Friday, September 2, 2011

Australian 'flying saucer' reports 1948 and 1949

Continuing my exploration of pre-1951 'flying saucer' reports from Australia.

After discovering several previously unknown newspaper reports from 1947, I turned to the years1948 and 1949,  and found:

Canberra, ACT 25 November 1948
Several residents reported 'flying saucers' in the south-eastern sky at about 7.45pm. "Two star-like objects, in the shape of saucers, moving in an easterly direction at an incredible speed." The aerodrome at Fairborn said planes were engaged in night manoeuvres "and two planes took off almost together at approximately 7.45pm and flew in a westerly direction." (The Canberra Times 26 Nov 1948 p2.)

Port Augusta, South Australia 16 November 1948
A trail of thick white cloud appeared across the sky and persisted for 15 minutes. Some residents thought it was caused by an aircraft. The Government astronomer said he believed it had been left by the passage of a meteor. (The Advertiser, Adelaide 17 Nov 1948 p1.)

Perth, Western Australia 2 January 1949
At least 45 people reported to police that they had seen a flashing object "which moved across the eastern sky." Suggestions as to its cause included "a V-bomb, a rocket or flying saucer." Constable F Jager "finally decided that it was most probably a low shooting star." (The West Australian 4 Jan 1949 p4.)

Sydney, New South Wales 23 February 1949
The Army warned residents that about 100 met balloons were going to be launched. "Sydney people are asked not to panic into a belief that they may be "flying saucers." (The Canberra Times 22 Feb 1949 p2.)

To be continued.

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