Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goulburn radar/visual case, second NAA file digitised

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The second of the known Australian Department of Navy UAP files on the Goulburn radar/visual case, has just been digitised (courtesy of Melbourne researcher, Paul Dean) and is thus now available for all to view. I reported on the first digitised file, in a post on the 2nd June (click here to read.)

This second file is NAA file series MP926/1 control symbol 3079/101/1, barcode 3173603. This file has 19 pages, and the file cover merely says, "Unidentified Objects." I'll run through the document pages.

Page 19 is a "Flying saucer" report from the Naval Staff Office, Fremantle, Western Australia (WA). Dated 11 Jun 1954 it is to the Director of Navy Intelligence (DNI) Melbourne. Mr E G Walker, Postmaster at Denmark, WA reports that a clerk, Mr E R Tonkinson and wife, reported seeing at 8.15pm on Wed 9 Jun 1954, west-south-west of Denmark, a light low in the sky. It moved backwards and forwards and changed colours between red, green and blue. After 5 minutes is was lost over the horizon.

Page 18 - a simple file routing slip.

Page 17 - a report of the Goulburn incident by K E Jessop, Petty Office RDI. The radar officer.

Page 16 - a full report of the visual sighting, by the Royal Australia Navy pilot, O'Farrell.

Page 15 - A memo dated 24 Sep 1954, from J R W Grover, Commander, to The Captain, RAN station Nowra. Says that there were no RAAF aircraft in the area at the time of the incident. There was a civilian Convair at 14000 feet heading north.

Page 14 - Memo from The Captain, Nowra, to Capt (Air) Australia. Where there any RAAF aircraft in the area at the time?

Page 13 - Memo dated 24 Sep 1954 from Commander to DNI. Copy of my reply to Capt Nowra enclosed.

Page 12 - Interesting memo dated 1 Oct 1954 from DNI to Commanding Officer, Nowra. "It is advised that the reports have been passed to the committee which has been set up to consider such reports. The committee desires to express its thanks for such a well authenticated sighting."

Page 11 - Memo dated 1 Oct 1954 from DNI to DAFI. Forwards some additional information about the event and the pilot.

Page 10 - Circulating file sheet.

Page 4-9 - News clippings - Various dates in December from the Melbourne Argus, Melbourne Herald and Sun newspapers.

Page 3 - "Draft" proposed press statement sent to "The Minister."

Page 2 - Press statement issued by The Minister.

Page 1 - File cover.

We have seen most of these papers before, but perhaps the most interesting is page 12. What committee? A RAN committee? I have never come across a reference to such a committee before, so this is a new piece of information. Has any reader come across this committee?

You can view the file for yourself:

1. Visit
2. Click on 'search the collection.'
3. Click on "Begin your search."
4. Click on "RecordSearch Advanced search.'
5. Click on 'items.'
6. In the barcode box type "3173003"' and enter.
7. Read the digital file.

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