Saturday, November 4, 2023

Updated CUFOS website

Center for UFO Studies

The U.S. Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) was founded by the late Prof. J. Allen Hynek in 1973, making this year, the Center's 50th anniversary. Its purpose is to advocate for serious scientific study of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP), as well as to act as an archive for material relating to UAP. The Center has just updated its website.

J. Allen Hynek - courtesy CUFOS

Scanned material

Now available are scanned issues of:

* The International UFO Reporter (IUR) - 1976-2012

* The Journal of UFO Studies (JUFOS) - series one 1979-1983 and series two 1989-2006

* CUFOS Associates Newsletter - May 1980-Jun/Jul 1985.

I am particularly delighted to see the scanned issues of both the IUR and JUFOS, as I was an occasional contributor of articles to both of them, over several years.

In addition, there are scanned copies of many of the CUFOS monographs, such as Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos' "Catalogue of 200 type-1 UFO events in Spain and Portugal" and Jennie Zeidman's "A Helicopter-UFO encounter over Ohio."

Also available, are scanned copies of all the publications of the former National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) between 1975-1980, including:

* The UFO Investigator

* UFO Quarterly Review

* NICAP Special Bulletins.

These are a much-appreciated collection of documents.

Other features

Other features of the updated website are:

* A comprehensive timeline of cases and events

* An outline, with sample cases of the Hynek classification system

* A detailed description of the 192,000 UFOCAT-2023 case database.

All in all, a very useful compilation of UAP research documentation, as well as other resources not mentioned above. 

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