Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dr. Hal Puthoff's speech at the Society for Scientific Exploration 2018 conference


The 37th conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) was held in conjunction with the International Remote Viewing Association conference,  between 6-10 June 2018, in Las Vegas, USA. One of the speakers was Dr Hal Puthoff

Dr Puthoff spoke of his interest in the areas of a) quantum vacuum fluctuations, b) remote viewing, and c) Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. In this latter area, he spoke about his work with the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program. This post will highlight parts of his speech which interested me, and is not intended to be a full report of the speech. Quotes below are from Dr Puthoff's speech.

Name of the program

"The program was nicknamed Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program..."Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application program" is the actual name of the program."

My comment:

The Defense Intelligence Agency's 2008 solicitation for bidders for this contract, states that the program was called Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications program.

When did the program begin?

"It began in June of 2007..."

My comment:

Although a number of people have made comments that the program commenced in 2007, I have not before seen a month in 2007 mentioned.

Terms used

I note that Dr Puthoff mostly  uses the term "Advanced Aerospace vehicles "when referring to the phenomenon under study.

Soviet Union

"This is a document in the program we dug out of the Soviet Union ("Thread-3.") It's a very thick document. It shows that the Soviet Union had a massive program also trying to get to the root of all of this. In this document a number of research institutes and military institutes are listed..."

My comment:

1. An Internet search using the term "Thread-3" failed to locate any information.

2. The reference to "a massive program" contrasts with information revealed in one of the UK UAP files released last year. File DEFE 24/3152 pages 219-220, reveals a DI55 paper titled 'Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP)" dated 19 June 1995.

Paragraph 26 reads:


26. [Redacted] have confirmed that at least until the early 90's a small team studied UAPs at Ramenskoye."

Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs)

"So, I let out 38 contracts over a two-year period. I'll show you what the studies were on. You can read them there: positron aerospace propulsion, IEC fusion as a compact energy source, warp drive, dark energy, extra dimensions, metallic glasses for aerospace use... Here are some of the papers I commissioned: negative mass propulsion, antigravity for aerospace applications, programmable matter, invisibility cloaking..."

My comments:

1. Although the titles of seven of these DIRD's are known, only copies of three have been released.

2.  A search for the words "positron aerospace propulsion" brings up a number of articles including this one.

3. A search for the words "IEC fusion as a compact energy source" brings up a number of items including this.

4. Several articles appeared when the words "metallic glass for aerospace use" were searched. Here is one.

 5. The authors of the above papers, and other articles, may suggest some of the authors of the other DIRDs
Unusual materials

"...there's lots of materials that have been picked up or provided even in the public domain...This is an open source sample. It was sent anonymously to talk show host Art Bell....It was a multilayered bismuth and magnesium sample...Nowhere could we find any evidence that anybody ever made one of these... Well, years later, decades later actually, finally our own science moves along. We move into an area called metamaterials, and it turns out exactly this combination of materials at exactly these dimensions turn out to be an excellent microscopic waveguide for very high frequency electromagnetic radiation.."
1. See my previous blog post about these materials.
2. For additional background on the material see here and here


I wish to thank Paradigm Research Group for publishing the entire transcript.

Update 15 June 2018

Correspondent "Parabunk" suggests that another DIRD might be this one:


  1. This is probably one of those other papers:

    Title and timeframe match, Puthoff knows author, published in JBIS, like Puthoff's paper.

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