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TTSA - US Army Agreement - quantum communications, and camouflage

To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science

On 17 October 2019, the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science announced that they had entered into an agreement; to be specific,  "A Cooperative Research and Development Agreement" (CRADA) with the US Army's Combat Capabilities Development Command.

On 18 October 2019, US researcher John Greenewald posted a piece about this agreement, and in addition provided a PDF copy of the agreement, obtained from the US Army. John is to be congratulated for his quick investigative research on this agreement.

This blog post is about two specific items, mentioned in the CRADA, namely "quantum communications," and camouflage.

On  page 22 of the CRADA, Article D  is headed "Technical Tasks and Associated Resources." D1 Government Activity. "1. The Government is interested in a variety of the Collaborator's technologies, such as, but not limited to ... quantum communications..."

"D2 Collaborator Activity.
Collaborator shall...3. Provide the agreed upon materiel technologies for USG testing and evaluation...3 c) Quantum communication 1) Related research to-date on theories, studies, mathematical formulas, and prototypes 2) future developments, prototypes, and hardware associated with the specific quantum product."

What do we know of TTSA's work on quantum communications?

In one of TTSA's filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, there was a mention of plans for 2019 which included "continuing evaluation of quantum communication technology."

On 10 March 2019, Twitter user "dregs" posted a tweet which included a link to a relevant US patent application. This application, US20180062765A1, was submitted by Harold E Puthoff and Christopher A Eusebi, assigned to EarthTech International Inc, filed on 31 August 2016 and granted 23 July 2019.

The patent is headed "Communications system." The abstract reads:

" A communication system using vector and scalar potential is disclosed. The system uses field-free potentials signaling for many applications where the absence of shielding effects in sea water, plasma or other dense media due to the fact that the absence of (E,B) fields eliminates the possibility of induced charge and current response in the media being transited."

Under the section headed "Claims" on page 17 of the downloadable PDF is:

"What is claimed is:

1. A system for communication with a submarine disposed beneath saltwater:

An antenna disposed outside of the submarine, the antenna being configure to produce an EM field having a frequency greater than 100Mhz, said EM field having a vector potential A and a scalar potential phi;

A receiver disposed within the submarine, the received configured to receive the A and Phi fields and convert the A and Phi fields into an electromagnetic signal; and

A cooling system configured to cool a portion of the received to below liquid nitrogen temperature."

My comments:

1. The patent specifically speaks of a "system for communications with a submarine" under the water. What would be the interest to the US Army's Ground Vehicle Systems Center? I cannot see a connection.

2. The patent is assigned to EarthTech International Inc., and not the TTSA.


A second notable item in the CRADA is again be found on page 22, under section "D2 Collaborator Activity."

"Collaborator shall...
3. provide the agreed upon materiel technologies for USG testing and evaluation...
e) Active Camouflage and Directed Photon Projection
1) Projection system
2) Technology associated with these systems
3) Materiel projection surfaces
4) Proposed applications of these systems"

What do we know of TTSA's work on "Active Camouflage and Directed Photon Projection?"

A search of the TTSA's filings with the US government's Securities and Exchange Commission failed to locate any mention of "Active Camouflage and Directed Photon Projection." It appears that this particular project has never been mentioned by TTSA on any previous occasion, as far as I can determine. 

I did however, find a connection between the patent for quantum communication, and work on camouflage which would be relevant to the US Army's Ground Vehicle Systems Center. You will note above, that one of the names mentioned in the quantum communication patent was Christopher A Eusebi. Well, it turns our that Christopher A Eusibi is one of the to names on a patent concerning "System for producing camouflage pattern based on perception machine vision." 

Patent number 10282628, dated 7 May 2019, has an abstract with reads:

"A method and system for evaluating camouflage pattern with statistically significant effectiveness in various environments and for using a generic algorithm to produce an improved camouflage patterns."

However, I failed to find any mention of Eusebi and "active camouflage and directed photon projection." Hopefully, a reader of this blog post may be able to assist with further information.

Update 21 October 2019

Blog reader "aboveUAV" left a comment on the blog yesterday which provided additional insight. "above UAV" wrote, in part:

"The wording in section e has some striking parallels with the TTSA/TruClear partnership wording."

On 6 August 2019, the news section of the TTSA website announced that they had signed a "Cooperative Marketing Agreement" with a US company named TruClear Global.   Part of the TTSA announcement read:

"TruClear Global has developed an industry-leading proprietary technology platform for providing next-generation vertically integrated materials, hardware,software, data collection, and data analytics solutions for interactive imaging technology and immersive experience environments...TruClear's proprietary nanoscale material based optical and imaging systems...TruClear's proven track record as an industry leader in photon projection technology and adaptive optical sensor technology..."

The TruClear website also states, in part:

"Our proprietary range of Nano-Optical coatings creates a new marketing reality by making any surface an HD storytelling opportunity..."


  1. Hi Keith
    The wording in Section e has some striking parallels with the TTSA / TruClear partnership wording...

    'proprietary nanoscale material based optical and imaging systems'

    'leader in photon projection technology and adaptive optical sensor technology'

    'The TTSA/TCG relationship represents our joint efforts to continue to satisfy nuanced government and civilian markets through unique and groundbreaking technology'

    On the face of it, TruClear was/are not in the defence sector, that doesn’t mean that there are not applications in that space in conjunction with TTSA’s materials research portfolio.

    1. Hi above UAV, thank you for your perceptive comment. I will update my post with your observations.

  2. Thanks for this report. I found the original link from @__dregs__ with the link to the patent, and I'm wondering if you could add the link since I had to search to find it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kent, thanks for the link. I have added it to the blog post.

  3. Photons are the quanta which carry the energy in electromagnetic radiation. I wonder it what it is when they say they have a directed photon projection system.

    1. Hi Jim, to me, if I am reading it correctly, they can project advertising images onto any surface coated with their material. What that has to do with TTSA's mission, I don't know.

    2. Could be related to the idea of active camouflage and or invisibility cloaking. TTSA, taking cues from AATIPs 5 observables where low observability is "the future", would see their mission as being advocates of advancing this and seeing near term gains. One of the AAWSAP research papers was about invisibility cloaking which requires considerable research into materials to actualize the theory. We have hidden small objects in the microwave spectrum and have coated objects with metamaterials that defeat visible detection is some environments. See more here:

      After reading that I can see why TTSA would consider themselves part of this tech goal. Whether they (and their samples) really are a player is another question and whether we (the public) will ever know more about UFOs because of any success are all slim chances but perhaps some of the best we've seen in a long time.


    Puthoff has an even older patent application for the same thing.

    The vector and scalar potentials are REAL.

    This is the KEY to UFO technology.

    I explain how to manipulate the vector and scalar potentials to induce propulsion at the following link.

  5. If you want to go down an even deeper rabbit hole, check out this patent application by Puthoff and start investigating the collaboration he had with Kenneth Shoulders.

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  7. Research Earthlink and TTSA founder Puthoff, check his works/bio.


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