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Project Newsprint - stage one concludes

Hi all,

The initial stage of my year long project to collect sightings reports, from rural and remote Australia, is drawing to a close in Western Australia. It is now time to take a look at what I found in this state.

Courtesy Google maps.

Older sightings

Firstly, I collected a lot of older sightings in the time range 1890's  to 1997. A representative list follows:

“My family used to camp a lot and I remember dad saw a UFO. He actually reported it to the authorities. There were no reported planes in that area that night. Nothing ever came of it.” Source: Exmouth Adventure Facebook page 6 June 2014.

“My late bro in law used to see a lot of night activity at Waroora station. He saw the Min Min light a lot and other strange stuff early hours of the morning. Too weird to tell.” Source: Exmouth Adventure Facebook page 6 June 2014.

“My late brother Ray and wife Lorna didn’t believe in UFOs ... and had to drive a concrete mixer truck to Perth once for repair. Both went together and as they approached Three Springs about 2am they saw a light shining on the moonlit night from way up. It was a beam shining down on the cemetery in Three Springs that scared the life out of Ray and Lorna so much that he put his foot down on the truck and Lorna laid on the floor of the truck until they got out of town. They became believers of course.” Source: Exmouth Adventure Facebook page 6 June 2014.

An elderly lady recounted an observation of her father. “He was a bushman, his name was Jack. He worked in the north-western part of Australia and used to use a dray and four horses to cart things around. One day he was plodding along when he saw this light coming straight towards him, just before it reached him it separated into two  lights which flew separately either side of the horses. The horses were scared and started going out of control. He did not see what happened to the lights.”Source:  AUFORN compiled reports, issue 23, August 2001.

1960’s early 70’s
“My father and his friend travelled around Australia in his early years. He was in his late 20’s I think. He was able to get work at Exmouth setting up the communications, this is where he and about 200 people witnessed a craft directly above them. The Americans would set up an outside picture theatre for the staff every weekend and whilst they were watching the film the craft appeared above them. Left at an incredible pace. This is the story my father told me as a child. Would have been in the late 60’s I guess or early 70’s.” Source: Email from Kris to Keith Basterfield 2 Nov 2015.

NW Cape to Karratha - courtesy Google maps

“We saw many UFOs over the ranges and over the town in 1968-1973 looked like large golf shiny balls sitting on top of Charlie Knife Road we always saw them anytime any year.One night we went out to shoot a roo and came back as quick as we could when we saw something landing in the bush at night. We went flat strap back home.” Source: Exmouth Adventure Facebook page 3 June 2014.

“In 1973 as a rigger on the towers, myself, ... saw a metallic object above the towers for more than an hour. We reported it to the Navy and never heard another thing about it.” Source: Exmouth Adventure Facebook page 20 Nov 2015

“Geraldton to Exmouth. Early hours of morning. Driving a few kilometres after crossing Lyndon River. Unsealed road. Dad and I also out fishing one evening just on dusk and saw something much like Bill had seen. It was approximately 1974 as I remember being home from boarding school. It was at the light house beach. We were pretty excited. I remember dad calling the RAAF base to report the incident but no report of any aircraft in the area at the time.” Source: Exmouth Adventure Facebook page.

“Interesting to read your post. I actually am still convinced to this day that I saw a UFO sitting on the Canyons. There was Kev, me and two others driving out to Kailis for the cockroach races. This was about 1975. I saw this huge thing sitting on top of the canyon. I mentioned it but they remarked it was the Moon. Wasn’t until we got to Kailis that I noticed the full Moon was actually over the opposite end of the gulf! I never mentioned it again.” Source: Exmouth Adventure Facebook page 6 June 2014.
While driving between Exmouth and the Naval Communication Station, an individual reported an unusual very bright light in the sky over a period of time. Source:
“Don’t know if it’s the same incident but it would have been about 1991. I think we told what we’d seen – on a night mobile APS patrol, when departing HFR access road, we saw a stationary solid light to the south, “about 2000 feet up.” It paced us enroute to Exmouith, then veered off over Learmonth airfield. It stopped for about 30 seconds then it did a couple of passes over the field. Stopped after each pass (passes were in an instant) stopped, then went straight up till it was out of sight – again, in an instant.” Source: Exmouth Adventure facebook page 19 Nov 2015.
A spectacular nocturnal encounter involving a civilian and two Australian Federal Police officers. Source:

Satellite courtesy Google maps - NW Cape to Karratha.
Mid 1990's.
“I have seen some strange lights out by the VLF in the mid90’s.” Source: Exmouth Adventure facebook page 19 Nov 2015.
Newer sightings
Besides the older sightings, I also heard of a few, newer sightings. These included:
WA newspaper websites
I took a look at a number of websites for Western Australian newspapers, and found that they had not carried many stories at all, from locations in WA,  about UAP. They carried pieces about sightings in other parts of Australia, but not local ones.
Donnybrook Bridgetown Mail 9 May 2012

In summary
1. My original aim for the Project was to investigate whether or not there existed, recent (say over the last ten years) interesting UAP reports in rural and remote Australia I believe that part one of the Project, in Western Australia shows that not only are there such reports, but that a large number of unknown older sighting reports have simply lain there waiting for someone like me to ask people to talk about them.
2. There is a definite shift in recent years, away from reporting sightings through newspaper to reporting through social media, particularly Facebook, as evidenced by the existence of such Facebook groups as "Pilbara UFO" and "Exmouth Adventure." No doubt there are other such pages which I didn't come across.
3. A concluding remark is, that I remain amazed that none of the state based UAP groups has undertaken this sort of Project that I have commenced upon.
4. The next state on my list is Victoria.


  1. Hi Keith. Thanks for all the interesting reading about the encounters people have had, especially in the Exmouth area. My wife and I have planned a trip to NZ in March or thereabout, but that may have to be redirected to WA's mid-west where all the action seems to be happening. John, Sellicks Beach

  2. Hi Keith/Pauline,
    My name is Geoff Cox Assistant Director for Utah UFO Research Center (Utah UFORC). We have taken on a study of the purported phenomenon called Orbs or more specifically a certain type with the moniker Orange Orbs. The study is called Project Orange and is headed up by the Utah State Utah UFORC Director Erica Lukes. Erica is well known throughout the UAP arena and may be research through Facebook: UFO Classified or Utah UFO Research Center. Until now the investigation of these so called single anomalous balls of light with very particular characteristics and behaviors has been haphazard and unorganized and really just a catalog of reports dating back hundreds of years. Like almost all aspects of the UFO phenomenon we are hampered by the fact that no one has ever captured and studied an Orb. Thousands upon thousands of reports in the MUFON and NUFORC databases suggest there is something to it all but photographic and video evidence, while abundant, has been of inferior quality generally speaking.
    My assignment within Project Orange is to gather all reliable accounts of Orange Orbs and map it worldwide...not an easy task! This would take years to do by myself. So to shot-gun the process I'm contacting 100's of i.e. investigators/researchers/scientist/astronomers/enthusiasts and collecting the data. This will be the first of it's kind and we will be sharing this for all that participate in our research.
    If you have anything that you and associates can share please send my way to
    Thank you and easier findings to you,

  3. Hi Geoff, thanks for the information on your project. It sounds quite a challenge. I will spread the word via my Australian networks and ask people with data to contact you directly.

  4. Thank you for assistance. This will pay off for all concerned.

  5. GC,

    I studied 'orbs' for 23 years. I conducted in lab experiments, field experiments, fabricated instrumentation and I also, on occasion or two, used a camera as an element in my instrumentation. As for there not having been any organized or scientific study of the many types of so-called 'orbs', that is just not an accurate perception. In this science or as I prefer to cite the science, "Near Earth ET Studies" (whether they be intradimensional or ExtraTerrestrial, where-ever these objects may originate, in the classical sense, they are not from around here), there have been and there is significant effort studying these type phenomenon. While UFOs or UAP or AOP (I borrowed both those phrases from Dr. Carl Sagan back in 1992, promoting them within the Invisible-College communities, consisting mainly of the SETI-I and a few within the SETI-L academia crowd, and so now, I see its finally caught-on, so-to-speak, only took 25 years, heh heh). It seems that most UFOologists are idiots, apparently. Everything that they claim is based on what they can see either with their eyes or via photos and lots of wild-a.ssed guessing.

    In my studies of 'orbs', I broke the study into three parts, each fitting, more-or less the three types of observation reports being given by the public. Those, and for my own convenience, I named:
    1) luminous-orbs, 10mm (~1/2") upwards to around 1 meter diameter (3ft), but typically around the size of a cantaloupe mellon or perhaps the diameter of a volleyball at arm's length. These objects have been reported as being a metallic sphere changing into a self-luminous sphere. They are seen both in low-light and day-light condictions, frequently self-luminous, displaying all colors of the visible spectrum, but often seen as being orange or red color.

    2) disc-orbs, typically reported as being 10meters diameter with typical maximum diameter of 20 meters. Reportedly seen in both low-light and daylight conditions, sometimes non-luminous, as simply having a metallic appearance but frequently reported as a disc inside a glowing spherical atmosphere radiating orange, red, and often brilliant white.

    3) Photo-Orbs. These objects, I have measured down to 10 micron-diameters and upwards of 10 mil diameters. I have seen these objects with my naked eye, but mainly only in photographs. Most of my photographs were taken using digital sensors and digital cameras, a few of which I designed and fabricated myself for my experiments. These objects can appear as any color including wavelengths in the non-visible spectrum. An characteristic is that these objects (which have for the most part been discounted as being nothing more than airborn dust-motes and other naturally terrestrial particles), can often be invited to participate within a psychorama environment, telepathically.

    In fact it is my opinion, that **ALL** of the 'orb' phenomenon can also be telepathically invited to participate. They are social.

    There is much more to the study than that which is typically yakked about on radio-interviews by mainly clueless UFOologists.

    ET Investigator


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