Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Another Australian April 1966 school case?

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Most blog readers will be aware of the 6 April 1966 sightings at the Westall High School, Clayton South, Melbourne, Victoria (for details click here.)

In the newspaper clipping collection of UFO Research (NSW) (click here) I just came across a curious item from the "Sunday Mirror" dated Sunday 1 May 1966, about another mass school sighting.

"Flying saucer flap
A flying saucer report had officials in the Education Department up in the air this week.

They spent several days trying to check a claim that 1000 school children and their teachers had seen a flying saucer.

The claim was made on Channel 7's Bob Crosby show by Sydney flying saucer fancier, Miss June Marsden.

She told Crosby and thousands of viewers that the children had been startled by the saucer as it swooped low over school buildings.

She claimed that the Education Department had been given a full report of the incident.

No sign:

Miss Marsden thought the school was Caringbah or Carlingford but could not remember which.

So the Sunday Mirror asked the Education Department. An official said "Give us a little time to check this." "Off hand I can't remember a report about a flying saucer, but it may not have reached my section yet. It depends on when the report was sent by the school. It may take several days to find its way through the various departments."

Several days later there still was no sign of the report - or the flying saucer."


For further information on June Marsden (click here.)

Have any blog readers any additional information on this (probably) April 1966 school case?

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