Thursday, December 3, 2015

November 2015 - Australian documented reports roundup

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This is the second of the new series of taking a look at Australian national level monthly sightings reports.  The first series ran for twelve months and each month brought you summaries of 35-40 Australian sighting reports and their sources. This proved to be too time consuming for Melbourne based researcher Paul Dean, and I, so we changed to a new format. Last month we brought you only four October reports, however each had been investigated as far as it was possible, and we documented what we had been able to find out.

Current reports

This month, covers November 2015. Surprisingly, Paul and I found no report worthy of deeper study. The reports which we did look at were easily explainable in terms of mundane explanations, e.g. meteors. fireballs, aircraft, satellites.

If you feel you have come across a report dated November 2015, which has been investigated, and documented in the style that I have done on my blog, e.g. Oakey ; or Blue Haven then please forward it to me at for inclusion in next month's summary. We are not interested in hearing that "a large cigar shaped object was seen by three people" if no-one has interviewed those three people and written up an investigation report. Neither are we interested in seeing a video, which is night vision, has no reference points, and is not accompanied by an interview of what the videographer saw at the time. The blog post "Videos- field work is important" shows that we do support individuals who take videos, but they do have a responsibility to work with an analyst and document the sighting, just like any other.

Older reports
"Project Newsprint", a one year Project to seek sighting reports from rural and remote parts of Australia, has in fact turned up some interesting reports from Western Australia. Details are available in the following series of blog posts.

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