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'Patient died 2 weeks later' - EarthTech and Kit Green's work

Jay 09784691

On 8 August 2018, Twitter user @Jay09784691 tweeted 'Would be interesting to see more of this Project.' The project referred to was from @haroldputhoffcompany; EarthTech International Inc.

Jay's tweet has an associated image, which appeared to be a scan of a cross section of a brain. The image had text which read: 'Patient 1 month following near-field exposure to unidentified aerial craft at 500 meters. Patient died 2 weeks later.'

I accessed the EarthTech website on 9 August 2018 and confirmed that the same image and same associated text were in fact present on the Life Sciences section of the website.

Within a couple of days, this image and its associated text were no longer present. However, the larger volume of text was still intact. I will details what this says, later in this post.

Communication with Twitter user @Jay09784691

I posed a number of questions to Jay, who kindly consented for their responses to be included below.

Q1 'How did you come to be browsing the EarthTech website at that time?'

A1 'I've been following the activity of people involved with TTSA, so the obvious links to Hal Puthoff led me to his company's website. I tend to use a combination of logic and instinct to find the material that I'm posting to Twitter. After the significance of the find from Mellon's website, I thought I'd next dig into Puthoff's. I suspect there's a lot more out there, only I figure anyone involved may have been asked to check their relating websites and remove any significant postings anyway, as some people may be digging around.

I fully support TTSA and think they're doing a wonderful job. I suspect they have a list and calendar for items they're disclosing in a slow and steady manner as a way of acclimatising people to the subject. It's possible that people digging about may be accelerating their  schedules more than they'd like. So I'm worried about frustrating them, obviously, but find it all too fascinating! I wouldn't disclose anything said to me privately if said with some level of trust.'

Q2. What did you think was the significance of the image of a brain scan that you found there?

A2.'I guess the obvious answer is the reference to "unidentified aerial craft." Then the significance of the brain scan which looks like its had some serious damage to the same part that Nolan/Green are also investigating, but I may be drawing parallels where there aren't any. Also Annie's book was suggesting that both are looking into people with some exposure to these things, so again I'm drawing parallels.'

Q3. 'At that point were you aware of the work in this area undertaken by Dr Christopher (Kit) Green?'

A3. 'Reading through books and postings to scientific journals mostly. I think the guy is very rare in that he has both a logical and creative brain. Check out some of his paintings on his personal website. He clearly has talents in both areas and is perhaps the most important person to follow. Although highlighting this may make him regress a bit from the spotlight (which I really hope  doesn't happen.) It seems like some of his more significant work tends to go largely unnoticed due to the scientific nature and wording. Luckily for me I read this kind of literature as part of my day job and have to make distinctions and try to interpret these texts.'

Q4. 'When did you become aware that EarthTech had removed the brain scan image?'

A4. 'Upon reading this email from you...'

EarthTech Life Sciences webpage

Besides the image with its text, the Life Sciences page had its own text, which read (and still reads):

'An important direction of IASA for the past decade has been the Emergent Life Sciences. Specifically, our network of forensic physicians and clinical specialists in Genomics, Immunology, Neurology, and Neuroimaging have served clinical translational medicine research sponsors.

Our Goal: The forensic diagnosis of enigmatic illness, treatment, protection and improved patient well-being using the latest Neurosciences and Genomics.

Institute medical scientists have mapped emergent evidence of correlations between energy science and the life sciences in discovery of new injury diagnostics, after patients have been exposed to unusual near-field anomalous effects believed related to advanced or experimental propulsion, or unknown devices under test and evaluation.

Current client interests include:

* Human Effects from Mixed Beam RF mm-wave, Tetrahertz and Gamma radiation

* Interaction of novel energy and propulsion systems causing both Epigenetic injury and Central Nervous System pathology

* Studies of brain biomarkers and related heritable DNA relating to high performance cognition, learning and intuition when under stress.'

Annie Jacobsen

When I read the above text on the EarthTech website, it first took me back to a blog post dated 7 April 2018, written by my co-blogger Pauline Wilson, about the work of Dr Christopher (Kit) Green as outlined in Annie Jacobsen's 2017 book 'Phenomena.'

Image courtesy of Amazon Books

Jacobsen interviewed Green about his work. The following are extracts from this interview:

'"I'm interested in the notion of people injured physically by anomalous events" said Green. "Often these events are perceived as [involving] unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, drones, high energy radio frequencies that confront people face-to-face and cannot be explained."' (P.396.)

'In 2005, he began working on a research project to address this enigma. He began creating "a structured database of individuals that were suffering enigmatic injuries, burns, skin lesions, cancers, diseases - and who had also had face-to-face encounters with UAPs," says Green.' (p.396.)

' 2007, Green took this research project from academic to operational, "I began performing much pro bono work ...forensic investigation and diagnosis of patients injured by multiply witnessed physical anomalous events with UAPs drones and other visible physical devices." ' (p.397.)

'Green accepted his patients carefully. "They are all high-functioning individuals, many prodigious savants, most of whom carry a high security clearance," he says. "They are members of Special Forces, members of the intelligence community, employees of aerospace companies, officers in the military, guards of military bases, policemen...Common injuries are from something that is airborne. [Something] that emits some kind of a light or a beam. Some orbs..." At present he has more than one hundred patients.' (pp397/8.)

''"Twenty-five percent of my patients die within five to seven years of my diagnosis, and I have no idea how any programs I knew about years ago can do these things," Green says.' (p.398.)

'To advance his hypothesis, based on the demography and high-functioning of his patients, Dr Green teamed up with the Nolan laboratory at Stanford University, run by Garry Nolan.' (p.398.)

'"I have met and worked with many of Kit's patients," Nolan confirms,...These people were injured...he agrees with Kit Green  that in many cases it looks as if it is an electromagnetic field  of some sort.' (p.398.)

My comments

1. You can see that the wording on the EarthTech website, it is discussing the same work as that described by Kit Green.

2. When Green refers to "Often these events are perceived as [involving] unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs, drones, high energy radio frequencies that confront people face-to-face and cannot be explained," it is interesting to note that he separates UAPs from drones from high energy radio frequencies. Is he suggesting that the effects he is seeing are being generated by both UAPs and drones? 

3. Who refers his clients to him? They are said to be "...members of Special Forces, members of the intelligence community, employees of aerospace companies, officers in the military, guards of military bases, policemen..." This is a wide range of professions. How do these individuals find their way to Green?

4. A search of the scientific literature fails to find peer reviewed Journal articles on this work of Green's. 

Other references

1. The 18 August 2008, Defense Intelligence Agency, solicitation number HHM402-08-R-0211 for the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program, in part read:

'The contractor shall complete advanced aerospace weapon system studies in the following areas...10. human effects...'

What human effects?'

2. At the June 2018 Las Vegas, SSE/IRVA conference, Hal Puthoff gave a presentation titled 'The Dod's UAP Program: The Back Story, The Forward Story.'  At one point during the presentation he spoke about the 1977/78 Brazilian's government's 'Project Prato,' which documented a large number of observations, and apparent human effects.

He stated '...looked at some cases...Brazil. In 1977/78...a lot of medical injuries. This is a list of the different kind of medical injuries that occurred when people encounter these craft at close range, and it has  some overlap with cases that were investigated during the program, of injuries occurring.'

Have any blog readers come across any recent additional information about either Kit Green's work, or that of EarthTech, in this area?

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