Monday, October 28, 2019

"Gone fishing" - on a break

In September 2017, I wrote a blog post "How to Research the UFO Phenomenon and Stay Sane." I laid out my philosophy in eight points:

1. Have some guiding principles.

2. Tackle diverse research projects.

3. Read widely.

4. Don't separate research into UFOs, from research into the paranormal.

5. Take frequent breaks from research.

6. Reinvent oneself from time to time.

7. Publish your research findings.

8. Don't be afraid to respectfully disagree with other researchers.

I value those individuals who have contributed to this blog, by supplying leads to information; providing comments etc. I do also appreciate the opportunity to engage in peer discussion. However, it is time for me to take another break. So, as from 1 November 2019, I will not be publishing any new posts on this blog for the duration of this latest break.

The length of breaks has varied from three months to four years. After each previous break, I have returned refreshed, to the topic; with a clearer capacity to undertake research and again contribute to the debate.

I will catch up with you in due course. In the meantime please enjoy reading some of the other 1,051 posts on the blog.



  1. Keep this one closer to three months than four years please.

  2. Thank you for your valuable work!

  3. Take a good rest Keith! I’ll miss your regular blogs but totally understand ��

  4. Have a great break Keith, enjoy your time.

  5. Keith, I hope this wasn’t precipitated by your contretemps with Nolan on Twitter. You will be missed. I can only hope that disclosure quickens and causes you to return once more to the breach sooner rather than later.

    1. Hi anonymous, the issues raised by Dr Nolan were
      quickly resolved. My break has nothing to do with that
      matter, but thank you for checking.

    2. Thanks for all you've done. Yours is one of the most credible and responsible blogs out there. I'm hoping you will be back sooner rather than later. Cheers & best wishes!

  6. Huge respect for you, Keith. No amount of words of appreciation can be written that match the quality of your research.

    Totally understand the need to take a break. Just don't leave us hanging for too long...

  7. Enjoy your break Keith. We'll miss your prompting great discussion but will carry on!

  8. Dear Keith, have a refreshing break and come back rested and full of wits. Greetings from France


"Gone fishing" - on a break

In September 2017, I wrote a blog post "How to Research the UFO Phenomenon and Stay Sane."  I laid out my philosophy in eight poin...