Saturday, October 12, 2019

A third former BAASS employee spoke out in 2012


Recent posts have provided details of the testimony of two former Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) employees (click here and here to read,) both of whom worked on the Bigelow Utah ranch between 2010 and 2016. This has provided us with a perspective on the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) that we have not previously had.

However, a number of readers of this blog, including Di Irwolf, have reminded me that, back in 2012, an individual identified only as "Chip," had provided his own testimony about being a former BAASS security guard, at the Utah Ranch. Thus bringing to three, the number of such individuals who have come forward.

On 2 September 2012, The Paracast Internet radio show, carried an extensive interview with "Chip." The hosts of that show stated that they had checked "Chip's" credentials and that he wouldn't have appeared on the show unless they were satisfied he was who he said he was. For those blog readers who are time poor, I will provide my notes made after listening to the interview. However, I would urge you to take the time and listen to the complete interview.

In addition, based on the information which "Chip" revealed, I believe I have identified his name, but at this time, choose not to give it here.

His engagement at the ranch

"Chip"was recruited as a security guard for the Utah ranch, and spent a total of approximately eight weeks there, on and off for two weeks at a time. This was around 2009/2010. He was based in Las Vegas, and would initially be flown to the ranch. This practice then stopped, and he drove to the property in a hire car from Las Vegas, which was an eight hour trip. He had a secret, military security clearance.

BAASS did not provide him with much information about the ranch at all, when he went there to work. He was told that his role was as a security guard, patrolling and keeping people off the ranch.

Equipment wise, he was issued with a camera, night vision equipment and thermal imaging gear. He was told that if he felt anything different about his body, e.g. hair standing on end, that he should stop and immediately scan around with a thermal imager and night vision equipment, plus take photographs, "because there is an unexplained energy out there." Asked how many surveillance cameras there were on the property, "Chip" stated that when he was there, there were no working cameras.

Noting that he was engaged for just eight weeks, a show host asked "Chip" if the job was a short term hire only? "Chip" responded that "they did a mass hire, not just the guards. They hired investigators. They hired doctors. They had all sorts of, like, doctors. I mean nuclear physicists and all that."

In 2010, he said, they laid everyone off, stating that they had lost their contract.


Following up "Chip's" statement re taking photographs, one of the hosts asked him if anything showed up in his pictures? He said that he, and others, got things called "orbs" in photographs. They were said to be balls of energy, though he first thought they might be dust/pollen in the air. However, he noted that in a series of consecutive photographs, these orbs might show up in one picture, but not the next, and so he was unsure if it was dust/pollen.


He mentioned that they had three dogs with them. These were ordinary house dogs and not specially trained in any way. He said there were times when the dogs would unexpectedly start barking, or would just lie down on the ground. At times like that, he would take photographs. Although on such occasions he didn't feel anything himself at all; orbs would turn up in such pictures. To his knowledge, BAASS did not conduct any medical tests on the dogs.


"Chip" was asked if he had any interaction with BAASS scientists? He replied that scientists only came there once in his time on the ranch. To him, it just seemed like they were there simply to collect their pay checks and "figure out, go out and do this..."

Military visitors

Guest/host Ryan Skinner said he'd heard rumours about high ranking military people visiting the property, did "Chip" know anything about this? "Chip" responded that although military people had not visited during his times there, he was aware from talking to others, that high ranking military people had indeed visited the ranch. His recollection of what he was told, was that one was a general and there were three altogether, with one being female. There was an incident of some sort, and the military people freaked out. They "saw something." Freaked out, and asked to be immediately escorted off the property.

Medical tests

Ryan Skinner said he had heard that urine tests were conducted on people who had "experiences" at the ranch? Did "Chip" know of this? "Chip" confirmed that this was true. "They made you do a pee test. You had to pee in these little jars and you had to bring them back with you when you went out, after two weeks stay. You had to bring it down to Las Vegas where they had their little lab. I don't know what they did with it."

"They also had some guys, after they went through as security, guys that went to the ranch; a few guys that hadn't been to the ranch yet. They sent these guys, they paid for the trip, to Reno, on a weekend. Paid for the facility to be opened and did brain scans on all the individuals...MRI and they would not let you look at it. They said the only information you will get is if you have a brain tumour, or something life threatening you know, wrong with your brain and they'll give you some information on it..."

"It almost looks like we were the guinea pigs - they were testing us."


"They said we lost our contract and I actually saw some paperwork at the office in Las Vegas there. They were actually under contract by the government. All of our pay, everything..."

One of the hosts asked "What branch of government?" "Chip" replied, "The NSA."

At this point in the show, one of the hosts asked "Chip" if he could produce documents to prove he was actually employed by these people? "Chip" first answered, "Yes," then clarified whether the host "meant employed by NSA or BAASS?" Another host cut in and stated that "Chip's" credentials had been checked or he would not have been on the show. So the question of who "Chip" was ultimately through BAASS, employed by, was lost.


  1. To clarify Keith: Chip told me that he was being "paid by the NSA." I did not mean to cut in and end the conversation, if that is what you are implying, I simply re-stated that "Chip" had provided us w/ more than enough documentation to establish his claims of being a BAAS security worker at the former Sherman Ranch.


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