Sunday, June 2, 2013

Another rare Australian Government Navy UAP file digitised

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One of the two known Australian Government Navy UAP files on the 1954 Goulburn, radar/visual case has just been digitised.  Again, we have Melbourne researcher Paul Dean to thank for paying for the National Archives of Australia (NAA)  to digitise the papers.

NAA file series SP338/3 control symbol 13/4/10, barcode 938582, is titled "Unidentified Objects [Flying-report of] [10 pages - 1954.] The file originated with the Flag Officer-in-Charge, East Australia Area of the Department of Defence's Naval Office.

The digitised version is 10 pages long, and provides original documentation on the 31 Aug 1954 radar/visual observations, near Goulburn, by 723 Squadron, Royal Australian Navy Air Station Nowra, pilot Lt J A O'Farrell. I have previously posted at length on this case (click here and here to read these posts.)

The contents of two of the pages on this file have long been known to Australian UAP researchers, however, it is invaluable to be able to read the other associated documents on the file, which includes:

1. A report by O'Farrell.
2. A report by the radar operator, R.P.I. K E Jessop.
3. Copies of internal Navy minutes by various Navy personnel.

You too can read the file by:

1. Visiting
2. Click on 'search the collection.'
3. Click on "Begin your search."
4. Click on "RecordSearch Advanced search.'
5. Click on 'items.'
6. In the barcode box type "938582' and enter.
7. Read the digital file.

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