Tuesday, September 19, 2017

UFO books by Australian authors

I was asked recently for a listing of UFO books by Australian authors. So, here it is. If any blog readers know of others, I would appreciate an email to keithbasterfield@yahoo.com.au in order that I may amend this list. Images are courtesy of Amazon Books, unless otherwise credited.

1965. "Flying Saucers Over Australia." James Holledge.

1967. "Flying Saucers Where Do They Come From?" Richard Tambling.

1969. "UFOs over the Southern Hemisphere." Michael Hervey.

1976. "UFOs: The American Scene." Michael Hervey.

1978. "UFOs: A Scientific Enigma." David Seargent.

1981. "UFOs: The Image Hypothesis." Keith Basterfield.

1983. "UFOs: The Case for Scientific Myopia." Stan Seers.

1996. "Encounter." Kelly Cahill.

1996. "The Oz Files." Bill Chalker.

1996. "The Cosmic Conspiracy." Stan Deyo.

1996. "The Gosford Files." Bryan Dickeson and Moira McGhee.

1997. "UFOs: A Report on Australian Encounters." Keith Basterfield.

2002. "Awakening." Mary Rodwell.

2004. "Australian UFOs:Through the Window of Time." Heather Gilroy and Rex Gilroy.

2005. "Hair of the Alien." Bill Chalker.

2007 "Blue Mountains Triangle - Secret Underground Australian/American Bases and the ET Connection. Heather Gilroy and Rex Gilroy.

2007. "UFO Down-Under." Barry Taylor.

2011. "UFO History Keys." Bill Chalker.

2011. "The UFO Diaries." Martin Plowman.

2011. "Tasmania: A UFO History." Keith Roberts.


2012. "Roswell Revealed." Sunrise Information Services.

2012 "My Awakening Part 1." Peter Slattery.

2012. "My Awakening Part 2." Peter Slattery.

2012. "The History of Man." Peter Slattery.

2013 "The Energy beings - ET Abductions from Beyond Time." Heather Gilroy and Rex Gilroy.

2013. "Can UFOs Advance Science?" Sunrise Information Services.

2013. "Operation Starseed." Peter Slattery.

2014. "The Book of Shi-Ji." Peter Slattery.

2014. "The ET Contact Experience." Peter Slattery.

2014. "Breaking Free." Peter Slattery.

2016. "Alien Cobweb-the ET 'Mudhead' Mystery and the "Gympie Triangle." Heather Gilroy and Rex Gilroy.

2016. "Contact Down Under." Moira McGhee.

2016. "The New Human." Mary Rodwell.

2016. "Humalien." Jane Pooley.

2016. "Connect to your spirit/ET guide." Peter Slattery.

2017. "UFOs Down Under." Barry Watts.

2017. "The Alien Gene." Moira McGhee.

2017. "The Book of Shi-Ji 2." Peter Slattery.

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