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Will a newly found file help us explain Westall?

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Paul Dean is a researcher from Melbourne, Victoria, who has been very successfully mining the files of the National Archives of Australia (NAA.) (Click here for NAA website.) Paul has recently located two UAP files, which not even the Disclosure Australia Project found.

The first is file series K95 control symbol 1986/871 titled "Aerial Phenomena - General [DCA-Transport]" held by the Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport, with a date range of 1982-1986.

Westall related?

Of possibly greater significance is file series MT 1298/1 control symbol VTI-66/319 titled "Unidentified Aerial Object 3/4/1966 Tullamarine." Owned by the former Department of Civil Aviation, Victoria-Tasmania region. The significance of this second file is that the famous Westall High School case occurred on 6 April 1966, three days before whatever the Tullamarine incident turns out to be.

Other events:

Some blog readers will recall that April 1966 was a particularly interesting time in the Australian state of Victoria for reports of UAP.

2 April 1966 - Balwyn, Melbourne, Victoria.
Noticing his garden was lit up by an unusuall light, a man looked up to see a metallic looking mushroom-shaped object some thirty-six meters or so, up in the air, "floating" towards the ground. As he watched, it made a 180 degree turn through its vertical axis. The man managed to take a polaroid photograph of the object at this stage. The object then shot off northwards at terrific speed. (Click here to see the photo.)

4 April 1966 Bourkes Flat, Victoria.
Driving alone, a man saw an unusual light in a paddock and his car's headlights veered to the right for no apparent reason. A saucer shaped depression was found in the bare paddock where the light had been. Later there was a fatal car crash at the same location. (For more information click here.)

6 April 1966 Clayton South, Melbourne, Victoria.
Many students and at least one teacher sighted at least one unusual object in the area of the Westall High School. Unusual ground traces were also located in the area where the object had descended. Witnesses told of officials suppressing the event. (Click here for Yahoo groups site.)

Other files:

Paul Dean has spent hours trawling through file series such as A703 and A705 - the RAAF's files series which includes UAP files. Paul has located a number of files which may contain items relevant to UAP research. He has also found certain files from the Department of Navy; RAAF and the Bureau of Meteorology, plus the Joint Intelligence Bureau which might also be of use to us. He has ordered copies of some of these files for examination.

Paul is to be congratulated on his diligent and patient research.

3 April 1966 Tullamarine:

The finding of A DCA file titled "Unidentified Aerial object" on 3 April 1966 at Tullamarine, Melbourne, Victoria, is therefore of great interest to UAP researchers. A copy of this file has been requested from the NAA. I will bring you its contents when I receive it from the NAA.

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