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Faded discs

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One of the aspects of having an interest in the subject of UAP, is knowing something about the history of the topic.

Today, talking to people via the Internet, I find that most have little understanding that the phenomenon has been around since 1947. (Some of course would argue, for a long time before that date.) Newcomers only talk of "orbs;" "experiencers," "disclosure" and "exopolitics."

People who have been around a while longer, will also know the meaning of the term "contactee;"and know, who McDonald, Keyhoe, and Hynek were.

Faded discs

One excellent introduction into this earlier era of research, is to listen to audio recordings (in MP3 format) of some of these earlier researchers; and interviews with the actual witnesses to some classic encounters.

Perhaps, the best source of such audio recordings, is the "Faded discs" collection put together by Wendy Connors.  This may be found here.

Wendy Connors

Here you can sample radio interviews of some of the best of the earlier researchers, and listen to interviews with those actually reporting some fascinating encounters.

An Australian perspective
Among Wendy's collection, is the following Australian material:
1. Witness Father William Gill lectures on his classic 1959 close encounter with beings.
2. Adelaide researcher Colin McCarthy lectures in 1967, on the UFO in Australia from the early 1950's to the early 1960's.

3. Researcher Andrew Tobias lectures in 1967 on Ufology in Australia.

4. Researcher Dr James E McDonald comments regarding his Australian trip in 1967.

5. Researcher Paul Norman is interviewed on radio in 1988.

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  1. I agree its a great series of interviews. "Andrew Tobias" should be read as Andrew Tomas. I passed on that correction years ago, apparently overlooked?


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