Saturday, July 3, 2021

Undigitized UAP files in the National Archives of Australia

 Over the years, the National Archives of Australia (NAA) have made available, and digitized, close to 150 Australian government files dealing with UAP. For a list, click here.

A recent inspection of the NAA's database, RecordSearch, reveals that there are currently four relevant UAP files, undigitized. I will provide the details below, in case any reader wishes to pay the NAA to place them online for us all to read.

The newly available files

1. NAA file series C1342, control symbol 5/2/air part 8, titled "Unusual aerial sightings [RAAF Williamtown correspondence: box 3]. Held at NAA Sydney. Status - not yet examined. Barcode 24102990. Date registered 1 July 2020. Date range of file 1951-1987.

What is particularly interesting about this file, is that the date range commences in 1951. When the Disclosure Australia project ran between 2003-2008, seeking UAP files in the NAA, the earliest date range found was 1950-1955. This was NAA file series B5758, control symbol 5/6/Air Part 1, titled "Training Command HQ -report of unusual activity and aerial phenomenon." Status - open. Barcode 3083715. The NAA has a digitized online copy of this file.

The project found another early file, NAA file series PP474/1, control symbol 5/5/Air, titled  "RAAF Intelligence - Unusual Aerial Sightings - UFO." Held at NAA Perth. Barcode 1567731. Date range 1951-1957. The NAA Has a digitized copy of this file online.

So, given the scarcity of documents from 1951 it would be interesting to see just what early records are on this particular file.

2. NAA file series B610, control symbol 315/1/425 Part 1, titled "Airways Operations - Miscellaneous Rockets, Missiles, Space craft and UFOs, AO aspects." Status -not yet examined. Barcode 24947317. Date range 1979-1985. Registered in RecordSearch on 18 May 2021. Currently linked to agency CA8245 Department of Transport and Regional Development, Central office, and originally linked to Department of Transport, Head Office, agency CA1492.

3. NAA file series A9755, control symbol 23. Titled "RAAF Headquarters, 82 Bomber Wing, Amberley, Queensland, Unusual Aerial Sightings - Unidentified Flying Objects." Barcode 3533584. Date range January 1992 - April 1994. Status - open. Formerly file 5/113/Air part 11.

4. NAA file series A9755, control symbol 9. Titled "RAAF No. 92 Wing Headquarters, Edinburgh, South Australia. Unusual Aerial Sightings, Administration. Unidentified Flying Objects." Status - open. Date range January 1992 - April 1994. Barcode 3533451. Held at NAA Canberra. Formerly file 5/1/11 Air part 1. 

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  1. Congratulations Keith, your efforts over all these years have finally paid off! Australian files from 1971 acknowledge existence of a U.S gravity propulsion system reverse engineering program involving Teller, Oppenheimer and Wheeler and massive CIA disinformation campaign to discredit observations. Also admits non-human creators of the technology.
    Who would have thought Australia would lead the Disclosure!!!


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