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Delphos - soil analyses

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In a recent post (click here) I mentioned fungus rings, and the 1971 Delphos UAP case; plus an early analysis of aspects of the Delphos soil by Jacques Vallee.

Since that post, I have been exchanging emails with Sydney based researcher, Steven Walters, about analyses of the Delphos soil; radiation and fungi. Steven was kind enough to send me a spare copy he had of the Journal of UFO Studies, new series, volume 8 (2003.) This issue has a fascinating article titled "New Analysis of Soil Samples from the Delphos UFO Case" by Phyllis A Budinger (pp1-25.) As the article is now ten years old, it is quite possible that blog readers may never have come across it. I will therefore reproduce some of the findings here, for your perusal.


Firstly, from the article's abstract "The goal of this analysis was to determine the molecular composition of the material released by the  UFO. Solid and conclusive data presented in this paper accomplished this identification to the extent that the chemical composition of the release is at minimum 95% characterized." (p.1.)

"Ring soil samples have been reported to be much lighter in color than the control soils (Phillips, 1998.) Subtle but significant color differences are noticed for the samples analyzed in this report." (p.5.)

"Differences between the ring and control soils are clearly discerned, showing that a definite release of materials had occurred. The elements attributed to the release are sulfur, calcium, carbon and nitrogen." (p.5.)

Organic release:

"It shows a very significant increase in both carbon and nitrogen on the surfaces of all the ring soils, indicating that some of the release is organic." (p.6.)

"Results of tests with these techniques show the release material contains calcium oxalate, calcium carbonate and  a humic substance. It is also noted that the ring soil has not been exposed to heat." (p.7.)

" provided specific identification of a unique, white fibrous-appearing material infused in ring-soil lumps that had eluded researchers in the past. It can be definitely identified as calcium oxalate." (p.7.)

"Higher levels of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus and potassium were detected in the ring extracts than in the control extracts." (p.10.)

"Not natural to the Delphos area":

"This is additional evidence that the ring humate is not natural to the Delphos area and is due in fact to a release." (p.15.)

"As in previous tests, these data also indicate that the humic substance is specifically fulvic acid in both ring and control extracts." (p.15.)

"The analysis of the Delphos soils and their isolates show there has been a definite release of one or more substances." (p.19.)

"Both calcium oxolate and oxalic acid are know skin and eye irritants and would account for the physical effect suffered by the witnesses." (p.20.)

"The source of the chemiluminescence (glow) still remains speculative." (p.20.)

Was it a UFO?

"The analysis neither proves nor rules out a UFO source of the release." (p.21.)

Thanks you again, to Steven for providing me with a copy of this article.

Are blog readers aware of any other analyses of the Delphos soil?

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