Sunday, June 30, 2019

To The Stars Academy's new mobile app to be named SCOUT- some details

The To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science (TTSAAS) has been filing regular reports with the US Securities and Exchange Commission  I previously reported on some interesting information in their 30 April 2019 filing, in a blog post dated 10 May 2019.

New filing

On 3 June 2019, TTSAAS filed an "Offering circular" for up to 6,000,000 shares of class A common stock at $5 a share. As part of this filing, there was an accompanying summary, which in part advises of the company's recent and future activities. Included there was:

"The Company's Science Division is a theoretical and experimental laboratory...Through its Advisory Board TTSAAS has access to world-renowned scientists with advanced knowledge to pursue the company's commercially viable research projects in the near-term, including quantum communications technology, the A.D.A.M. (Acquisition & Data Analysis of Materials) Research Project, and THE VAULT (formerly the Community of Interest ("COI"), an artificial intelligence empowered database to be housed in a new mobile application called SCOUT (Signature Collection of UAP Tracker.)"

My comment:

In my 10 May 2019 blog post, I noted the reference to a mobile app. However, at that time the name of the app was not mentioned. Now we know it is to be named SCOUT.

Later in the statement, there is mention:

"Wherever possible we will translate our unique knowledge into a medium that we can responsibly share with our customers and community. This could be accomplished in various ways providing access to a robust database like the THE VAULT, by educating government policy makers so that they can influence changes in official Department of Defense policy like the Navy's recent new guidelines for reporting UFOs, and through informed entertainment media like the docu-series, working title the UNIDENTIFIED: Inside America's UFO Investigation."

Future goals

Under "Our future goals" we find:

"Launch mobile application SCOUT to house THE VAULT, allowing users to access and track data on the move in addition to allowing each user to view each other's contribution and documents posted by TTSAAS."

On page 19, there is further information:

"In furtherance of this plan, in April 2019, TTSAAS acquired the mobile application, social media accounts, website and all intellectual property of Project Capture. Project capture was designed to extract data from reports directly input by users, and serve as a host not only for sophisticated reports, but media content as well. Project Capture was designed with public participation of data collection in mind, which is directly applicable to company's plan for SCOUT. The company is in the process of updating and rebranding Project capture to SCOUT (Signature Collection of UAP Tracker.) 

The SCOUT mobile application will enable data collection directly from the public that will contribute to THE VAULT. SCOUT will allow users to access, track and view other users' data  contributions as well as information published by TTSAAS. We plan to allow data transmissions from larger databases such as the U.S.government, and foreign governments in the future. SCOUT will be made available to the public through the iTunes app store and Google Play later in 2019."


  1. I wonder how they plan on keeping false info from being entered into Scout/Vault?

  2. I bet it won't. the idea is to have a large data set to conduct research. developing tools to discriminate from authentic info from false would require both.


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