Saturday, June 15, 2019

On the provenance of the purported Davis/Wilson document

A document comes to light

A document has surfaced, dated 16 October 2002, which purports to be a copy of a set of notes, (not a transcript as so many commentators are saying,) of a meeting, on that date, between Dr Eric Davis and US Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson.


The purpose of this post is to try and set out some known facts about the provenance of this document, and then make some informed deductions. I must firstly state, that I have not obtained any of these deductions from the anonymous source who advised me that he was the individual who supplied a copy of the set of notes, to which Grant Cameron has been referring. These deductions are purely mine, and based on public knowledge.

Known facts

After my first blog on the topic of this meeting, I received a blog comment from US researcher Richard Dolan which, in part, advised that:

"One important thing to add to your analysis is that I was shown two pages of that 15-page document back in 2006...I will never forget reading the statement 'not made by man - not by human hands'..."

The Davis notes, on page 13, contain the statement, attributed to a program manager, " was technology that 'was not of this Earth- not made by man - not by human hands."

So, here is someone who states they saw part of the notes back in 2006, four years after the purported meeting is dated. Dolan has declined to name the individual who showed him these two pages.

Next, Canadian researcher Grant Cameron, who came into possession of a copy of the notes in late 2018, says that he received a copy of the notes from an individual. I have been able to communicate with this individual and obtained a statement from them, which I recently posted in the first blog on this topic. This person advised me that they also, would not name their source of the notes.

In addition, in an interview on the Black Vault Radio show, dated 28 December 2018, Cameron said: "It's a transcript of an interview and the person who had it died, had the transcript, and it comes out of their files."


I am interested in determining the provenance of the notes back beyond my source. The following is my lines of reasoning for putting forward a potential individual's name, as the source of my source's copy.

1. Firstly, going back to the original 1997 Wilson meeting with UFO researchers. Excellent research by journalist Giuliano Marinkovic, has identified that the attendees at this meeting, were:

UFO researchers: Steven Greer; Shari Adamiak; Commander Willard Miller; Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin; Dr Edgar Mitchell.

Government: Admiral Thomas R Wilson; Lieutenant General Patrick M Hughes; Admiral Mike Crawford.

[Source: A privately circulated document, titled "Forsaken Poseidon: Anatomy of the USG UFO SAP Infrastructure," compiled by Giuliano Marinkovic, 2019.]

2. I asked my source, if he had ever met Dr Edgar Mitchell? He replied that he had met him briefly, on several occasions. However, "that the Edgar Mitchell meetings may have nothing to do with the source of the documents." I thought that this wording was odd, "may have nothing," not "didn't have anything."

3. I noted Grant Cameron's audio statement: "It's a transcript of an interview, and the person who had it died, had the transcript, and it comes out of their files."

4. I understand that my source has in fact revealed to Grant Cameron, but not to me, the source of their copy of the notes. On 13 June 2019, on his Face Book page, Grant Cameron posted an unusual link to an old document. It was based on a radio interview which was broadcast on the Australian Broadcasting Commission's network, back in 2008. It featured some claims by Dr Edgar Mitchell in relation to information he had obtained from unnamed sources; and some comments by myself.

To my knowledge, no-one has circulated a link to this 2008 ABC interview, since I did the interview in 2008. It is so obscure an item that most people have never heard of it. The text, by Cameron, which accompanied the link, simply said "The following article is about to come into play." To me, it seems to point to what is clearly an important piece of information, to Cameron. The individuals named in the article are Dr Mitchell and myself. I suggest that Cameron is pointing to Dr Mitchell. Why?

5. Dr Edgar Mitchell was on the Science Advisory Board of the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) when Dr Eric Davis was a NIDS employee, and thus were well known to each other.

6. Dr Edgar Mitchell, who passed away in 2016, is central in all of the above information.

My current hypothesis then, is that the source of my source's copy of the notes, was  from the files of Edgar Mitchell.

Confirmation sought

Before publishing this post, I forwarded a copy of a draft of it, to both my source, and to Grant Cameron, and sought their comments on it.

My source responded almost immediately, with a "no comment."

Following my email to him, Grant Cameron then posted the following on his Face Book page.

"For some time now Richard Dolan has encouraged me to become involved in the story of the two recently leaked UFO documents. I have resisted but Monday morning I will enter the game and make a posting.

I will post a third document that will begin to explain where these documents came from and what is going on."


  1. Nice job - bring on 'Monday morning'.

  2. Insomnia lead me to this...

    1. Just because he didn’t reveal his source doesn’t meant it isn’t fact, the top researchers in the UFO field won’t reveal their sources and why would they if the source has asked to not be named.. in the end you have to trust the credibility of the researcher cause we’ll never get the evidence/facts we want when it comes to UFO leaks.

  3. Things are about to get very real......and it's about it time.

  4. Things are about to get very real......and it's about time.

  5. Great. maybe now people will look into Dr. Anthony Peratt. He is key to a lot.



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