Thursday, September 22, 2022

Upcoming French UAP Symposium

International studies

I have tried to keep across international studies, which explore the topic of UAP. In this blog, I have frequently reported on the activities of the French aerospace community's 3AF Sigma 2 Technical Commission on UAP. I recently, came across details of yet another upcoming French sponsored sysmposium and thought it worth sharing.

Presented by, and hosts

The international research symposium on unidentified aerospace phenomenon (PAN) will take place between 10am and 8pm on 16 October 2022, by videoconference. It is presented by Vertical Project Media, and hosted by Marie-France-Barrault, an aerospace engineer; Jean-Pierre Troadec, a member of IHEDN and Nagib Kary, Co-founder of Vertical Project Media.


1000-1100hrs "UFOs and OANIs [Objects Aquatiques non-identifies] in the marine enviroment."

Alexandre Sheldon-Duplaix. A French naval historian who graduated from the Institut d'etudes Politiques des Paris. He was a researcher at the Service Historique de la Defence (viocennes) between 1989 and a teacher at the Military School. He worked at the Department of Defence between 1987 and 1999. Has written three books on submarines and aircraft carriers.

1100-1200hrs "Statistics on PAN observations."

Michael Valiant. Independent consultant/creator of the company Meta-Connexions. A graduate of Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, he is an independent computer consultant; and an expert in statistics.

1200-1300hrs. "Disturbing cases of Sigma 2 in France and around the world."

Luc Dini. Aeronautical construction engineer. Emeritus member of 3AF, and Chairman of the Sigma 2 Technical Commission on PANs.

1430-1500hrs. "The opinion of an astronaut on the question of UAPs."

Jean-Francois Clervoy. French astronaut/engineer, at the European Space Agency. Veteran of three space missions with NASA.

1500-1600hrs. "UAP Technology Assumption."

Philippe Guillemand. Physicist/Engineer at CNRS. Graduated from the Ecole Centrale a Paris and the Globe Institute of Physics. He is a doctor of radiation physics. 

1615-1645hrs "What signs of extraterrestrial life?"

Avi Loeb. Faced with the appearance of an unidentified celestial object named Oumuamu, Avi Loeb opens a scientific controversy by stating that it could be an artificial object designed by a civilisation outside the Earth. Currently Professor of Astronomy, Director of the Institute for Theory and Computation at Harvard University. Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 2012.

1700-1800hrs "Technological debris."

Jacques Vallee. Founder of Documentica Financial in Silicon Valley, a French-American scientist with training in astrophysics and AI. His research contributed to the creation of the first "social network" on the Internet as main investigator for DARPA. Co-founder of five international capital venture funds, including NASA's Red Planet Capital. His interest in the UFO phenomena and psychic research has led to a series of books and technical articles in several languages. He is the architect of the CAPELLA knowledge base, including 260,000 UFO observation reports for the AATIP classified project, revealed in 2021.

1800-2000hrs Roundtable.

Moderated by Jean-Pierre Troadec. Speakers will be: Alain Juliett (Senior Economic intelligence Officer) ; Alexandre Sheldon-Duplaix; Michael Valiant; Vincent Costes (Director of GEIPAN) and others. 


  1. Thank you Keith. Like Sigma 2!

  2. JV recently stated that there were to be UK officials attending the conference. Do we know who they are and what department is sending them?

    1. I cannot see any listed on the workshop schedule who are presenting papers. I read somewhere that 50 people are attending. So it could be that some of the non Presenters are UK officials.

  3. I have been studying the posibility that Ufos are a natural plasma phenomenon like ball lightning with a double layer and double charge. I call them electroballs. To my surprise it seems very useful to understand many of the weirdest ufos but also many other weird and paranormal phenomena linked to them. More researchers advance in almost the same direction. This is the web where it is explained this proposal:

    1. Thanks for this interesting information.

  4. "Jacques Vallee, founder of Documentica Financial..."

    The venture capital firm Vallee established with a partner was actually called Documatica Financial, LLC, started in March, 2005, and has since been dissolved (late 2019).



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