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The "Alien Autopsy Memo" - An alleged 2001 National Institute for Discovery Science document surfaces


I have recently been taking a look at the National Institute for Discovery Science, (NIDS) which Las Vegas business man Robert Bigelow created in the mid 1990's; as reported in Jacque Vallee's latest book "Forbidden Science: Volume Four." This provided a great insight into how NIDS operated.


The other day, on 4 June 2019, a document surfaced on which purports to be a memo from former NIDS staffer Dr Eric Davis, addressed to Bob Bigelow, dated 23 March 2001. I will scatter the eleven page memo throughout this post, so readers will have the original source document to review.

The memo is titled "Kit Green's professional evaluation of the 'Alien autopsy (from the Roswell Incident) Film/Video' and other related information."


Amongst the text in the memo, is information about a number of briefings which were attended by Green:

"Briefing #2: Unofficial briefing at the Pentagon ca 1987/88. After Kit left the CIA he was called into the Pentagon by a person in uniform. This person showed Kit the alien autopsy photos and reports etc. The photos of the alien cadaver Kit saw were consistent with the cadaver seen in the 1995 Santilli film/video. Kit was asked to professionally evaluate the material provided to him at this particular briefing."

"Briefing #3: Official briefing at CIA Ca 1991/92. While at General Motors, Kit was called into the CIA. The CIA people wanted his medical/forensic pathology expertise to examine and analyze some autopsy reports. The nature of these reports was left ambiguous during the briefing, but Kit was fully expecting them to be the alien autopsy reports he saw in briefing #2. But then no action took place after this briefing occurred and Kit was left hanging."


The document contains an email dated 5 August 1999 from Green to Puthoff which includes the words"

"Yes, I have read autopsy reports...I thought I had discussed with you and Jacques in San Diego in the fall of 1988."

I wondered if the "Jacques" here was Jacques Vallee, and if so, had Vallee mentioned anything about alien autopsies in either "Forbidden Science: Volume Three," or "Forbidden Science: Volume Four"?

From "Forbidden Science: Volume Three."

23 June 1985

Regarding Richard Niemtzow. "His ambition is to be the first physician to uncover the existence of Aliens, and he dreams of the day when the first alien autopsy report can appear in a medical journal. He is in touch with Leonard Stringfield who promised to introduce him to a doctor who had done such an autopsy, so he mentioned the conversation to Kit, who got angry at what he saw as his naive acceptance of the claims.: 'Tell Stringfield to drop the whole thing!' Kit told Richard."

4 December 1988

Re the "Cover-Up" TV program and speaking about Fred Beckman. "He has spoken at length on the telephone with Hal Puthoff, who reportedly hinted that his high contacts were convinced of the genuine nature of the photos."

29 January 1989

Valle speaking to Kit Green. "How are you doing with your investigation into alleged autopsies...The doctor you heard about?"

Green. "It turns out the doctor in question exists: indeed he was hired by the Government for consulting work, but he never did any autopsy. He only reviewed some alleged results consistent with reports dating back to Leonard Stringfield, stating that the aliens had two floating ribs in their chests. He's a thoracic surgeon with all the right clearances. He spent a month somewhere on a highly classified project. Now my guys are trying to find out if he's really getting a monthly check from the US Treasury."

15 February 1989

Speaking about Richard Niemtzow. "When the conversation turned to the possibility that the U.S. was hiding Aliens in its freezers was surprised to find him ready to believe the undocumented anatomical descriptions circulated by Stringfield.

Richard assures me he was once within one phone call of a doctor who had done an autopsy of an alien. Of course 'being within one phone call' means nothing: as Kit had told me, the doctor in question had not done an autopsy, but was  only asked to review the alleged results, quite a different thing."

15 April 1989

Vallee meets Green. "The doctor who is said to have reviewed the alien autopsy data is a Dr Crowley, a thoracic surgeon who  lives in Lancaster near Los Angeles. But it turns out he isn't receiving a monthly check from the government, after all. Again, who is lying?"

13 June 1989

Vallee. "I have tracked down Len Stringfield, who has been researching the 'dead Alien' angle for 12 years. He confirmed to me that in 1978-79 he was in touch with two doctors who allegedly did some autopsies, but he's unable to get anything from them anymore. 'They're retired and they just won't talk,' he told me."

5 July 1989

Vallee talks to Kit Green. ""By the way I asked him, 'you never did tell me what got you interested in these rumors about Alien bodies in the first place.'"

'It goes back to the seventies,' he answered. 'When the first alleged autopsy pictures came out, all that stuff by Len Stringfield.'

The pictures turned out to show bodies In coffin-like boxes with wires and pipes running into them, a bad joke."

30 July 1989

Vallee and Niemtzow speak about Valerie Ransone, who was mentioned in a conversation with Kit Green where Niemtzow mentioned Ransone.

Niemtzow. "'When I revealed to Kit, over lunch, that I knew her affiliation, he practically chocked on his lunch. He told me never to mention her again at the restaurant. I've only had that reaction from him twice in all the time I've known him.'

'Let me guess: the other time was in connection with Len Stringfield and the doctor who had done the autopsy, I suggested.'


9 October 1989

Valle writes. "There's nothing new with Dr William Crowley, of Lancaster, who was alleged to have preformed autopsies on Alien bodies. Kit points out again that the man is not a pathologist, therefore he could not have done such procedures himself, anyway, but he may have been asked to provide expertise as a thoracic surgeon who was also a cleared Air Force consultant. The autopsies are said to have been performed In the basement of the Guggenheim Foundation in New York city."

"Forbidden Science: Volume Four."

26 August 1990

Vallee writes. "Today a man named Armen Victorian called from England...The caller...started going down a list of topics that included Alien autopsies, various doctors (he mentioned a Dr Crowley)..."

10 April 1992

Kit Green says: "Yet I've never seen anything biological that was anomalous."

26 February 1994

Vallee talks with Robert Emenegger. Vallee: "I mentioned the absurd new yarn of Hynek witnessing autopsies. more disinformation, we agreed, managed from Washington. 'Something like that happened to me too,' he said, "I had a meeting at my home with a Colonel Phil 1947 three things came across his desk: a bad photograph of an autopsy of what looked like Aliens..."

17 January 1995

Vallee writes. "Messages on the Internet propagate a new meme from England. It was initiated three days ago by Reg Presley, lead singer of the rock group The Troggs: he claims that a videotape has been discovered, showing the autopsy of an Alien at Roswell. He said there were fifteen such videotapes, totalling 150 minutes of footage, dated 1947. The media aren't buying it. Videotapes had not been invented in 1947."

13 March 1995

Rumors from Fred Beckman, that while in Brazil, "the military down there showed you some films of alien autopsies...they think you saw the same films that surfaced in England..." Vallee thinks the rumors are a joke.

7 October 1995

Vallee was at the Omega Communications Conference. "I saw...Stanton Friedman...He expounded on the alien autopsy 'film,' taking it at face value, although of course there's no film, only a video."

3 February 1996

Vallee was at a NIDS Science Advisory Board meeting in Las Vegas. "In other words, we only work on what we choose to work on; we don't drop everything just because someone shows up with a film of extraterrestrial autopsies..."

1 April 1996

Hal Puthoff and John Alexander interview Phil Corso. "Corso claims that he was given...various autopsy reports from Walter Reed Hospital."

3 May 1996

Vallee interviews Corso. Corso says "We had autopsy reports from Walter Reed."

"What did those say?"

"The beings had scaly skin. Their brains had two frontal lobes. By the way on the autopsy movie the brains do have these extra lobes. And the double eyelids. ..."

"Anything else?" John asked.

""They had atrophied sex organs."

13 January 1997

Vallee writes. "Colonel Corso called me at home this morning...he appears troubled by the fact that the analyzes he saw, reportedly coming from Walter Reed Hospital were very superficial and 'just didn't seem right.'"

7 September 1998

Vallee. "When I heard...that a new television program would soon describe in detail the 'Alien autopsies of the KGB,' I did feel like throwing up."

My comments

1. Concerning the Green/Puthoff email, dated 5 August 1999,  reference to "Jacques" and "fall of 1988." I cannot find any matching details in Vallee's diary entries for that time period.

2. Likewise, I found no mention of a 1987/88 briefing of Kit Green's "alien autopsy photos and reports etc" in Vallee's diaries.

3. In addition, I found no reference in the diaries, to a Kit Green CIA briefing in 1991/92.

4. There are various references in both volume three and volume four, where Kit Green and Vallee talk about the subject of alien autopsies, but nothing seems to match the details given in the memo.

5. In summary, Vallee's diaries are silent on the topic of Kit Green's briefings, as discussed in the 2001, Eric Davis to Bob Bigelow, NIDS memo, that appeared recently.

Update: 6 July 2019

There are a few unfamiliar names mentioned in  this document, so I undertook a little research to determine who they were.

1. Jim Westwood

I found a reference to a James Westwood in Vallee's "Forbidden Science: Volume Four" page 438, with an entry dated 1 January 1999. Here Vallee wrote:

"Bob got even angrier when he realized that Bob Wood was analysing the MJ-12 documents, but Wood had suggested that NIDS sponsor his effort, only to be rebuffed. Actually, Hal hired James Westwood, former CIA expert on fake Soviet documents who had created similar fakes for disinformation. He paid him to bring his services to Bob Wood's project. 'Jim's verdict was that the "Eisenhower briefing document," cornerstone of the UFO coverup argument, had all the earmarks of a fake, an American disinformation document once meant to fool the KGB.'"

2. Bill McGarity

Paragraph four on page two of the document, mentions a Bill McGarity as contacting Phillip Mantle re the alien autopsy film, so who was McGarity? The same paragraph mentions that "...and Bill McGarity when Bill came to visit us in June 2000."

I found an online website which provided a resume for one Thomas W McGarity, who worked (up to at least January 1998) at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The reason that I think this is the correct Bill McGarity, is that John Alexander, NIDS employee, worked at that Laboratory after he left the Department of Defense.

3. Kristin B Zimmerman

On page 10 of the document, there is an email, #4, dated 5 August 1999, which mentions a Kristin B Zimmerman. Who is this? In addition, on page 11, the email dated 1 August 1999, which is from Hal Puthoff to Kit Green, starts off "Kit, Kristin."

On page 293 of Vallee's "Forbidden Science: Volume Four" he mentions a "Kristin" as being the life partner of Kit Green, and mentions that she worked at General Motors, the same firm Kit Green then worked for. In addition, on page 325, Vallee mentions that Kristin and Kit were married in January 1998.

An Internet search on the name Kristin B Zimmerman turned up the following information. Kristin B Zimmerman worked at the General Motors Research and Development Center between 1993-1997, in the area of advanced engineering and design. In 1999, she founded Med:For Inc., a consulting firm spanning forensic medicine (Kit Green's area of expertise) and engineering mechanics.

Update 15 July 2019

US Researcher Richard Dolan, advised on a message on his website, that he had been in communication with Dr "Kit" Christopher Green. Dolan stated:

"One thing that I think is very important, and I don't think that Dr. Green would object to me saying this is that he "absolutely" confirms the authenticity of the eleven-page "alien autopsy" email that was leaked in June...the other fact of note at the present time is that he emphatically does not believe the being in the Santilli film is an alien."


  1. Hey Keith, you might want to look at this
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    1. Hi randomUFObuff,

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  2. It's 15 pages. At page 11 there is a semi obscure prompt for 4 more pages.


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