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James Oke Shannon and the EWD notes - a new interview with Shannon


Oke Shannon's name came to prominence with the unveiling of the document titled "EWD notes", aka "The Wilson/Davis document" in mid 2019. In these notes, purportedly written by physcist Dr. Eric Davis, was a description of an alleged meeting, between Davis and the past immediate (1999-July 2002) Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director, Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson, on 16 October 2002, in Las Vegas, USA.

The short version of the story contained in the notes, is that Wilson had learnt that a reverse engineering project, involving alien spacecraft, was hidden within an unnamed, private US aerospace company. Wilson denied that the meeting happened, and denied the central thesis about this purported program. 

The EWD notes

Oke Shannon's name is mentioned a number of times in the EWD notes.

"TW: I received phone call from Oke Shannon in Fall (Aug?) '99. Big Oke Shannon fan! Go back years in navy before Oke left for LANL."

"TW: Oke talked 2 hours. Wanted to convince me to talk to me (EWD) about what he told Will Miller ca. June '97 and April '97."

"TW: Oke told all about JA (don't trust JA, a liar!)

- Oke briefed me on the whole BDM thing - talked about RV program for 10 min

- Oke said I (EWD) was a team player."

"TW: Told Oke it's a bad time...said Oke too difficult to contact anymore - heard he was in and out of hospital - extremely sensitive to stress/ heart sick - bad news - tried calling: Linda takes messages but none returned. She doesn't want much on Oke's plate for fear ...didn't say yes or no to request - I will think on it."

"TW: Gave serious thought - recalled Oke's call in '99. Oke really supported me (EWD) - had good arguments."

"TW: I'm taking risk talking to you - but trust Oke's word and it is good with me - we should meet Oke together - face to face - but present health problems prevent that - too bad! - So I'll take risk with you."

Billy Cox

In a 11 July 2019 article, US journalist Bill Cox advised that he had located, and spoken, to Oke Shannon. Cox wrote "Shannon wasn't keen on an extended conversation." "According to one abbreviated web profile, Shannon is a Navy veteran who graduated from the Naval Academy in 1966, returned to earn a masters in nuclear physics 10 years later, and was a program manager at Los Alamos National Laboratory from 1988-2000."

"On the other hand, Shannon said he avoids The Great Taboo because of all the 'crazies' and 'hoaxers' and the danger these associations can work on a career. The idea that some people regard whoever's driving the phenomena as "space brothers come to save us is nonsense." And the F-18 video, he said, are lame evidence for unearthly tech."

About the EWD notes

"I don't know the provenence of that purported document - I don't know whether its real or not real," Shannon said. "Let's just leave it at the fact that I do know both of these gentlemen. Tom Wilson is an honorable man. And if this has embarrased Tom Wilson, I am really sorry." "

Billy Cox again

In another article, this one dated 10 August 2021, Cox advised that he had recently spoken to both Shannon and Wilson. "When contacted over the weekend about Wilson's confirmation that Wilson didn't know Oke Shannon, from well, Eric Davis, Shannon chose his words carefully. "I won't contradict anything the Admiral said," he responded from his home in Florida. "I really have no comment on the whole thing"...This time around, I asked Shannon if it was possible that he'd never met Admiral Wilson at all. Shannon preceded his pause with a chuckle,

 "Uhh. You know, you've heard the term 'no comment' many, many times in your reporting career." True enough. But I addded, you had no reason to fabricate your statement two years ago, and I just wanted to make sure I hadn't misquoted you. "Um. I know Admiral Wilson," he replied. "Or I did know him. I've been out of that world for, oh my gosh, two decades plus, so that's a past tense. I knew him." "

Further information

Shannon's LinkedIn page states that the attended the US Naval Academy between 1962-1966 where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Naval Engineering. Between 1973-1976 he attended the United States Naval Postgraduate School where he obtained a Masters in Nuclear Engineering.

Career wise. Between July 1988 and February 2000, he was at the Las Alamos National Laboratory TA-33 LANL Los Alamos, New Mexico  where he was Deputy Group Leader and Program Manager for Special Technologies (Retired.) Then between June 2002 to the present, he was a Managing Partner at Stryder LLC.

2022- Jay Anderson

Jay of Project Unity, recently, recorded and published an on-line interview between himself and Oke Shannon. The following is a transcription of the part of that interview which refers to the EDW notes. Thanks must go to Jay for his ongoing efforts to document the validity of these notes.

"JA: I would not expect you to be able to confirm the legitimacy of the transcript itself or whether the meeting actually took place, because the alleged meeting has nothing to do with you in a direct sense. However, your name is mentioned in these documents and so for the sake of clarification, I think it's important that we just get your side of this, on the record. So, I would just like to be able to ask you first of all, whether or not, you personally know Dr. Eric W. Davis?

OS: Yes. I didn't work with him day in and day out, but I did work with him, and I know him fairly well.

JA: May I ask how you first got to know him?

OS: In mutual projects. Mutual acquaintances. Meetings, things of that sort.

JA: And do you personally know Admiral Thomas R. Wilson?

OS: Yes, I do. But again, I know him; fortunately know of him. But I read somewhere that his response was "Oke, Who?" And, I thought that was kinda funny.  As I mentioned to you, I consider myself eminently forgetable. So, I'm sure that my memory of him is stronger than his memory of me; because he became a flag officer and I was off and did weird things on top of a mesa in New Mexico. So, and so, I would expect that he would not remember me as well as I remember him.

JA: Did Admiral Wilson get in contact with you in 2001 or 2002 enquiring into the background and overall trustworthyness of Dr. Eric Davis?

OS: Earlier than that.

JA: Earlier than that, my apologies.

OS: Well, we moved to Florida in 2000 and Linda is listening in the background, so if she can yell at me and tell me if I'm, wrong... 2001? 2001. I'd had an heart attack and actually died on the operating table, and had my own out of body experience by the way, ... but I was eventually forced to retire medically, because I could not get back in the saddle, even remote work; and I was at home; several complications out of that experience; out of that problem, kept recurring over the months. That was, like in May of 99 honey? 

LS: May 1999.

OS: May of 99. Throughout the summer I was having these other problems, cropping up for that; so I was at home. I was actually writing; trying to write a novel about the destruction of the twin towers and this was in 1999, and I had to trash that when it actually happened... But, I got this phone call; and it was from Admiral Wilson. He asked me; now this was not a short conversation, you know, I was recuperating. I was able to carry on this conversation on the phone, but I wasn't able to do much else at that point. And we had a discussion, and one of the things he wanted to know was; could he trust Eric Davis? And, I think he might have even mentioned Hal Puthoff, and one or two other people. And I mentioned that, yes I believed that Eric Davis was an honourable and conscientious scientist and that he would honor any restrictions the Admiral might put on him, and I thought it would be safe for him to contact him.

JA: Did he say at all, why he was seeking that background information during your conversation?

OS: No. He really didn't.

JA: No, but you did...

OS: Now to my memory. Not to my memory. I do not recall. I think I would recall that, if he'd said I wish to check on the Little Green Men; I would. ah, OK...

JA: He did call you up. He did ask about Eric Davis. And you did subsequently vouch for Dr. Eric Davis in response to his...

OS: [Indecipherable]

JA: ...Just one last question on these notes and to be fair you have already glossed over this, but I just want to get kind of, get it in a confirmatory statement. So in these notes that were recovered from Dr Edgar Mitchell's's mentioned within the transcript of that conversation, that you were difficult to get in touch with at the time because you were in poor health due to heart conditions and were not easy to get hold of. So, this is actually; this is true you were in of itself, that you were struggling with that?

OS: Yes. I was difficult to get in touch, and I might add to that I'm still difficult to get in touch with...."

An aside

One of the alleged participants in John Alexander's Advanced Theoretical Physics UAP study program in the 1980's, was Oke Shannon. 

My comments

1. So, in Oke's latest interview we learn that it was Admiral Wilson who called him to, amongst other things, discuss Eric Davis. This was almost three and a half years before the alleged meeting between the Admiral and Dr. Davis.

2. So, does this tell us anything about whether or not the meeting actually occurred? No. Does it tell us whether or not the EWD notes are a genuine record of the contents of such a meeting, if it indeed it occurred. No. However, it does increased the pressure on both Wilson and Davis, because the details regarding Oke Shannon, which are in the notes; have been confirmed as correct, by Shannon himself.

3. These matters are ultimately, unresolvable, unless either Dr. Davis, or Admiral Wilson, or both, come out and state that the meeting really did occur and that these notes are an accurate reconstruction of what was discussed. Of coures, there is always the remote possibility that members of the alleged involved aerospace company will come forward.

4. In May 1999, Dr. Davis was employed by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS). Jaques Vallee, in his Forbidden Science series of books was recording in his diary, things to do with NIDS. I checked his 1999 diary entries for any indication of what projects Dr. Davis was involved with during that year, for NIDS. I found nothing. 

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