Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New book alert - "The Compelling Scientific Evidence for UFOs."

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I found an excellent new book, titled "The Compelling Scientific Evidence for UFOs: An Analysis of the Delphos, Kansas UFO Landing Report" (made in the USA Lexington, KY, 16 October 2015; ISBN 978-1502 715 524), by Dr Erol A Faruk, on Amazon Books.

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The author

The "About the author" section, tells us that Faruk has a BSc (Hons) in chemistry; and a PhD in chemistry. He is a British born scientist, and his PhD thesis was on "...the organic synthesis of unstable carotenoid..." He is now a retired pharmaceutical development chemist. An early interest in Astronomy "...indirectly led to his curiosity into the UFO phenomenon."

The case

At about 1900hrs on 2 November 1971, in Delphos, Kansas, USA, a 16 year old boy named Ronald Johnson reported seeing an illuminated object near the ground, about 75 feet away from him. He estimated the dimensions of the object as 9 feet in diameter and 10 feet high.

A rumbling noise was also audible at that point. After a while, the object departed. Ronald went to his parents and the three of them all observed a bright object, to the south, receding into the distance. A glowing ring of soil was noted where the object had been.

The family reported the incident to the local sheriff and samples and photographs were taken.


UFO investigator Ted Phillips visited the site about one month later, and took samples and photographs. A number of analyses were conducted by various groups, with a range of findings. Faruk notes "Unfortunately, because of lack of sufficient funding and resources none of these laboratories were able to offer any clues as to the nature of the chemical changes that had arisen to cause the ring soil absorption anomalies."

Later, Faruk contacted the US Center for UFO Studies, and through them located Ted Phillips. Phillips "...duly sent me several grams of the material held within airtight opaque containers..." (p.3.)

His analysis

The book is in two parts, firstly an overview of the UFO phenomenon; followed by Faruk's analytical methodology; and findings. This second part, is full of technical details, but Faruk, however, also provides a basic level description of his findings.

In 1990, Faruk worked with another analysis, Phyllis Budinger, who conducted an independent analysis of more of the original soil sample. Her interesting results are discussed by Faruk. To read her full report click here.


Faruk attempted to get a paper about the case and the analytical findings, in a number of peer reviewed scientific journals. Unfortunately he was ultimately unsuccessful. His description of this process is illuminating.

In summary

For those who have followed this case, and analysis of soil samples, you may not find much new material here in this book. However, what is invaluable is to have all this material in one place.

I recommend this book, to anyone interested in the physical evidence aspects of the phenomenon. 


  1. Thanks for this brief review. I saw Faruk gently hijack a comments section elsewere and wondered if his book was legit or not.

    I'm not interested in Delphos, but it would be nice to see how a working scientist takes on a much-discussed case.

  2. Thank you. I didn't know this book was available. I didn't know Mike wrote the forward either. I just ordered it and I look forward to reading it. Thanks!

  3. Although it is an old case, it is one of the few where substantial analyses were undertaken.


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