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Cataloguing the data

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One of the areas of my research over the years, has been the collecting of reports of UAP, and the preparation and distribution of a number of catalogues ( click here to access a list of them, and links to them.)

Where my interest came from:

I have often been asked where my interest in cataloguing came from? The answer lies with the work of Jacques and Janine Vallee. Many people have forgotten (or never knew) that the 1967 book "Challenge to Science: The UFO Enigma", published by Neville Spearman of London, was written by both Janine and Jacques Vallee.

In order to examine various hypotheses, the Vallee's prepared one of the first detailed catalogues of UAP. This work, of 500 observations, in machine-readable form, was completed in 1962. They went on to complete a much larger catalogue of over 3,000 sightings by 1964.

My interest in UAP started in the mid 1960's, and one of the first books I read was "Challenge to Science." I was immediately taken with the concept of cataloguing as the first step to analysis of data. By the early 1970's I had started preparation of some rudimentary Australian catalogues. I sometimes worked with other Australian researchers, e.g. Paul Jackson of TUFOIC (on vehicle interference cases.) However, most of the work remained a solitary pursuit.

Over time, I have compiled catalogues about observations from aircrew; "angel hair;" physical trace cases; vehicle interference cases; "implants;" and abductions, among other things. I have also conducted an analysis of some the data in these catalogues, e.g. "angel hair."

An ongoing research project of mine is the maintenance of an Australian wide catalogue of interesting cases. I have spent time checking material in Australian UAP magazines. Recently I finished checking on-line series of the APRO Bulletin; the NICAP UFO Investigator, and the MUFON Journal, for Australian events. I also have utilised files on UAP held by the National Archives of Australia; and newspaper collections held by the National Library of Australia and UFO Research (NSW.)

Interestingly, by checking original sources of material, I have detected a large number of erroneous pieces of data in the published literature. This has enabled me to prepare the most accurate Australian UAP catalogue todate. Naturally, I welcome corrections, additions, etc to this catalogue. Comments may be directed to me at

Other data sources:

Listings of Australian sightings, and other research material may be found on the following websites:

TUFOIC (Click here.)

UFO Research (New South Wales.)  (Click here.)

UFO Research (Queensland.) (Click here.)

AUFORN. (Click here.)

VUFORS. (Click here.)

VUFOA. (Click here.)

UFO-PRSA (Click here.)

Colin Norris's collection. (Click here.)

Readers should be aware that some of the reports on these websites have not been investigated, and thus the collections probably contain both UFO and IFO reports.

If any blog readers are aware of other Australian collections of sightings, I'd be pleased to hear from you.

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