Tuesday, October 31, 2023

ECHO European Congress for UAP Studies and Research

Forthcoming Congress

A further reminder that the study of UAP is a global endeavor, is the forthcoming "ECHO European Congress for UAP Studies and Research" to be held in Paris, France on the 4th and 5th November, 2023.

The ECHO Foundation

The objectives of the Foundation, as set out on their website are:

* Democratization - to contribute to the democratization of the UFO phenomenon through scientific studies and investigative report.

* Documentation - to propose documented news of the UFO phenomenon by centralizing and presenting files from all over the world and making them available on its platform in several languages.

* Communication - to allow more widespread dissemination and communication of the UFO phenomenon.

* New hypotheses - open the door to new paradigms and scientific hypotheses relating to the enigmas of the universe (multiverse/technology).

* Assemble - to bring together experts from all over the world from different backgrounds (science, history, former government and military agents, politicians, etc.) in an international Congress.

* European event - the event, presented as a series of conferences and videoconferences, will highlight recent news about the UFO phenomenon, for example:

"The measures taken by different governments that treat the phenomenon seriously. The latest advances in science which allow us to foresee new hypotheses."


Speakers at the Congress, and the title of their talks, are:

Chris Mellon - "UAP and the extraterrestrial hypothesis."

Luc Dini - France - President 3AF SIGMA2 - "Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena: references and physical observables."

Fabrice Bonvin - Switzerland - author - "From debunking to disclosure."

Phillipe Guillemant - France - research engineer CNRS- "Hypotheses on UAP technology."

Avi Loeb - "The Galileo Project in search for technological interstellar objects."

Jacques Vallee - "The UFO phenomena, a genuine scientific subject."

Eric Zurcher - Historian - "Close encounters, a form of meta language?"

Dominique Filhol - France - author and film director - 15mm screening of the film "Valensole" and debate with Jacques Vallee and the director.


Invited guests are:

Michael Vaillant (France) - UAP consultant.

Jack Krine (France) - Former French Air Force pilot.

Christian van Heijst (Netherlands) - Boeing 747 pilot.

Vinnie Adams (UK) - UAP researcher and podcast host.

Nagib Kary (France) - Co-founder Vertical Project Media.

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