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BAASS - "the human body as a readout system"

KLAS-TV report

On 4 May 2018, as part of a Las Vegas KLAS-TV news report, by George Knapp and Matt Adams, on "a treasure trove" of Pentagon documents relating to the Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP,) the piece included the following:

"The agreement with DIA did not mention UFOs at all. It used more generic terms such a future threats and breakthrough technologies and specified 12 focal points including lift, propulsion, materials, versions of stealth as well as human interface and human effects, meaning Bigelow's team would study people who reported unusual experiences beyond seeing UFOs."

The successful company who were granted the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) AAWSAP contract was Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) of Las Vegas.

There was a hyper link in the online story to a "Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS." In full the statement read:

"Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS
By Caroline Bleakley
Updated May 04, 2018 05:28PM PDT

LAS VEGAS - BAASS broke new ground in professionalism by hiring, training and deploying 50 full-time staff comprising retired military intelligence and law enforcement officers, PhD level scientists, engineers, technicians, analysts, translators, and project managers to create the largest multi-disciplinary full-time team in history to investigate the UFO topic.

The investigation by BAASS provided new lines of evidence showing that the UFO phenomenon was a lot more then nuts and bolts machines that interacted with military aircraft. The phenomenon also involved a whole panoply of diverse activity that included bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and more. The exclusive focus on nuts and bolts machines could be considered myopic and unproductive in solving the larger mystery of UFOs.

One of the major successes of BAASS was in adopting the novel approach of utilizing the human body as a readout system for dissecting interactions with the UFO phenomenon. This novel approach aimed to circumvent the increasing evidence of deception and subterfuge by the UFO phenomenon in that multiple eyewitnesses co-located in the same vicinity frequently reported seeing widely different events. The evidence was multiplying that the UFO phenomenon was capable of manipulating and distorting human perception and therefore witness testimony of UFO activity was becoming increasingly trustworthy.

The BAASS approach was to view the human body as a readout system for UFO effects by utilizing forensic technology, the tools of immunology, cell biology, genomics and neuroanatomy for in depth study of the effects of UFOs on humans. This approach marked a dramatic shift away from the traditional norms of relying on eyewitness testimony as the central evidentiary arm in UFO investigations. The approach aimed to bypass UFO deception and manipulation of human perception by utilizing molecular forensics to decipher the biological consequences of the phenomenon.

The result of applying this new approach was a revolution in delineating the threat level of UFOs."

Defense Intelligence Reference Documents

As part of the AAWSAP, a series of documents were commissioned from a range of scientists, where each contributor was asked to prepare a paper on one aspect or another of the 12 focal points as defined in the DIA AAWSAP solicitation of August 2008. The DIA, in responding to an FOIA request submitted by Steve Aftergood, Federation of American Scientists, in a letter dated 16 January 2019 attached a copy of "the list that was recently transmitted to Congress of all DIA products produced under the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program contract." This list contained the titles and authors of 38 documents. Some of the documents have been publicly revealed in the format of Defense Intelligence Reference Documents, dated 2010.

One of the documents listed in the official DIA response was:

"Field Effects on Biological Tissues, Dr Kit Green, Wayne State Univ. (Product is classified UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY.)"

This document, to date, has not surfaced in the public domain, so we are unaware of its date or contents.

BAASS positions

By September 2008, BAASS were advertising for scientists in multiple disciplines including, in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, biological cognitive interaction, electromagnetic fields, and forensic pathology.

Three former BAASS employees

On 2 September 2012, the Paracast Internet radio show carried an extensive interview with an anonymous individual whom Paracast named "Chip." The hosts of the show stated that they had checked "Chip's" credentials and believed he was, who he said he was. "Chip" informed the audience that he was recruited as a security guard for the Utah ranch owned by Robert Bigelow, and worked there for a total of about eight weeks around 2009/2010. He stated that he held a secret, military security clearance. He described being told that if he felt anything unusual while at the ranch he should used supplied night vision; thermal imaging equipment, and cameras to record the event/after the event, "because there is an unexplained energy out there." His job ended when a US government sponsored contract ran out. "Chip" also told of producing periodical urine samples which went to a lab in Las Vegas. He was also aware that some BAASS security guards were sent to Reno for medical tests which included MRI. A direct quote from "Chip" is "It almost looks like we were the guinea pigs - they were testing us."

In July and August 2019, three episodes of the Internet radio show "UFO Classified" hosted by Utah researcher Erica Lukes, featured interviews with an individual named Chris J Marx, who Lukes had verified worked at Bigelow's Utah ranch between 2010 and 2016. He was recruited by BAASS following an interview. Marx revealed that he had a military background, and holds a secret DOD clearance. He stated that while employed at the Utah ranch, he was sent for a comprehensive set of medical tests in Reno. These tests included  urine, blood, ECG, EKG and MRI. He said these sort of tests were conducted at random intervals on him and others who served at the ranch. He was never made aware of the results of these tests.

On 20 September 2019, on another "UFO Classified" show, Erica Lukes interviewed an individual named Christopher Bartel. I have know, from publicly available LinkedIn website profile data that Bartel stated that he had been employed by Bigelow Aerospace. On the show he advised that he was in fact employed by BAASS as a security guard, and served on the Utah ranch between 2010 and 2016. Bartel stated he was ex USAF, had worked at the Nevada Test site, and was now privately employed. He told host Lukes that when engaged by BAASS he was told very little about the ranch, and provided with basic equipment; i.e. night vision equipment; thermal imaging gear and cameras. He also spoke about going to Reno to undergo medical tests including an MRI, the results of which he was never given.

Back to the BAASS statement

Included in the BAASS senior manager's statement above, was the sentence:

"The phenomenon also involved a whole panoply of diverse activity that included bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injury and more."

This list of aspects of the phenomenon, would fit exactly the range of unusual experiences reported to have taken place at Bigelow's Utah ranch, as described in the 2005 book "Hunt for the Skinwalker" by Colm A Kelleher and George Knapp (Paraview, New York), and by the above three former BAASS employees. However, BAASS undertook investigations in locations other than the Utah ranch, and so the list of aspects of the phenomenon may, in part, refer to these other locations, e.g. Bigelow's "other UFO ranch."  

National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS)

Robert Bigelow's NIDS placed scientific teams out at the ranch between 1996 and 2004. On page 144 of the, "Hunt for the Skinwalker," there appears:

"NIDS carefully investigated the wide variety of eyewitnesses to the incidents at the ranch and interviewed neighbors and locals who also experienced very similar events. Although in addition to psychological profiles, multiple discussions took place on the need to monitor stress hormones and other blood chemistry profiles of all researchers on the ranch, the initiative never went beyond the discussion phase."


The above pieces of information are like a jigsaw puzzle, where you don't know the total number of pieces; you don't know the picture which will be revealed after all the pieces are in place; and you can't be sure the pieces you have, belong to only one puzzle. More questions are raised, than have been answered. 


  1. After 72 years since the Roswell crash, how many aircraft, military bases or fort have been attacked by UFO ? But the military are (as always) thinking in terms of threat or weaponery progress. Of course need for knowledge is a natural tendancy in mankind but lack of high moral values as well.
    Are we doomed as a specy ?

    1. We have a variety of reports of animal AND human mutilation,intervention in human politics, violation of nuclear sites. Their approach is consistent with the techniques used by stealthy predators.
      Maybe we should consider that, like in the investigation of their "vehicles", we should change our approach also in the definition of how to fight and win a "war" with those entities.

    2. corvo, you have evidence of interference in politics? please tell me all about it.

    3. Define "evidence".
      e.g.: we do have better evidence of the "Others" interference than "Russian Meddling", however in politics what is "acceptable" to society has nothing to do with "reality".
      In the mind of most Americans "Russian Meddling" becomes a "Fact".
      Vallee' has long ago suggested that our approach to the phenomenon should take in consideration his active attempt to hide and mask himself, exactly like how a foreign power intelligence does.

  2. Great work on the documentation of these days. I applaud all who attempt to measure the paranormal. It’s not my personal favorite topic but always keep an eye open in case it does break some boundaries that connect to UFO observations.

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