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Project Newsprint - Queensland - part one

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Sheryl Gottschall, President of UFO Research Queensland, recently joined me in Project Newsprint, volunteering to conduct Project Newsprint in the state of Queensland, Australia.

Between 1 and 25 January 2016, Sheryl contacted 110 Queensland newspapers, and as a result, so far has received 16 reports via email, phone calls and during on-air radio interviews. Details of these reports are listed below. To date she has undertaken two radio interviews, with ABC Radio Capricornia and Sunshine Coast. She continues to receive reports and expects this will continue into the next few weeks and beyond.

Reports received

1. Rockhampton Morning Bulletin circa 1984.

"I'm providing a copy of what was reported in the Rockhampton Morning Bulletin around 1984. I'd come home a bit sozzled from a party, but quickly sobered up when I saw these weird orbs, semi-translucent and making like an escaping steam sound. They seemed to perform aerial manoeuvres, within and without from each other. At one point they seemed to mimic the Southern Cross.

I was surprised to find this report in the paper soon after. There was another follow up report which I haven't kept, which offered an explanation, that it was fireflies. Bunkum. I don't necessarily give over to the notion that they were extra-terrestrial, however, an explanation of an as yet undiscovered natural "intelligence" may hold sway."

The newspaper article read:

"Nine see, hear loud UFO above City street.

An unidentified flying object confronted a frightened group of seven residents and two policemen near Rockhampton golf course about midnight on Saturday.

They said the object "three distinct lights, with a loud electrical crackling noise," rose above rooftops in Eton Street, waking residents.

Witnesses said the object rose from the south, came nearer, sank away then returned remaining visible for about 20 minutes. They said two lights seemed fixed, while a third moved independently from above. A fourth light was visible when the object loomed closer the second time.

No one who witnessed the object was prepared to be identified yesterday, but a spokesman said it was impossible to decide what it was they had seen.

He said his partly death son had been one of the first to hear the crackling noise, while he was feeding his cat.

"About the same time Mrs... (a neighbour) was awakened by the noise," he said.

"I've never believed in UFOs. But we saw something. I would like to think someone could explain it," he said.

The woman said she went outside fearing a fire had started nearby.

She had called residents out of the three adjacent houses to watch the object, while one telephoned police.

The residents, who all admitted being frightened by the object brought out binoculars and a telescope but were not able to ascertain whether the solid mass was suspended between the lights.

The spokesman said two policemen arrived at the scene "making jokes about strait-jackets" but they were quickly convinced when the object loomed above the roof tops again.

The two policemen told the Morning Bulletin they had checked the area but could not find any logical explanation for the lights and noises.

Door-to-door investigations in the area revealed no other person who had seen or heard the object.
The nine witnesses gathered again at 11.30pm on Sunday but the strange lights did not return."

2. 1970. Barraba, NSW

A man named Brian emailed the following from Canada.

"In 1970 I was working as a roughneck on a diamond drilling site about 30km outside Barraba, New South Wales which was literally in the middle of nowhere.

On night on the graveyard shift I was high up on top of the rig pulling coring pipe when a vibrant cobalt blue light lit up the forest about 500 yards from the rig.

The night up there is pitch black and the light silhouetting the trees was pulsating so I just assumed somebody else was arc welding on another rig in the forest.

I called the driller up to check it out and his jaw dropped. Holy shit what the f... is that he said. I told him I thought it was welding on a different rig, but he said "no way man, there is no other rig around here."

In the morning after our shift I went back to the bunk house and gathered my Nikon, and walked into the woods where we saw the light. We came into a meadow of long grass and quickly spotted a large round area where the grass had been burnt in a concave shape. The grass was severely burnt to the bare ground in the centre of the circle gradually becoming less burnt at the outer edge of the circular indentation which I think was about 30 to 40 feet in diameter.

The most amazing thing was the three triangular shaped indentations at even points close to the outermost edges of the burnt circle. I shot half a dozen photos before we headed back to the camp to tell our crew boss what we had seen. He called the sheriff in Barraba and told him our story. Naturally the sheriff and a couple of his deputies arrived in camp about two hours later and wanted us to take him to the area, which we did along with out boss.

It was then that I made probably the biggest mistake of my life, I mentioned that I had taken some pictures earlier the morning. When we headed back to camp the sheriff asked if he could please see my camera. Shit, I shouldn't have opened my big stupid mouth. He opened my camera and ripped the Kodakrome film out ruining my pictures. He warned us all that the area was as of this minute, off limits to all, under penalty of facing criminal charges.

Sincerely, B."

Sheryl received this report by email, and attempted twice to ask more questions. However, both times her reply bounced back."

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