Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Reference to the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program found in a 2018 issue of the US 'Congressional Record.'


In a blog post dated 28 June 2018, titled 'New US congressional hearings on UFOs?' I brought together several pieces of information which suggested that at least one US Congressional Committee (and maybe more than one) was looking at conducting hearings on the topic of UFOs, stimulated by the news about the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program/Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AAWSAP/AATIP.)

In that blog post, I suggested three possibilities for which committees might be involved:

1. The House of Representatives Armed Services Committee.

2. The House of Representatives Science, Space and technology Committee.

3. The Senate Armed Services Committee.

New research

Recently a group of collaborating researchers, composed of Roger Glassel from Sweden; Curt Collins from the USA; Paul Dean from Melbourne, Australia, and myself from Adelaide, South Australia, have been following up on this subject area. The group has found a very interesting item, in the US 'Congressional Record.' 

The 'Congressional Record' is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress, published by the United States Government Publishing Office.

Volume 164, Number 56, dated Monday, April 9, 2018 of the 'Congressional Record'  page H3062 included the following text:

'4381. A letter from the Chief, Congressional Relations Division, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Defense, transmitting a list of all products produced under the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program contract for the Defense Intelligence Agency to publish; to the Committee on Armed Services.'


The Team's understanding, is that this means that the reference to 'Committee on Armed Services' is to the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee. Does this mean that there was a presentation of some kind around April 2018? Are these 'products' back in the 2007-2012 era, or later? Was this a review brought about by the New York Times article of 2017? The finding of this item just raises further questions.

House of Representatives Armed Services Committee's subcommittees

There are seven sub-committees, which are:

* Military Personnel

* Oversight and investigation

* Readiness

* Seapower and Projection Forces

* Strategic Forces

* Tactical Air and land Forces

* Emerging Threats and Capabilities

Given that the AAWSAP/AATIP speaks to the question of 'emerging threats' and 'capabilities' it would seem reasonable to ask what the Emerging Threats and Capabilities subcommittee does?

The relevant website states that:

'The Emerging Threats and Capabilities subcommittee is responsible for overseeing Counter Terrorism programs and initiatives and counter proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Additionally, the subcommittee overseas US Special Operations Forces, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), information technology and programs, force protection policy and oversight and related intelligence support, it makes sure that our nation is protected against terrorist attacks and unconventional threats.'


The full House of Representatives Armed Services committee, and subcommittees hold 'hearings' to gather evidence for debate and discussion. These hearings are listed on the committee's website. Nothing immediately stands out in reference to the AAWSAP/AATIP in the period January 2018 till today. 

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 

Based on this new information, a request under the US Freedom of Information Act, has already been submitted to the Defense Intelligence Agency. We have asked for both a copy of the letter referred to, and also a copy of the list of all products produced by the program.

Is there another congressional committee looking at the subject matter?

It is common knowledge that a US Navy witness to the 2004 USS Nimitz 'Tic tac' case has been invited to speak before another congressional committee, other than the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee. In deference to the fact that this discussion may not have yet taken place, we will not name this other committee.

However, this means that at least two US congressional committees may have already taken, or may still be taking, or will shortly be taking, evidence from a variety of individuals who have some knowledge of  the subject of UFOs in general, and more specifically work undertaken by the AAWSAP/AATIP.


  1. I have the email from Kirk McConnell confirming the Senate Armed Services Committee is interviewing all known to be involved with the Nimitz incident.

  2. The wording "Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program" is interesting as it's the same that Reid used in his letter on the second paragraph, which looked like a typo (like AAITP after it), especially since that extra "and" in the middle wasn't in the attachment page of his letter. Might indicate some relationship to that letter.

    It's also interesting it mentions AATIP "contract", while Reid mentioned it's a nickname. I would like to know if there even was a contract with that name.

    1. Hi Parabunk, Precise wording is always difficult to achieve. So, the following is my understanding so far. We have the August 2008 solicitation document for a program called Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program. We have found no contract documents for that program anywhere on the Internet. Yet we are told that BAASS got the contract. George Knapp did give us a small section of a form where it said "Contractor" BAASS. But that's all we have. Elizondo stated that the AAWSAP became AATIP in 2008.

  3. Cybereye, what unit were you on in the NIMIZ Strike Group? I was on the PRINCETON and I have the same email from Mr. McConnell. The See'r.

  4. I will help you out. I gave 47 years of Brin involved with ufos at the highest level of info on them.

  5. Wouldn't it save a lot of time to just ask the Gov / Mil to admit HET live among us and are at war with us to validate the enslavement of us. That and ET Spacecraft which vectate (vectored levitation) don't fly so the term UFO doesn't apply to them and they can not be intercepted and defeated by EA (EArthling) fighter jets as Cdr Fravor proved for us.


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