just disappeared into the night sky.

I was that spun out when I got home to Wickham that I woke my wife to tell her what happened.  I have seen other strange objects in the sky growing up in the country but this one was the most amazing and made my mind reel.
Earlier that night whilst I was waiting for a train at the Wittennoom turnoff to go past so I could check out the callout, I was sitting on the bonnet of my ute in the middle of the bush with not a soul around for 100’s of km’s, I asked the universe to give me a sign or show me something if there is anything/anyone else out there.  I then observed this light 2hrs and 120km later!"

Upon reading the above account, a few questions came to mind, which I emailed. The questions and responses are shown below:
Q1. What was the colour of the light?
A1 "The light appeared to be white like a star but much brighter/bigger and perhaps with a bluish tinge."

Q2. Did the intensity of the light change at any time?
A2. "Yes it did change in intensity. I'm not sure if this is when it came closer to me but it did definitely get brighter."

Q3. Was there any associated noise?
A3. "I can't remember any sound. I think I recall it being quieter when it happened like all sound stopped. This could be my imagination but I don't recall hearing the wireless in my ute, my work two-way or any bush noise."

Courtesy Google maps


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