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Project Newsprint - Queensland - part two

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(Continuing a preliminary report by Sheryl Gottschall about Project Newsprint - Queensland.)

3. Pilbara region, Western Australia. Circa 1957. Maleny Tange News.

"I'm 79 years old now, but when I was 20 my friend and I with her two young children were driving from Darwin to the Pilbara region in Western Australia. I was driving a 1954 Dodge and the trip took us 12 days. The roads in those days were quite basic, a lot of dirt roads etc, and one night we found ourselves on one of those dirt roads near the De Grey River. My friend was looking at the bush when she asked "Is that a satellite?"

At that time satellites were new to us, we were just staring to hear about them. I wasn't paying much attention ,concentrating on driving. Then she dais it was getting closer, coming down. Then I saw it about 500 metres above us. It looked like a beach ball or hot air balloon in the sky, but round, with colours moving all over it like the northern lights, no particular pattern to their movement, just swirling over it.

Then I checked the rear vision mirror and saw a red glow behind us. My friend screamed and I turned off the car lights so we couldn't' be seen.  At that time I started to hear what I can only describe as big but slow piston sound,  like two tones repeating slowly. By this time I was speeding through the bush on a dirt road with no headlights.

All of a sudden I saw a set of gates in front of us and I slammed on the brakes. This caused the car to stall and all of a sudden everything was quiet. The object immediately disappeared. The next thing we heard were the sounds of aboriginal people singing in the distance. I guessed it was a corroboree.

My friend was deeply frightened by the experience so when we saw something similar in 1961 while driving in the Northern Territory near Humpty Doo, she told me to turn around and go home which we did.

Then in 1957 while I was hitchhiking near Katherine in the Northern territory, it was midnight when I saw light moving at an extraordinary speed from horizon to horizon, back and forth, up and down, in a few seconds."

4. Grafton. Rockhampton News.

"As a child I lived near the navy base in New South Wales and my father and I saw lights in the sky. The next day 3 circles were found on the ground and everything in the area was dead. Eventually the grass grew back but it was a blue colour.

On my 7th or 8th birthday I woke to find blood on my left shin. It upset me and I cried all day but I don't understand why. Then last year I was scratching the area and a hard object popped out. It was dark brown like a dark copper colour., shiny and tubular about 5mm and flat on both ends. I put it on a little white saucer on the kitchen hutch but the next day found it had disappeared.

I'm and ex-airforce wife and when my son was 4 years old we were in the kitchen doing the dishes, my son said "the sun  just took  photo of my eyes." I looked out the window and saw a cigar shaped white object. It was daytime and I took my son outside to see it better. It was just hovering over the air force base, not as high as a commercial plane, but high.

Last year when looking over the National park I saw a massive object that looked like a plane, but it had no wings or windows and made no sound. It was like the fuselage of a was less than a couple of hundred metres from me, just above treetop height.

5. Inune. 2013 (photo)

"As per conversation this is one of a series of photo's I took as I panned across the site. The location was the southernmost end of then Expedition national resource park. In my role as earthworks supervisor on construction of the facility,  part of my brief was to photograph progress on the project. This happened to be the third sighting of ufo's I had witnessed in a two year period on this job. I was not alone on the first two occasions, one in broad daylight seen by the work crew at the morning pre-start meeting (as these were held out in the field.) this was a classic white orb seen against a cloudless blue sky, firstly travelling in a straight line before performing erratic manoeuvres and then speeding away directly upwards.

The second was as we were leaving camp on our rostered break, it was about 4.30am, I had people in the work ute with  me heading out to the airport, we came to an intersection when my front seat passenger saw the light, we stopped briefly to watch it perform similar to the first object I had seen before speeding away.

I did not realize the green ufo was in my photo until I put the SD card into the computer, leaving my project manager, superintendent and myself baffled. At first thinking it could be sun shining through water crystals, but when we zoomed in you could see it had a disc shape with definite thickness, you could also see that it was above the clouds. It appeared to be surrounded by wavy lines of some sort.

This photo was passed on to Barry Taylor for photographic analysis. His comments were "The green flare is very typical of a lens flare. The colour is typical as is the angle relative to the position of the Sun within the field of view of the camera. If you draw a line through the slightly elongated flare, the line will point directly at the Sun. ...close inspection shows the edge of the cloud through the flare. It is not above the cloud..."

6. Wivenhoe/Somerset Dam area. Noosa News.

"Ten or 11 years ago my late husband and I moved to Noosa and went camping a lot. On one occasion we camped somewhere in the Wivernhoe or Somerset Dams area. My husband was a wildlife enthusiast and during the day we saw  a lot of interesting wildlife, so he was excited about what we would see at night when we went spotlighting.

About 7pm we headed off with a torch to have a look but gave up after about 30-45 minutes because there was no sign of any wildlife. I mean, it was completely gone. Then my husband said "look at this in the sky" and we saw 3 orange/tallow objects soundless, with a rounded shape and smooth, coming right at us. They got close, really close, then took off only to approach us from a different direction. It's hard to judge distances especially at night, but they were no higher than a helicopter at their furthest, then they disappeared. The next morning we returned to the location where we had seen the objects to get a GPS location but our equipment wouldn't work, nor would our video camera."

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