Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paul Dean's National Archives of Australia search

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As mentioned in a previous post, Melbourne researcher Paul Dean, has been digging deeper into the National Archives of Australia (NAA) looking for additional files on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP.)

Previous searches of the NAA's electronic database RecordSearch, have used such keywords as "Unidentified Flying Objects;" "Unusual Aerial Sightings;" and "Flying Saucers." Dozens of UAP files were located, and the Disclosure Australia Project (2003-2008) documented these files.

Paul has tried different keywords, including "anomaly;" "phenomena;" "occurrence reports;" "flashing lights;" "abnormal occurrences;" and, thinking about close encounter cases involving aircraft, "air incident reports." Large numbers of new files have turned up. Only by examining these files will anyone be able to determine if their contents relate to UAP.

Dead ends:

Searching for UAP material in the NAA sometimes leads to dead ends. Paul has an example of this with the file series A703 control symbol 564/7/43 titled "Air Defence - Unusual reporting by aircraft captains Intelligence sightings." One would think that this would possibly contain UAP reports amongst other more mundane foreign aircraft sightings. Paul asked for a copy of  this file. The NAA responded:

"We have written to the relevant agency requesting that this record be transferred to our custody in response to your application for access..." However, the next NAA communication read, in part, "The controlling agency for this record have informed us that it was destroyed in July 1998 under General Disposal Authority 14..."

One asks why it is therefore, still listed in the NAA's RecordSearch in 2013?

Another example:

Although we will never know what the next dead end file referred to, file series A1533 control symbol 1955/4448 was titled "Discovery of Secret Naval Intelligence Memorandum." Paul applied for a copy of the file and the NAA advised "Unfortunately the National Archives of Australia does not hold this item as it was withdrawn by the AFP." (Presumably the Australian Federal Police.)

Again, why is the file still listed in RecordSearch if the file is not in the physical custody of the NAA?

Intriguing file title:

Another intriguing file title is file series P1566, control symbol Phenomena - Mawson - 1958, titled "Visual phenomena - Mawson - 1958 - sighted from Taylor," currently held by the Hobart office of the NAA. Paul Dean had the file examined and digitised. Although not a classic UAP, it is a UAP in the broadest sense - and from the details on the file, a mystery to me even after reading the file. For interest sake, I will record basic details here.

 At about 1300hrs (GMT+7) on 17 Jul 1958, four experienced observers saw " unusual display of lights and shadows" for about 20 minutes. The Sun was below the horizon and the sky almost clear of clouds. First came an "...indefinable blob of shadow  travelling great speed..." Then came "...a group of parallel rays" white in colour. A most unusual display.

Final note:

On a final note, file series K95 control symbol 1986/871, when first located by Paul, was titled "Aerial Phenomena - General (DCA-Transport.)" After Paul requested it to be examined, the NAA has now changed  the title to"Aerial Phenomena - UFOs (DCA-Transport.}" It is waiting to become available for us all to read.

Again, congratulations to Paul on his research initiative.

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