Thursday, May 17, 2018

Federal Sources Inc. may already have a copy of the DIA AAWSA contract

I have been browsing the Internet for any additional information about the 2008 Defense Intelligence Agency's Advanced Aerospace Weapon System (AAWSA) program's solicitation number HHM402-08-R-0211, and a subsequent contract issued, I understand, to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies.

Quincy Wilkins and Federal Sources Incorporated

Imagine my interest when I located a PDF file for the DIA's FOIA log for FY 2010.  This 23 page document lists the DIA FOIA reference number; the name of the requestor and a summary of the request. Buried in the document is a one liner that says:

FOIA-00065-2010, Wilkins, Quincy, FOIA request documents for contract #HHM40208R0211.

Further Internet research led me to find out that Quincy Wilkins worked for a US company named Federal Sources Incorporated. One source stated that:

"Federal Sources Inc.provides research,market intelligence, budget analysis, survey method,management, and technology consulting services to the Federal government...The company serves federal and state government officials, contracting officer technical representatives and program manager...The company was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in McLean, Virginia. As of 10/23/2003, Federal Sources Inc. is a subsidiary of Washington Management Group."


From the Federal Sources website, I learnt that:

"FedSources' team of librarians proactively submit FOIA requests for information on awarded contracts greater than $5 million...As a client, these documents are available to you in our extensive online library of over 5,000 downloadable documents..."

So, Quincy Wilkins as an employee of Federal Sources Inc., was asking the DIA for a copy of the contract to enter it into the Federal Source Inc. library.

Can we find a copy of the contract this way?

The question is, did the DIA supply a copy of the contract, and it possible to locate a copy of this contract today, rather than wait for the DIA to respond to our mutual FOIA requests? I am pursuing my investigations into these questions, as the WayBack machine under captured multiple images of the website, both in 2008 and 2010, and it will take a little time to go through these. If any blog readers would also like to take a look at these multiple website snapshots they would be welcome.

One possible short cut available to us, if any blog readers is, or knows anyone who is, a current client of Federal Sources Inc., would be to ask you or them to log into the Federal Sources Inc. website and submit a request to their contract library database for contract#HHM402-08_R-0211. In the meantime I will send off an email asking Federal Sources Inc if they would conduct a pro bono, once off search for me.

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