Friday, February 15, 2013

A9755 control symbol 22

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A third new file in the A9755 series of RAAF UAP files has been partly digitised by the National Archives of Australia. The file series is A955 control symbol 22, titled [RAAF AF Intelligence and Security, Canberra] UFOs [Unidentified Flying Objects] enquiries from members of the public and civilian research organisations - [UAS - Unidentified Aerial Sightings]" Its barcode is 3533575, and its date range is 18 Jul 1982 to 11 Apr 1994. It has been partly digitised, and there are only 17 pages available. This file was formerly labelled 529/1/4 Air Part 5.

What is interesting is that when Sydney based researcher Bill Chalker inspected RAAF UAP files back in the early 1980's he inspected four files labelled 529/1/4 Air parts 1 to 4. A search of the NAA's ReordSearch failed to find parts 1 through 4, although part 5 has now turned up.

What is on the file?

Remember that only 17 pages are currently available. Ironically, they refer to a "Study of Official Australian Government Involvement in the UFO Controversy - A Progress Report" written by Bill Chalker. Bill sent this document to the RAAF, detailing his preliminary findings after inspecting RAAF UAP files.

We will need to wait for several years to pass before we are able to read this file in its entirety.

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