Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Australian sighting reports - the final post

Hi all,

Between September 2014 and September 2015, Melbourne colleague Paul Dean, and I published a series of detailed monthly blog posts. These posts provided any reader with that month's summary of 30-40 Australian sighting reports and sources.

Following this 12 months, we then reverted in recent times to only reporting and analysing Australian sighting reports which seemed to occupy that 5% of all incoming raw reports which, at first glance, do not appear to have a mundane explanation.

Now, however, we need to again review the best use of our time. Paul specialises in using both the Australian and the American Freedom of Information Acts, to obtain hard to get documentation, as his recent blog posts will attest to.

I have been spending my time on two major projects. Last year I started, and completed stage one of, Project Newsprint. This Project aims to seek out both current and past sightings from rural and remote Australia. I am about to commence stage two in the new year.

My other Project is "Magonia Down Under," which aims to collect, catalogue and analyse Australian pre 24 June 1947 observations. The research results are published at http://magoniadownunder.blogspot.com.au

Therefore, due to this workload, Paul and I have decided that we do not have the time to continue searching for, and analysing Australian sighting reports on an ongoing basis.

We are therefore terminating our second series of monthly Australian sighting reports.  Naturally, we still appreciate readers sending us copies of any documented, investigation reports they might prepare.

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