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Did the U.S.S. Bainbridge have an encounter with a UAP in 2017? - ship deck logs checked

The Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies presentation

In an August 2019 presentation to the SCU, U.S. researcher Rich Hoffman mentioned that there had been two earlier alleged UAP encounters involving U.S. Naval ships. These ships were the U.S.S. Boxer, in 1998, and the U.S.S. Bainbridge in 2017. 

Other mentions of this was made on reddit/ufo; where a comment stated that "Note this was confirmed by Elizondo in this interview today" with another comment stating "Also note, that Elizondo acknowledged that he had heard of these encounters but did not confirm any details regarding said encounters."

Follow up

In March 2021, in attempting to follow up details of either ship's encounters, I contacted Rich Hoffman. I asked if he had any further details on the two events he cited, but he advised that he did not. He stated that the original source of his scanty information had been Luis Elizondo. 

I decided to see if I could locate relevant deck logs for the more recent Bainbridge encounter. But for what date in 2017?  U.S.S. Bainbridge (DDG-96) is a guided missile destroyer, with a home base of Naval Station Norfolk on the Atlantic coast of the U.S.A.

Deck logs

I reasoned that as all other U.S.N. ship encounters had been during training exercises that I would focus on those times for 2017. A search of the internet led me to choose three months of 2017, namely, June, July and October when the ship was definitively on exercises. So, in March 2021, I submitted an FOIA request to the U.S.N. for the Bainbridge's deck logs for those three months. 

On 17 July 2021, I received a final decision response to FOIA request DON-NAVY-2021-004939, and was granted copies of the deck logs with certain redactions (of the names of U.S.N. personnel.)The deck logs consisted of 760 pages. As you can imagine it took quite some time to comb through 760 pages looking for relevant details, such as whether or not observations of UAV/Drones etc. were recorded, or whether or not SNOOPIE teams were called out to make observations. 

What was the result?

I found no trace of any recording of the observation of UAV/UAP etc. in the deck logs. There were, however, numerous instances where the ship's SNOOPIE teams had been called out. I list these below:

1. 7 June 2017, 1745 hrs local time. "Away snoopie team away port side." However, this was during the time the ship was involved in a search and rescue and a yellow flotation device was observed.

2. 24 July 2017. 1500hrs. "Away snoopie team away port side."

3. 25 July 2017. 1413hrs. "Away the snoopie team: Gold team. MAN SCAT."

4. 26 July 2017. 1606hrs. "Away snoopie team (Blue team) VTBDVIDE."

5. 27 July 2017. 1437hrs. "Away snoopie team Gold team. Stbd. side."

6. 28 July 2017. 1213hrs. "Away snoopie team Gold team STBD side."

7. 29 July 2017. 1733hrs. "Away snoopie team away port side."

8. 20 October 2017. 1111hrs. "Away snoopie team stbd side."

9. 22 October 2017. 1825hrs. "Away snoopie team: Port side."


In short, if there was a UAP encounter by the U.S.S. Bainbridge in June, July or October 2017, the deck logs for June, July and October 2017 provide little information about it. Of course, if an encounter did happen during 2017, it might simply have been during one of the other nine months of the year. 

What we really need is further data on the event, starting with at least the month; then the relevant month's deck log could be FOId, as I already did for three months in 2017. Has any reader, any additional information which could assist us? The same goes, for the U.S.S. Boxer event, said to have happened in 1998. We lack the month it happened. To my knowledge no one has submitted an FOIA request for the Boxer's deck logs to see if the event can be confirmed. 


  1. Hi
    Sorry to not have information specific to this case. I wondered if anyone has done any work looking at the extent to which recent reports show a statistically significant temporal correlation with when ships are on training exercises? If they do then a second question as to spatial clustering in particular training areas as opposed to others might follow. Suspect we would need the full list of 144 cases referred to in the DNI report in June to even begin this, but there does seem to be a possible hint of a pattern at first sight…

  2. What about the 2019 incident described at

    SNOOPIE teams and 'UAVs' appear in the deck log

  3. A small contribution - 1/2
    The direct hit to the nail head.
    Contrary to what the news says, the SNOOPIE teams are far from being "a group of sailors with consumer-grade cameras", they are specialists in image and video capture, speedy interpretation, synthetic and efficient reporting, and document transfer. under emergency conditions.
    You will not find the details of their work in the ship deck logs, just because all the SNOOPIE team's record, it is confidential, everything, until it can eventually be released.
    The work of the SNOOPIE teams is reported to the ship's naval officers, from there it can reach the Pentagon and the President of the United States himself, and this happens with all Naval Forces in the world.
    The devices used by SNOOPIE teams, although the vast majority are commercially accessible, are expensive devices, generally + Pro and Pro, not counting naval optics and electro-optics such as deck binocular telescopes.
    Some approximation indicated in 2018 that the US Navy had in its fleet a minimum of 3,200 women and men within its SNOOPIE teams, operating image display and recording technology worth US $ 250 million.
    Multiply it by all the naval forces in the world, and then let's think a bit about the statement about "the need for sensors" to identify UAPs in the oceans.
    The human brain, trained for observation and recording, sometimes works better than any device.
    This also happens in space with astronauts, one of their tasks is the same:
    Far were the watchers in their crow's nest of the old wooden boats, essential to avoid crashing against the rocks and seeing the enemy in the distance.
    Now there is radar, and other little-known devices, but those do not "see", do not "interpret" and do not "examine" the target, that is what SNOOPIE equipment is for.
    Like this one on the USS Boxer:

  4. A small contribution - 2/2
    Or this one, from the Pentagon's DVIDS:
    Sure, you won't see its members running in every emergency, but here's a sample straight from the US DoD:
    The work, the vocation, of the SNOOPIE teams is not a hobby, but a part of the structure of information gathering and records of the intelligence system for the defense of the United States (and the rest of the countries), and according to someone said over there 98% of the material they produce is still confidential today.
    So the question is, from the USS Bainbridge did they see a UAP?
    It may be, but unfortunately you won't know it, and if someone ever gets to access the video image records (usually in HDV4K), they are sure to come across a 240 Pixel "release", such as the tic-tac that gave rise to all this.
    This always happens with intelligence and counter intelligence for defense, of all countries.
    Some interesting details from the SNOOPIE team, here:
    And something about the USS Bainbridge, just as a link so as not to extend myself further:
    So the direction for FOIA is the SNOOPIE team, by comparison the naval cells and what their eyes saw and photographed, as part of the great US NAVY organism.

    1. In your opinion, how many active image and video recording devices, and sensors, managed by the armed and security forces are there today in the world, with the ability to record anomalous events, and for what value?
      And your organization?

    2. It may be, perhaps an answer, the publication of September 11, 2013 on a website in the province of La Pampa, AR-Latam.
      Early in the past decade
      In those times this man tried to provide a vision of a scientific nature, not only to the "world" of UFOs-UAPs, but also to the ideological followers within governments and the armed forces.
      There is a lot of this between 2008 and 2018, and then just as he appeared, he disappeared from the public.
      In the post (link below) he talks about "billions" of devices, and he describes an initiative that at the time was strange to ufologists.
      Today everyone talks about improving technology, sensors, record quality and other things.
      In this case, what is described as "ModGen AE3L" (Anomalies and Events - Environmental, Biometric and Security Logs) is nothing more than an artificial intelligence module, which was already advanced in decades by 2013.
      Later nothing was known, but if the post is read well, it talks about technology adapted to the human, that is to say: to human use and knowledge, something that is also talked about today.
      An interesting fact to keep in mind, especially for this USS Bainbridge post, is that at least a dozen "ModGen AE3L" modules were put into operation in experimental mode in May 2015 (6 years ago) on various military ships around of the world in the hands of previously trained Snoopie's.
      These devices, each, according to a very acid post on Reddit from the end of 2015 (deleted later), had a value of US $ 3.3 million and operated in the Naval Forces of Argentina, Brazil, USA, Germany, India, and China among other countries.
      We may not have all the answers, but it is possible that someone has written a manual to ask the right questions, the important thing in the end is that each of us is willing, at least, to listen.

  5. The acronym SNOOPIE is relatively new, but the US Armed Forces took Snoopy, the character created by Schulz in the 50s, to several wars as his mascot, even Snoopy is the mascot of none other than NASA and there is a prize that is gives his name there, but this SNOOPIEs with their cameras is fantastic, I did not know the subject well, thank you !.

  6. From the fleet of ¿500? US NAVY ships, how many have encountered unknown objects? Another thing, do you have information to publish about the SPHERE or SPHERIC project, some ball-shaped marine drones looking for USPs?

  7. Dra. Silvina Herrera-GranadosJuly 29, 2021 at 7:38 AM

    Perhaps the organizations in the world that have many members and resources, like Mr. Sofía's, PhD Reggi´s or Ing. Escudero´s, should think that it can be good to finance those who, from applied science and research, try to make a high contribution in the study of UAPs.
    Why not fund scientists like those from TTSA, SCU, Galileo Project, CEFORA-VO, SIGMA2-3AF, MUFON, SETI, BAASS, TRIAD-RCF, NIDS, BESA Center, CACS, ATP Project, ADAM Research Project, Universities, Laboratories and others ?.
    Is it possible to find answers to this mystery?, Together?.

    1. Dear Silvina.
      Your list is non-linear, I know everyone's work, but I can only speak for myself.
      Our organization, in fact belongs to all our members, we always pay attention with eyes and ears wide open.
      The history of scientific research is written step by step, and always with exhausting solitary work, the answers are not in the last statement in front of the cameras.
      "Together" means respect, courtesy and honesty, taking risks for the other, and learning to avoid those who are only at their own game.
      Your question is good and timely, it should be answered by everyone.

    2. Kevin S..R. - VCA RAN ADOD C77July 31, 2021 at 8:32 PM

      Our Deep respect to you Mr Sofia.


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